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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

YOU DID IT! We're at $1M and the 1080p upgrade is unlocked!

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

A HUGE thank you from Team Andromium!

We've run out of different ways to say the word WOW. You guys have blown us away with your support, and we're incredibly excited that you joined us in our journey to make the Superbook a reality. Thank you for helping us get past $1,000,000 in pledges! 

As promised, we'll be offering the IPS 1080p screen upgrade to everyone who opts for it. The cost of the upgrade will be $30 per Superbook on top of your current pledge (thank you to those who have already upped their pledge). 

This process may seem a little tricky at first, but the team is here to help. Don't worry, it's really simple!

How to edit your pledge

1. Go to our main project page and click on the blue Manage button to the right of the video.

Click on the 'Manage' button
Click on the 'Manage' button

 2. Select Change your pledge.

 3. Once you're in, add $30 to your current pledge amount for each Superbook you want upgraded. 

If you ordered the Superbook Double or the Commuter Special, you can pledge an additional $60 to upgrade both!

 4. Confirm the change (make sure the number is correct!)

And that's it! Not too bad, right?

We will be providing everyone with a survey after the campaign as well as the opportunity to get the upgrade then as well, so don't worry about missing out.

What's next? New Stretch Goals!

We've worked long and hard with our suppliers to provide stretch goals that are reasonable within a few limitations. 

As we head into manufacturing, we're limited by a few things:

  • Cost - for things that we give away
  • Manufacturing / design / logistical complexity - for things that we provide upgrades for

This last limitation is crucial. While we'd like to make everyone happy and add on a ton of requested features to the Superbook, we're trying to keep our Kickstarter model as affordable as possible - for us to produce, but also for our backers to be able to purchase! We've done the homework to research each suggested feature carefully, and some features just aren't economically reasonable for us. 

With that in mind, we're excited to announce our brand new stretch goals! (Wow, we didn't know we'd be typing those words - you guys rock.) 

New Stretch Goals:

  • $1.5M - Customized Superbook Sleeves w/Pockets for Smartphone, free to all backers! (photos coming soon)
  • $2M - Backlit Keys upgrade ($25 additional cost, needs to also have 1080p upgrade)

One thing to note about Backlit Keys. We need to manage our SKUs properly, and as many of our backers have suggested, we should combine our premium upgrades to maintain a low number of variations. 

What does this mean? Well, in order to deliver Backlit Keys, we can only offer a Backlit Keys upgrade WITH the 1080p upgrade. If we hit the $2M stretch goal, there will only be one upgrade, which is a combined $55 upgrade for both Backlit Keys and the 1080p screen. 

To repeat: if we hit 2M, we won't be able to offer a 1080p-only version, OR a backlit-keys-only-version. We can only offer an upgraded version with 1080p + backlit keys for a combined upgrade cost of $55. 

Last note on Backlit Keys: manufacturing these requires us to spend resources doing a design modification of our shell, as well as our internal board. There are inherent risks to changing a prototype. Thus, before we get anywhere close to $2M, we will detail out those risks to everyone so you can make an informed decision! 

Thanks again, everyone! 

It sounds repetitive because we've said this a million times now, but we mean it every time. Thank you so much for your support! We at Team Andromium are seriously blown away by the response to the Superbook. 

We're trying to get back to your emails, comments, messages, and so on as fast as we can, but there might be a slight delay due to the sheer volume of inquiries. For a faster response, please check the FAQ at the end of the campaign first before contacting us! 

Keep sharing us with your friends & family via Facebook, Twitter, messenger pigeon...or, if you'd like, face-to-face works too. ;) 

With great excitement and gratitude,

Team Andromium


PS! You guys are all amazing. One special shoutout to Sander Frans who did a special logo concept for us:


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    1. Missing avatar

      Florian Oswald on


      i made the 30 extra but in my confirmation Mail Today it says nothing about the that normal?cheers flo

    2. Missing avatar


      @James Walters You would need to add $30 (Total $209)
      @Stacy Coil Correct for 1080p and Backlit keyboard.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stacy Coil on

      I've added $55 for the upgrade & just pledged. Please let me know if this is correct.

    4. Eric Lazarian on

      I added $55 for the upgrade. (That is the amount my email specified)

    5. Missing avatar

      James Walters on

      Question: My original pledge is $159 + $20 shipping. Do I need to up that pledge to obtain the 1080dpi screen upgrade, or is it already covered on the Superbook Special option?

