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Android Lust is working on a new release. Returning to the heavily experimental soundscapes that launched her career.
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Android Lust

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USB drive mockup

Received the mockup from the manufacturer. It's going to be metal, tiny and laser engraved with the AL logo. 


    1. Creator Andrew Morris on July 25, 2012

      That is sweet looking.

    2. Creator MBybee on July 24, 2012

      Very cool :D

    3. Creator Jakesmiley on July 24, 2012


    4. Creator Pierre Heler-Caruel on July 24, 2012

      Sleek! Can't wait

    5. Creator Cat on July 23, 2012

      Woah, that's awesome!

    6. Creator Chris Bartus on July 23, 2012

      Good design :)

    7. Creator J.R. Raith on July 23, 2012

      Very cool.