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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - 2.5M & Backlit Keys Unlocked!! (also Stretch Goal + we're hiring!)

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

One day more...

We're rapidly approaching the end of our campaign - the countdown has begun!

As we count down the hours of our campaign, we'd also like to take this time to count up all the other numbers that we've generated together:

  • A strong community of 15,000 backers
  • A whopping 5,000 comments (half by Andrew, our sleep-deprived cofounder, and the other half by our awesome backer Robert Pravettone). Not all heroes wear capes, folks.
  • 29 hectic days (and counting...) for Team Andromium  
  • And now...$2.5M in total pledges

That's right, yet another stretch goal has been unlocked.

Backlit Keys + 1080p Screen Upgrade Unlocked!

You can now upgrade your Superbook to Backlit Keys + 1080p Screen for $55!

To upgrade: Update your pledge by adding $55 for each Superbook in your order that you want to upgrade. (1 Superbook =  add $55, 2 Superbooks = add $110).

Note: if you want Backlit Keys, you must also upgrade to the 1080p screen. 

Final Sleeve Design!

After looking through a few samples for the sleeve design, we've finally decided on the following:

Special Kickstarter Green text!
Special Kickstarter Green text!

Pretty neat, huh? You'll get one of these for every Superbook in your order, FREE!

Superbook Skin Photos

We took some photos for those of you who have been asking us about how the Carbon Fiber skin looks like on the Superbook:


You'll get one of these for every Superbook in your order, FREE - along with the custom sleeve shown above!  

We're hiring...  

Love the Superbook and believe in our mission to make the smartphone the last computer you'll ever need? Consider joining our team! We're looking for strong Android developers and hardware engineers

We'd appreciate if you forwarded this opportunity to people in your network, too! ;)  

A final thank you. 

As our campaign draws to a close, we'd like to thank all of our backers for their constant support. The size of our campaign has grown beyond our wildest imagination, and we dearly appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for joining us in this journey!

As we move into production, we will continue to be transparent, honest, and vigilant in our communication and interactions with you all. We will deliver what we promised - without compromise or excuses. 

These last few hours of the campaign are crucial - we'd truly appreciate your support to get the word out about us!

Lastly - if you get the time in the next day or so, please double-check the payment information that you entered for your Kickstarter pledge - we'd hate for you to miss out due to a typo in your credit card number! :(

A sincere thank you from our team! See you on the other side.

❤️ Team Andromium


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    1. Bruce Coote on

      My card has been charged . can I still go for the 1080p/backlit keys upgrade?


    2. Missing avatar


      @Shawn Ludwig You should get an email with the link to the Backerkit survey. It will be sent to the email address associated wit your Kickstarter account so if you used Facebook to log in to KS, it will be sent to that email. If you need it sent to a different email, I suggest sending a PM to Andromium.

    3. Shawn Ludwig on

      Will this survey be emailed? i need to add the rest for the backlit as well

    4. Missing avatar


      @ignacio guiu & @Adnan Chohdry When the Backerkit survey is available (within the next 2 weeks), you will be able to add the additional $25 for the backlit keyboard.
      @Lasse Siegel Shipping should have been included. If it was not, you should be able to correct it with the survey.

    5. Adnan Chohdry on

      Sh*t! I was in travels and Backlit reward opened and ended due to campaign end. Can I still update my order? I've already added extra for 1080p but I want backlit as well!

    6. Missing avatar

      ignacio guiu on

      i would like to add the backlit keys and i already opted for the 1080p. what should i do next?

    7. Missing avatar

      Lasse Siegel on

      will the shipping cost be included, or do i have to include it in my calculations?
      in my example i ordered 2 superbooks: 2 x 99$ for the superbooks + 2 x 55$ for the upgrade = 308$. do i have to add the 53$ shipping cost to my pledge?

    8. Missing avatar

      Linda Koutroulis on

      How can I update my pledge to include the additional $55. for the the upgrade.

    9. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @everyone who already pledged for 1080p:

      If you already pledged $30 for the screen, you only need to add another $25 to your pledge for the Keys.

      Sorry if this wasn't made clear!

    10. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Andrew Nope!

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Culver on

      Is there a 3mil goal?