    6. Sandra Chung on

      I increased pledge $30 for each one, but it isn't reflected in my MANAGE area.

    7. Sandra Chung on

      I wouldn't mind pledging a bit more for the 1080p, but this 'low cost' "Smartphone into Laptop" is getting way over priced for a kickstarter. You might want to rethink this.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thiede on

      can someone give me so actual imformation.
      What is the strech goal for the Backlight Keyboard?
      Here is written 2M.
      But on the Main Side I see 2,5M...
      Has someone changed it during the Project?

    9. Missing avatar

      baruch weisman on

      I am leaving the dark side to join the forces of light. No pun intended but the back lit keys seem to have taken on a new life force - the power of economy of scale. With the addition of funds to the 1080 LCD upgrade it seems the barrier to including back lit keys is a no brainer.
      Moreover, the call for a replaceable battery has joined the side of the forces of back lighting. So go to the suppliers to add these staples to a design before production is begun.

    10. Ej I-Evolve Braggs on

      I was just about to upgrade my pledge until I saw the combined $55 part! I agree with the other backers. While I don't mind spending extra for the 1080p. Backlit keys won't even be an issues. Lol please revise I'd really like 1080p!

    11. Missing avatar

      David Downs on

      Are there any photos of the blue model up?

    12. Justin Antoszek on

      if we ordered from canada what price do we need to add?

    13. ET3D on

      I like backlighting in general, but I agree with the others, the appeal of this product is its low price. A 1080p screen is enough of an added value that paying $30 extra feels okay, but paying an extra $25 for backlight is too much. I think $10 might have been okay, but at $25 it's about as expensive as the 1080p upgrade, and it doesn't provide nearly as much value.

      Stretch goals like the $300k, $500k and $1.5m add value at the same price, and therefore make the product more attractive. Paying an extra $25 doesn't, especially when it's forced for those who want the 1080p screen. I would rather see extra value, or even a stretch goal which reduces the 1080p screen price, if enough pledge for it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Charles Smith on

      My preference is to get the 1080p screen without the backlight option. Thanks for creating this

    15. Missing avatar

      Graham on

      I sum up the comments of last hours: quite nobody needs the backlight option.

    16. Bérenger L. (bel57) on

      We don't need backlit keyboard. 1080p upgrade is interesting, but I won't pay 55$ for the two bonus. As other backers said, it's really interesting but it makes it too expensive. So, just keep the screen bonus.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gary Burke on

      I didn't realise until reading the comments below that a proper international keyboard isn't an option -- it seems it's just a US keyboard with different stickers. This isn't good. I think I agree that the backlit idea should be replaced with a proper international keyboard.

    18. SD

      I meant total price of the Superbook including the two upgrades.

    19. SD

      For the price of the two upgrades, I could get an actual Chromebook.

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Pretty sure I'm going to cancel if the backlit keyboard option overshadows the 1080p option many of us have decided to go for and don't need the backlit keyboard.

    21. Missing avatar

      Scott Silvers on

      An extra $30 for 1080p is a bit much as it is. An extra $25 on top of that for useless feature is not acceptable. If that happens, I will cancel my pledge entirely. I view this whole project as an interesting concept, and I'm in it for the geek value of a fun new toy to play with, but there's a hell of a lot more I can do with my money.

    22. Missing avatar

      dakoslug on

      I think you guys are doing a fine job with the project thus far, that's why I think that due to mis-management, you should only use the stretch goals to add features that a lot of people would be interested in.

      It would suck if things go wrong because of a feature you added that quite a few people don't really like.

      You might want to consider only having two base SKUs for the laptop (base and 1080p) and then having some nice add-on that goes with it. I don't know! Just some ideas, sorry.

    23. Justin on

      I'm with everybody below. PLEASE reconsider the back lite keys.

    24. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @everyone -- we hear your feedback! We're reevaluating the 2m stretch goal after some internal discussion (and after reading everyone's opinion). Look out for a survey soon; we'll ask you guys to vote on the stretch goal.



    25. Gene Chouiniere on

      I do not need the backlit keys but am ok with paying for it to get the 1080p display. For me (and likely most road warriors) the 1080p display is extremely important, the backlit keys are not needed but are nice to have. If you hit 2M, what I would be interested in and pay extra for is a touchscreen 1080p display.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt Chambers on

      I would say that I am in agreement with most others and will need to cancel my pledge if the backlit keys are forced on the 1080p model.

