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Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
Superbook is the Universal Laptop Dock that transforms your Android smartphone into a laptop.  Get the LIMITED PREORDER PRICE while it lasts! Don't miss out -
16,732 backers pledged $2,952,508 to help bring this project to life.

On the #Freedom2learn campaign - also...the Superbook as a 2nd display?!

Posted by Andromium Inc. (Creator)

Giving children in developing Africa the #Freedom2learn

At Andromium, we believe that technology should be used to build a better future for everyone. Access to the right technological tools and education is critical, especially for our children.

We're incredibly honored to partner with the Nelson Mandela School Library Project in their #Freedom2learn campaign, alongside AG Mobile and Mediatek. Our partners are getting smartphones donations to developing communities in Africa, and Andromium will drive donations of Superbooks to accompany those devices.

"Each Superbook will allow for the student to gain access to a computer world in the most rural of locations where often they is no running water and electricity is supplied via a battery or Solar power. Every time you donate a Superbook, you have just given the privilege of allowing 30 more children access to digital learning platforms we deliver for free into our Nelson Mandela School Library Project.

Thanks from all in Africa."

- Robert Coutts, Nelson Mandela School Library Project

We're offering 2 donation tiers, marked with the #Freedom2learn hashtag. Your funding will go towards a Superbook donation, and we'll cover the rest (shipping + handling fees and support costs). Help us bring give thousands of kids in schools in developing Africa the #Freedom2learn.


Dual display with Windows Tablets (and other laptops)

As many of you sharp backers caught on, the technology we use for the Superbook can also be used with a few other devices. And while the Superbook doesn't work with Windows Mobile phones, you can use the Superbook as an extra monitor / keyboard / mouse with Windows Tablets

Here's a fun video of one of our Superbook prototypes connecting to a Surface Pro. Enjoy :)


Also - for those that want this feature (though we can't imagine why ;) ), you can also use the Superbook as a 2nd monitor + keyboard + touchpad for regular laptops, including Windows and Macs:

Admittedly, compared to the 15” Macbook Pro, the Superbook's size is a bit dwarfed...
Admittedly, compared to the 15” Macbook Pro, the Superbook's size is a bit dwarfed...

Hope your week is going awesome. Help us by sharing the Superbook and getting us to the next set of stretch goals!

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    1. JamesRoseUK on

      @creator - So the macbook pro shown above. Is that just through a USB cable? Did it require any extra software/drivers?

    2. Missing avatar

      James Valadez on

      I have a question about using the Superbook as a second screen with the Surface. Does this work with all Surface models? Or is it limited to the most recent ones like the Surface 3 and the Surface Pro 4? I don't have a Surface currently, but may get one in the future so I'd like to know

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Kampen on

      @Creator - please write up documentation of create a video on how to connect a PC Stick.

    4. Saish Dabholkar on

      What cable did you guys use to connect the Macbook Pro to the Superbook? Any way we can get this cable as an add on or something?

      Really loving this project, thanks for making it!

    5. Sarah Tennyson on

      @Creator - when you hooked it up to the stick PC, could you hook it up so the only display is the laptop's ... i.e. normally the stick display requires an HDMI out as well as a power via USB and can you use the superbook as both power and display/input for a stick PC somehow?

    6. Sheng-Chieh Su on

      Dear Andromium team
      pls make this feaure (2nd monitor) available for chromebook, thank you
      yours sincerely baker

    7. Missing avatar

      Lucas Bremgartner on

      I also would love to use the superbook as monitor/keyboard/mouse for my Raspberry Pi (RasPi).

    8. lifecycled on

      Have you tested with any android TV sticks? Could this be a modest android laptop. Using one of those?

    9. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on that is for the direct link :)

    10. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @all - check out the Superbook working with a headless PC:

    11. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      Thanks @Jeremy Marx!

    12. Jeremy Marx on

      @Andromium I suspected as much, and I'm glad to hear it. It's refreshing to see a maker maintaining the scope of their project so well. My pledge stands as such, and I also look forward to v2 one day.

    13. Bérenger L. (bel57) on

      That's nice, didn't think about using it as a 2nd monitor :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Frank Zuern on

      A 2nd portable Display is e.g. very useful if you are presenter in a Web Telko and need to keep an eye on your inbox or need to find files with the Explorer in parallel. One request - could you make the hinges bend at least 120 degree (a little Yoga style) and deactivate Trackbed and Keyboard if it sits Face down??

