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ECCE is partnering with 10 composers from the Northwestern U.S. to present a concert of new music at the Bamboo Grove Salon.
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Andrew Stiefel

28 backers pledged $1,157 to help bring this project to life.

We did it!

Thank you to all of our wonderful backers who have supported this project! We reached our goal of $800 in just one week! The outpouring of support from individuals around the world was more than we could have possibly imagined, and I am awed and inspired by all of your generosity.

We are still going strong, so please continue to share our project with friends and family. Any funds over our goal will be used as follows:

  • To offset the fees collected by Kickstarter and Amazon.
  • To purchase advertisement space in the Willamette Weekly, Portland's major newspaper.
  • And best of all, to create even more exciting gifts for our awesome backers!!!

Continue to follow our project here and at our website for updates on the concert and for interviews with the some of the composers and the performers (coming soon)! Thank you all again for helping us bring our music to Portland!