    27. Adrian Wolf on

      I'll just add, I'd personally rather have a free "wrap" so I can cover up the gaudy fake gold cover as a $2MM stretch goal...but to each his own.

    28. Adrian Wolf on

      I'll just reiterate what others have said. I consider 1080p to be a "minimum requirement" on any modern device (including phones, laptops, projectors, etc.) so I will gladly pledge for the upgrade. However, backlit keys are entirely superfluous to the design needs for the Superbook. I understand that some people may want to use this in dark (or dimly lit) rooms but forcing it on early backers should we hit the $2MM pledge amount would mean that more than likely, I will cancel my pledge (for two 1080p upgraded Superbooks) outright...Adding $55 to a $99 (+$20) shell of a laptop doesn't have the same value tor me as I already have a fully functional laptop (with backlight keys funny enough)...beware of scope creep!

    29. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Walters on

      Really not happy about the possibility of losing my 1080p screen option just because of the backlit keyboards. I don't think anyone really wants the backlit keyboard anyways. Not a good stretch goal when you screw over a lot of people who really don't want it and can't opt out. I want the 1080p screen, but I don't think I'll add the extra backing contribution until the survey at the end to try to stay away from 2M.

    30. akm47 on

      Congrats on the 1M, I bet that feels great! What doesn't feel great is reading that you will be combining the 2 options for the 2M stretch goal. I could see combining the two if one would want the backlit key, but seems silly to make those who want 1080p pay the extra too. I like the idea of how simple and affordable ($99) this product is, and it seems like you are getting away from what the core of this product is meant for.

    31. Giandomenico Napolitano on

      I have to say that your concept of stretch goal is a little bit off.

      You're getting more backers, therefore can submit larger orders to your suppliers, therefore supposedly getting lower unit prices from them. You (Andromium) are consequently supposed to be the ones "stretching" by giving more to the backers at the same price. Your proposed model instead has the backers stretch by forking in excess of 50% more.

      Including shipping, we're looking at a total of just below 200$ (if the 2M stretch), which is dangerously close to Chromebook territory and anyway double the still advertised 99$ price. And, guess what, Chromebooks now run Android apps too!

      Nobody is really happy with this approach, not even the wise backers who stick to the 99$ reward (+shipping), as the risk introduced by the new stretch goals affects them as well.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kodiak Firesmith on

      Well it looks like if you hit 2M I'm going to have to back out entirely. Backlit keys are silly, and bundling that with the 1080p option is a horrible shady bait and switch since the only reason I backed you guys is because it got to the point I knew you would hit 1M and we could get 1080p.

      Don't force 1080p people into backlit keys! They are pointless, add risk, and drain battery on something we care very much about the battery life of.

    33. Missing avatar

      John Mingus on

      Now that you've added $30.00 for 1080P and coming up with $25.00 for backlit keyboards and I've already paid $159.00 + $20 for shipping, isn't this now approaching the cost of a new laptop? I realize the convenience of using you phone as the brains - just saying.

    34. Missing avatar

      Roman Brunner on

      What I forgot in my previous comment: Cool idea for the $1.5M stretch goal! Looking forward to reach $1.5M

    35. Missing avatar

      Roman Brunner on

      I have to say it again, only to support the opinion of the commenters below me: I definitely pay extra for the 1080p resolution, but I hope you don't reach the $2M goal.
      I am totally with @Rob Heijne considering a discount instead of the backlit keys.
      (Why I think a discount could be doable: If you can produce more devices, then the price per unit should decline -> I have no idea how big the reduction of cost is, but a part of this could be given back to the backers)

    36. Mars on

      As a lot of people have a problem with adding another $25 for a backlit keyboard they might not want IF the $2M stretchgoal is reached, and you are looking into it, might I suggest something... (I have no idea if this is financially feasable, but I'll add it anyway).

      Keep the 1080p option for $30.
      When reaching $2M, add another option for backlit keyboard at $25. But tell people that want that option, that delivery will be delayed for them (a month, 2?), as an extra SKU will be needed, which is not an option if you want the rest to be delivered on time.

