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Peril, cunning, romance! Follow this pirate captain's adventures on the high seas -- and the clues to her treasure!
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One Week, and a Free Gift For You!

Posted by Andrea Phillips (Creator)

The clock has just ticked down to only seven days left. On the one hand... We've funded! Huzzah! But on the other hand... if we want all twelve episodes to have quality Heather Williamee illustrations on the cover -- illustrations like this one:

...Well, we still have $2025 to go.

Traditionally, now would be the time when I'd try to upsell you. "Increase your pledge by five dollars," I might say, "and I will give you a bonus item!" But you know what? You've seriously given enough already. I'm not going to squeeze you for more. That's not how I roll.

In fact, as an act of abject gratitude for getting this far, I'm going to take that upsell item -- a postcard of our amazing Lucy Smokeheart illustration lovingly but hastily inscribed with a short and difficult-to-read thank-you note and my even-more-difficult-to-read signature -- and I'm just going to give it to all of you, regardless of the level at which you have backed me, for no additional cost.

Do I have an ulterior motive? Yes! I do! I'm hoping it'll inspire some of you to turn to your fellow pirate-loving friends and say, "Hey, that Andrea Phillips? She's alright! You should think about funding her project, too!"

Either way, though... this has really been amazing. You're amazing. Thank you.


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