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Peril, cunning, romance! Follow this pirate captain's adventures on the high seas -- and the clues to her treasure!
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Ahoy, mateys!

Posted by Andrea Phillips (Creator)

I've been trying not to bother you with nonstop updates, but it's just occurred to me that maybe one or two updates wouldn't be, you know, entirely out of line? So here! An update! For you!

If you're following along at home, you'll already know that The Daring Adventures of Captain Lucy Smokeheart is 91% funded. Huzzah! And just $401 away from goal! I think that's pretty freakin' awesome, and I have all of you to thank here. Don't worry, I won't embarrass us all by being schmoopy-eyed with gratitude. I'm saving that for later.

So here's the scoop: 13 days left to get another $401. I think that's possible. Like shooting rum in a barrel. But I'd really, reallllllly like to hit my $7500 stretch goal, because then I can commission cover art for each episode in the same magnificent style as the illustration of Lucy you've already seen on the Kickstarter page. It would be so gorgeous! 

But look, I'm not going to try to squeeze one red cent more out of you folks. You've already done your part. See above, re: schmoopy-eyed, etc., etc. But maybe you can help me make a little noise? If you have a blog I could write a guest post for, or a friend who might think Lucy Smokeheart is cool to pass the link to, or a forum you hang out that's relevant, maybe spread the good word?

Obviously don't go all spammy-pants into the world like we're a pirate-themed MLM scheme. But if you know someone who knows someone who probably hasn't heard about Lucy and just might think she's pretty great, I'd love if you could go a teeny bit out of your way to help them find us.

In return, I offer you schmoopy eyes. Also, as part of my 30 Days of Piracy video series, I have pledged to make and drink grog on camera when I fund. So you've got that to look forward to! Nothing but clear sailing and blue skies!

Thanks a million, everyone, for believing in me and in Lucy Smokeheart. This is going to be the most fun ever. And we're so, so close!


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    1. Andrea Phillips 2-time creator on

      Haha, I'm usually a last-minute backer, so I don't really know what the etiquette is during the whole run! ^_^

    2. Deborah Schumacher

      As a backer, I sort of expect an update every few days from funding projects, and then a post every few weeks from projects in process. Don't feel like you are spamming us!