    37. Andrew Boylan on

      I have added the extra for the 1080p, but if you get to the 2M goal and go ahead with it I will be lowering my pledge back down to the 720p version. $30 dollar was already a bit much but I was okay with paying it cause I really would prefer 1080p over 720p.

      But I have no interest in back-lit keys, and even if I did adding an extra 25$ for them is way to much.

      I be much happier with a change in keyboard layout instead of stickers, then back-lit keys.

      It would be better to not have a 2 million goal then one which forcing people to pay extra to get something they don't want!

    38. Missing avatar

      Nanne Huiges on

      Really excited about the 1080 screen, but I'm going to wait what this backlit keys thing is going to do. I really don't want those. It is enough to make me hope you don't reach the next goal, which is a strange thing really.

    39. Missing avatar

      Rob Heijne on

      Congrats to the team reaching 1MM$. Looking forward to the 1080 screen. Please don't go to back-lit keys. Don't want more risk nor spend more money nor shorten battery life. Stay close to what you currently know for sure. If you want to do something special with 2MM $; give a 10$ discount on the 1080 option. .. good luck.

    40. Battleshark on

      Pulling the marketing by combining stretched goals is not the only reason that driven me out of my pledge. Regardless of reaching the 2M SG, I'll opt out on this. Why?

      1. In specs description you state a "HD" display. The term suggests this means a 1080p resolution. Otherwise you would only sell a "FullHD" display (720p) and pretend it to be a HD. In case you didn’t realize, 1080p is commonly standard when it comes down to gear like Laptops, Smartphone or Tablets. Covering up your 720p “HD Display” by using marketing terms and then selling real HD resolution to backers as a stretch goal for 30 bucks extra is, carefully said, very bold.

      2. Having stretch goals which open up new options to spend money only is imho not the way a KS should be working. Would a free stretch goal with localized keyboards instead of crappy stickers been so bad? But then, one cannot make additional money with giving away free SGs, am I right?

      3. Backlit keys are pure style and are not necessarily needed. Adding a considerable risk to a project by putting them in is a very bad design decision. Combining this SG with the first one to squeeze even more money is again, badass marketing tactics which may apply to markets but should not be pulled at a FUNDING platform like KS.

      Taking all of this in account, I think you’re not the kind of transparent and fair company that deserve my support.

    41. Benjamin Williams

      Backlit keyboards really aren't important. 1080 screen would be nice and I don't mid adding more for that, but there's no way I'm going to pay extra for backlit keys when I don't want them. So if you reach the 2m mark, I guess I'll miss out on the 1080 screen.

    42. Stefanie on

      Well done on a great campaign so far! Same as a lot of others: I hope you won't reach the $2M because I am not interested in (paying extra for) backlit keys, but I would definitely want 1080p.

    43. Missing avatar

      Kevin Unger on

      Congratulations on reaching the one million dollar mark! As I can see from the comments below, most of us, including myself are not interested in a backlit keyboard. The mandatory $2M bundle is preventing me from upgrading my pledge to the 1080 screen. That being said, Rob Ciottoni's comment below brings up a valid point. It would be far more useful for backers to have a removable battery and the option to purchase an additional one.

    44. Malix on

      I feel like I'm going to echo what has been previously said by others:

      if/when 2M strech goal is reached, I will probably feel a bit extorted for more money, just to get what I had already pledged for, ie. the 1080p model. I will probably pledge the extra, but begrudgingly.

    45. Missing avatar

      Guilhem Eydieux on

      Same here, I'm not interessted in the backlight upgrade especially if it's a risk, but I'm really interessted in the 1080p upgrade.

      I also hope you won't reach 2M :/

    46. Missing avatar

      Dye on

      As I have already pledged for a 1080p, what happens if you reach the 2M goal and I do not increase my pledge to add a backlit keyboard?

      Also, you should be trying to eliminate risks not add to them,

    47. Marc Zimmermann on

      Backlit keys are basically a luxury while higher resolution & better panel technology are not. Combining them is a bad, bad, bad, bad idea. Especially, when international keyboard layouts are being achieved only with adhesive stickers! I will likely cancel my two pledges if this combo ends up being mandatory.

    48. Missing avatar

      David Tahir-ul-haq on

      Grats for the 1 million mark. But like many others I also hope we don't hit the 2 million mark, at least if the Backlit keys will be really mandatory for 1080p. If that happens, I may opt out alltogether.... maybe.