    12. Missing avatar

      Ed Cushing on

      I think the answer to everyone's question is in the update above:

      "You can now upgrade your Superbook to Backlit Keys + 1080p Screen for $55!

      To upgrade: Update your pledge by adding $55 for each Superbook in your order that you want to upgrade. (1 Superbook = add $55, 2 Superbooks = add $110)."

      I'm really excited! Can't wait for it to ship!

    13. Missing avatar

      jxargox on

      Backlit Keys + 1080p Screen = $55 YES OR NO ??
      Turn your smartphone into a laptop for $99
      $99+$55=$154 ? YES OR NO ?
      How much money courier to China?

    14. Ryan Donald Willis on

      HDMI out even! dual screen that up!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      Have yoiu guys considered HDMI in? Would make it more compelling. Final strech goal?

    16. Missing avatar

      Tim Marcum on

      I am very happy with the minimal cost to get both the 1080p screen and the backlit keyboard. I have several laptops and tablets with non-backlit screens. It is amazing how many times I use them in darkened conditions and can't see the keys well. Having the backlit keys will make it much easier to use my Superbook in the milieu where I will use it most often.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      This is a solid product idea and I wish you all the best.

    18. Missing avatar

      hanschke on

      The Superbook: Turn your smartphone into a laptop for $99 + Shipping to
      Germany ($35) + Backlit Keys + 1080p Screen for $55! done :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      How do I order a 2nd unit?
      I ordered the single unit from day one. But now I would like a second one. Can I double my amount ($184 x 2 = $368) to get a second unit?

    20. Missing avatar

      Paula Beckman on

      I think I updated my pledge correctly! Looking forward to seeing this "in the wild"!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Pang on

      Please show me steps to add US55 to original pledge for the backlit keyboard and 1080 screen.

    22. Missing avatar

      Massimiliano Dotti on

      Great guys, looking forward to see your project live and you become a booming company.

    23. DeltaLima

      @All, yes you just add the $55 to your base pledge (plus shipping which may be automatically calculated and added by KS). There are not individual pledge options.
      After the campaign, Andromium will handle it one of two ways..
      1.) Survey - they will send out a survey either via kickstarter or sometimes via of their own creation, each member will fill in their information along with what they intended on backing. This process tends to be a bit more qwork for the project team to validate and sort out issues, but its what they have to do.
      2.) Setup a Backerkit survey/store in which they setup the items in on a unique storefront and give you credit based on your pledge, you then spend that credit selecting the items you intended to pledge for. This options is generally better for everyone, hopefully they will do this. It lets us as backers ensure we get everything correct, and even allows us to add money if we pledged wrong, or add additional items if we choose to do so. it also gives us more time to adjust our shipping info until the project team locks it down.

      Either way, for now reference update 9 with the prices as noted by @Josh G and we will see how things proceed.

    24. Josh G on

      I’m like everyone else and just as confused with the new 1080p+backlit keys option as previous updates seem to indicate it would be $55 on top of the $30 for the 1080p ($85 total add).
      Looking back to update #9 under “The final decision” it seems to be updated to be clearer:
      • 150K: Major International Language Keyboard Decals FREE
      • 300K: Extra USB Port - Full Size Type A FREE
      • 500K: Bigger Battery - 8hr+ to 10hr+ FREE
      • 1M: 1080p Option ($30 added cost upgrade)
      • 1.5M: Customized Superbook Sleeves w/ Pockets for Smartphone FREE
      • 2M: Solid Color Skin for the Superbook FREE
      • 2.5M 1080p + Backlit Option ($25 added cost upgrade, on top of 1080p upgrade)
      Looking at this I believe my math is right:
      $99 – Superbook Basic
      $30 – 1080p Option
      $25 – Backlit Option (must include 1080p cost)
      $20 – Shipping to USA
      $174 total pledge
      I’ve backed a couple campaigns with additional options like this so there will not be a dedicated reward in the Kickstarter pledge section, most likely right before manufacturing Andromium will send out a survey where you specify exactly what you want for the extra money you pledged (ie 1080p/backlit/tip/etc).
      Hope this is right and will help some people

    25. Missing avatar

      Hilary Nwosita on

      Good to see the fruition of this project. Can't wait to have mine.