    15. Missing avatar

      Jesse Chan on

      Superbook as an extra monitor / keyboard / mouse with Windows Tablets!

      That's Gold!!!

    16. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Sharil Abdul Rahman - Yes, they'll work

    17. Sharil Abdul Rahman on

      Hi Guys.

      That second screen for Windows suddenly opens a bigger door of usage with the Superbook than ever before.

      Here is an extra question - you can connect the Superbook with the USB port, but can it be connected to those smaller windows tablets? Those 8-inch ones?

      They don't have a Type-A connector - only a type micro connector that needs a USB Host adaptor. On the other hand your USB OTG cable can directly connect i guess, but the bigger question - are they supported?


    18. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Vesko Gavrilov - Yes, it should. But untested.

    19. Vesko Gavrilov

      Will it work with pocket PCs, PC sticks and regular PCs?

    20. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Joel Herzog :)
      @Jeremy Marx - ah too hard for this go around, but good suggestion

    21. Jeremy Marx on

      Yes, the Superbook is dwarfed next to the laptop. However, I would suggest considering a stretch goal to change the hinges such that we can swing the keyboard out of the way. Perhaps to a V such that it can stand on its own.

    22. Missing avatar

      Joel Herzog on

      As an IT Admin, this feature makes a great portable KVM terminal for servers without a dedicated screen/key/mouse. Can't wait to get my hands on one :)

    23. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Andrew :)
      @Miguel Angel Acevedo II :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Miguel Angel Acevedo II on

      I agree with Andrew. The update for using this as an inexpensive second monitor will prove very useful for the business person on the go. I plan to pitch this product to my company as an inexpensive mobile productivity booster.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nikolay Ivanchev on

      Have you considered adding an USB input for the keyboard and the touchpad, not only via bluetooth? In this case one can wire a RaspPi to it

    26. Andrew on

      Great update! I think dual display is a core feature instead of just an after thought. Many of us would love to bring a second monitor on work trips for increased productivity. If you can add this to the campaign page, I am sure it will attract even more backers. Best of luck! We will hit one million in no time!

    27. Anthony Ku on

      I just may use that feature at school, I'm too used to having two screens on my desktop at home #firstworldproblems

    28. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      We have some headless systems at work that run Linux. I'm envisioning these working to show a debugging console/UI in the future.

    29. Bostongreekgeek on

      @Andromium inc. I have Type C -> Type A for my phone, but does the superbook use type C? I thought it used that to connect to a phone. Does it connect to a phone with Type C to Type C?

    30. Missing avatar

      redsea on

      i think this is huge! i actually want one more! but i'm backing for early bird superbook special, the other one, i'm ok with basic, if that's possible.

    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Spohr on

      Compared to a 15" MacBook, it's small but I have a 10" MacBook Air so a second screen would be nice. What's involved to get the MacBook Air to use the Superbook as a second screen?

    32. pablo manuel garcia corzo on

      It would be really cool to connect it to a raspberry pi in the same manner

    33. Gene Chouiniere on

      The #Freedom2learn initiative is great, very proud of the team for being involved. Is it possible to specify the townships to direct the donated equipment?

    34. Wong Koon Wing

      Why need to keep it secret? It will boost yours pledge amount.
      1080P is coming.

    35. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Bert Drieenhuizen :)

    36. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Bang Ly - no continuum support. Windows mobile phones are so poorly supported that our chip set manufacturer would never do the work to support it.

    37. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Wong Koon Wing - you and others made it hard to keep this a secret ;)

    38. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Allen - none haha, maybe in the future :)

    39. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Bostongreekgeek Just a Type C -> Type A. If you don't have it, you can buy it from us after the campaign :)

    40. Bostongreekgeek on

      What cable is required to connect a windows laptop to a superbook? Will that be included with the superbook?

    41. Wong Koon Wing

      I am very glad that my guess is correct. It is a true displaylink dock with affordable price. congratulation.

    42. Missing avatar

      Allen on

      Nice video choice! Also what is the possibility of the superbook also having video out, probably none but I thought I'd ask anyway. Keep it up!

    43. Andromium Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hi guys, no iOS devices sadly. Call Tim Cook!

    44. Sheng-Chieh Su on

      how about chromebook? Does this feature come to chrome OS devices?

    45. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    46. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Your caption on the last photo...
      "Admittedly, compared to the 15” Macbook Pro, the Superbook's size is a bit dwarfed"

      You are right it is, It's also dwarfed by the price tag as well.

    47. superbang on

      Any chance you guys are working on continuum support? Pretty please!