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Peril, cunning, romance! Follow this pirate captain's adventures on the high seas -- and the clues to her treasure!
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Holy St. Elmo's Fire!

Posted by Andrea Phillips (Creator)

Sooooooo that happened. $7701 in total! And 251 of you! I'm excited, flabbergasted, touched, overwhelmed, and about seventeen other feelings that I won't bore you by spelling out in exhaustive detail. 

Have I told you lately how I love you? I do. Love love love for every single one of you. So much love.

You may be wondering what exactly happens now! Since I hit the stretch goal, I definitely get to commission Heather for full covers -- and maybe a sneaky handful of additional illustrations, besides. I'm also going to do one last video for my series -- an Act of Piracy! 

But I hope you'll forgive me if I take a day or two off? Maybe even... the weekend? Things have been pretty intense around here and I could use a break to recover my wits and in general compose myself. Excuse me as I turn my joyfully weepy face away for a moment. Ahem. Is that... is that cool by you? We're still OK?

After that, things will get rolling around here pretty quickly: I have postcards to order (and I'm feeling pretty clever for not ordering 250 a couple of days ago!), thank-you notes to write, a cover to finish designing, and on and on. 

But that's not the part you care about. Not really. I know just what you're thinking: "Hey Andrea, when the heck do I get to read some of these Daring Adventures I've gone in for?"

I wish I could say "Tomorrow!" But that is completely not true and would turn me into a lying liar. I've already begun writing (of course), but I still have a ways to go yet for a finished episode. The first is trickiest -- I need to be especially careful to get this one right, because it'll set the tone for the whole year and there's no taking it back once it's in your hands!

But basically: I'm aiming to deliver the first complete episode toward the end of April, with each subsequent episode coming at monthly intervals after that. I'll keep you posted (but hopefully not too often!)

For those of you who went in at Google Hangouts levels, I'm splitting them into two or three different times, so you can choose which one to attend. Hopefully that'll spread out attendance, provide greater access for multiple time zones, and make everyone feel like they're taking part in a real conversation, not sitting in on someone else's panel discussion.

For those of you who didn't go in at a Google Hangouts level, though -- I'll be making open discussion threads on the Lucy Smokeheart blog, and I really hope you'll participate there to let me know what your feelings are on past and future episodes. The first one of these is open right now! I want to make Lucy Smokeheart adapt to your tastes as we go along, but I can't do that without a little feedback!

And finally: Thank you, thank you to every single one of you who has made this possible. I can't say enough thank yous. You're the greatest, and I promise I won't let you down. This is going to be an amazing year.


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    1. Ellen Sandberg on

      Have a drink- or two or three, Relax and bask in the sunshine of success for a few days. You will need your strength and joy to deal with pirates, treasures, and of course, Lucy!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ralph Loizzo on

      Please, by all means. Get some rest. Because I'm sure the rest of the year will be an exhausting but rewarding one. Looking forward to catching up with Lucy Smokeheart!