    26. Missing avatar

      Lincoln Walker on

      I just added $55 to my pledge for backlit keys; can't find the option either... I am not just generously adding $55 to my pledge I hope...?
      Chur, good work

    27. lifecycled on

      Will we be able to switch the backlit keys off under SW control?

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Haferkorn on

      @praxis22 OK, it's all been clarified. Turns out I'm stupid. ;-) I accidentally backed the freedom2learn option, which means I would have donated the Super book, hence no shipping fee. 189 should be correct then for the basic pledge + shipping + the upgrade.

    29. Charles Eakins on

      Do I just add $55 to my pledge? There isn't a 1080p option.

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel Haferkorn on

      @praxis22 Well my page definitely claims free shipping even though I set the delivery country to Germany as well. I don't really want to pay more than I have to, so it would be great if a Andromium person could clarify what the deal is with the shipping cost.

    31. Missing avatar

      praxis22 on

      @Daniel Haferkorn
      My page very definitely says Shipping to Germany $35, so you may want to add $35, you can always remove it again if it's incorrect.

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Haferkorn on

      @praxis22, I am confused about this as Well. I had set 129$ before, also with shipping to Germany. At First I thought that this was with shipping cost of 30$ and set it to 184, but then Irsaw on the status page a shipping cost of 0$ and read about the previous 30$ upgrade for 1080p, so I thought I did that already to come the the 134 earlier and forgot about it maybe, so I went back now and changed my pledge to 154. This should be the correct amount for the Super book including the new upgrade IF there is really no shipping cost to Germany. Can anyone clarify?

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Furfuro on

      In order to keep 1080 P do I have to buy backlit keys

    34. Missing avatar

      Tobias Vollmer on

      3.0M Stretch Goal ??? :-)

    35. Missing avatar

      praxis22 on

      OK, I have changed my pledge from the $99 basic +shipping to Germany ($134) to $99 basic + 1080p+Backlight $55 +shipping to Germany ($189) Correct?

    36. Missing avatar

      Norman Stites on

      Congrats Andromium, What a great time this is. You have done a fine job.

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrea De Nardi on

      any updates about the keyboard?
      only the US will be illuminated or also ex. Italian keyboard?

    38. Masahiro Mizutani on

      I have a same question by MC an hour before. I simply added +$55 to my pledge.
      Is it a correct procedure?

    39. Missing avatar

      Chirag Joshi on

      Backed the project with 368$ for 2 superbooks...i think everyone buying/backing more than one superbook should get choice of the two or gold

      i will be glad if I could get one superbook in gold and one in blue

    40. Chris Keenan on

      Just added another 25 to my pledge for the upgrade, just wondering about something, to check the credit card details (just in case :) ), is that possible without removing the card first?

    41. Missing avatar

      MC on

      I am sorry to bother but just ask a simple question. If I wanna upgrade my current pledge (Superbook Basic) with 1080p and backlit key, all what I have to do is to "Manage Your Pledge --> Change your pledge --> Add additional $55 to current pledge amount" ?
      I just want to make sure the steps are correct.
      And by the way, how can I get the "Universal Sidemount for Smartphones" separately?

    42. 8BiTGeeKPrO n Co.

      yes Andrew $30 for just the 1080p screen OR just $55 for the backlight keys and 1080p screen and add that to you current pledge.

    43. Dennis

      @Andrew: no, there is no separate backlit option anymore, read carefully:
      "Note: if you want Backlit Keys, you must also upgrade to the 1080p screen. "

    44. Andrew Chow on

      Can I reconfirm the backlit keys option?

      So now it's either,

      1, add $30 for 1080p
      2. add $55 for 1080p and backlit

      am I right?

    45. Missing avatar

      Tyler Carter on

      Ah Yeah! Is it February yet?

    46. Missing avatar

      Yevgeny Zubku on

      This has been a great run, well done guys! Very excited for February to come around. Got the Commuter Special with Screen and Keyboard upgrade headed my way. Watch out world!

    47. nick.does.bags

      Can you add the extra money to upgrade after campaign is over?

    48. Guy Hindle on

      Light me up :-)

    49. 8BiTGeeKPrO n Co.

      correction I add $55 to the Basic $99 .....