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Help Andrew Rose Gregory of The Gregory Brothers finally release his "Lost Album," a folk-rock record based on The Song of Songs.

Holy Guacamole!!  With four days to spare the Song of Songs is now fully funded!  incredible!  of course pre-sales will continue for the last 4 days of this Kickstarter project - - & any extra cash will just go towards making the release bigger & better.  thank you so much everyone!!! - a . r . g .


Over the past 5 years, i've been working on an album based on The Song of Songs, an ancient love poem that most people know from reading The Hebrew Bible or The Old Testament.  

While most of my albums in the past have been modestly arranged folk albums, this one has turned into a beautiful sprawler - an orchestral indie-folk-rock album with horns, a stand-up bass, a grand piano, & my sister-in-law Sarah singing half of the songs - as about half of The Song of Songs is spoken by a woman.  

The songs span a whole range - - from tender duets, to brash up-tempo numbers in unorthodox time signatures, to these weird little instrumental duets that we improvised in the studio.

I recorded the album a year & a half ago, & while i really believe this is the most beautiful piece of music i've ever made, i've struggled to find a record label to release it.  at this point, i'm scared that this record is going to be lost, & that people will never hear it.

But!  this being the year 2011, i'm hoping that you & i can be the record label that this album needs, & get it out for the world to hear.

thanks so much for your help.

andrew rose gregory


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    A Digital Download of the completed 'Song of Songs.'

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    A physical Compact Disc of the 'Song of Songs,' as well as the Digitial copy.

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    I will email you the demos for 'The Song of Songs,' which where generally acoustic versions being sung by either myself or Sarah Gregory. Plus you get that other stuff.

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    A vinyl copy of 'The Song of Songs,' as well as the Digital Download. but not that other stuff.

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    Signed Vinyl, CD, Download, Demos!

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    All that other dope stuff. Plus! a limited run, signed poster!

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    All that other stuff, which you won't even be excited about anymore, because you'll get two, 30 minute songwriting lessons via Skype. if you don't like to write songs, well, i'll sew you a hand-made version of the hat that i'm wearing in this project's picture. of which so far there is only one. & is the official hat of the 'Song of Songs' record.

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    A video cover of your choice! & all that other stuff.

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    i will come play the 'Song of Songs' record wherever you want me to, barring wild expenses of tickets to say, Kiev, or Juneau, Alaska. Please touch base with me about logistics. (yes. i will play at weddings.)

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