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Android Lust is working on a new release. Returning to the heavily experimental soundscapes that launched her career.
Android Lust is working on a new release. Returning to the heavily experimental soundscapes that launched her career.
Android Lust is working on a new release. Returning to the heavily experimental soundscapes that launched her career.
302 backers pledged $14,035 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew W. on

      Just a quick note to say thank you for the enjoyable album. Being a backer was a worthwhile experience frommy perspective, and hopefully this inspires you and other talented musicians to do this more.

    2. Insanious on

      Just finished listening to the Album, and I am not disappointed. I took a leap of faith after listening to the music in your pledge video and am now sad that I didn't pledge more to get the rest of your cd's. Your music is awesome and this album will get a lot of play from me. Thanks for making something so amazing :).

    3. Android Lust 4-time creator on

      Thank you for making this an incredibly inspiring campaign! AMAZED and GRATEFUL.

    4. Christopher Jon on

      This is just amazing. And inspiring. Congratulations!

    5. Andrew Morris on

      Nicely done AL Fans who cared. I hope this will give Shikhee enough to handle all costs and get some good distribution.

    6. Paul Ingram on

      Woohoo! :) Glad to see this one raise just over 10k more than you needed! Good luck with the album!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jessica Carter on

      Well done :)
      Just proves how you keep pushing forward and being initiative.

      Looking forward to the new album.

    8. Christopher Jon on

      Almost to $12k! So close with 71 hours left!

    9. Android Lust 4-time creator on

      Shipping is included in your pledge. Thanks!

    10. Insanious on

      how much do I include for international shipping? I'm wondering because I'm thinking of upgrading to get some physical goods.

    11. Justin Tywin Lannister Kates on

      Brandie get the mic stand shirt. Its the coolest. That and It' my photo on it so im biased.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brandie Grant on

      Happy to have been able to donate! Going to see if i can up my contribution at all before the end of the pledge. Though, ahhh I wish the T-shirt were available in more options. So many options, hard to choose which one haha. Cheers!

    13. J.R. Raith on

      I just wish I could cough up for the private show. So excited that all this cash is flowing in! :D

    14. Douglas Spooner on

      Good to see the funding has been made. Very much looking forward to seeing the results. Good use of kick starter.

    15. Sam on

      I don't know how I missed the launch... not enough internet time these past couple days. Congrats. Almost made a contribution in Rick Santorum's name ;)

    16. Dark J on

      Wow, in less than 2 days. Extraordinary! Congrats Shikhee! I only wish we had the money to do the $500 remix, haha.

    17. Android Lust 4-time creator on

      A couple of other people also expressed interest in the $350 option. I may go ahead and add a couple.

    18. Bryan Tabuteau on

      Damn, I was seriously thinking about the $350 Vocal/Programming option. That would have been awesome.

    19. J.R. Raith on

      Next we can start on vol. 2! ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew W. on

      Who bought the $350 pledge level to have Shikhee appear as a guest vocalist?

    21. stephen on

      Thank you for the opportunity to help out! ~ Sere_Sector

    22. Angela Delapsa on

      Pledged $25.. wish I could afford more. Great music..Je l'aime très bien!

    23. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      Over halfway there already! That's amazing.

    24. Missing avatar

      Vamp927 on

      100 bucks for your discography and t shirt and album....thats a bargain no matter how you look at it!

    25. Clement Balard on

      i put 25 $ for you.

    26. Android Lust 4-time creator on

      Hi Christoff, shipping in included in your donation.

    27. Justin Kowalski on

      I'm excited! Also, sad I missed the stage banner! Too slow on the page load, I suppose. :)

    28. Christoff Crashbee Youngman on

      Any charge for international shipping?

    29. Christopher Jon on

      This is great, I can't wait for new music!