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    1. Chris Mortika on

      Is the password no longer valid?

    2. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on

      @scantrontb--The attorneys representing the defendants were asking the judge permission to stop representing the defendants.

      (This is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer--which apparently people have to say nowadays whenever talking about legal stuff, but whatever...)

      So, as I understand it, in trial court cases, a lawyer can be fired by a client in most cases, but if the lawyer wants to quit, they have to give enough warning and get it approved by a judge. The lawyers have an ethical responsibility to represent a client and can't just quit. They have to go through a formal procedure. A lot of that is summed up here.

      Basically, it looks like from this document that the lawyers weren't getting paid (and were warning the defendants they would quit if they continued to not pay), and that the defendants both became hard to reach during the final stages of the settlement and then flat out rejected it, so that's why they asked the judge to be released.

      The judge denied them, so they have to proceed with the case.

    3. scantrontb

      a question about the recent court session: was the defendant's counsel trying to weasel his way out of having to even show up at court and do all his work by mail or telecommuting? or was it to try and let him get out of his contract (or whatever it's called) with the defendant himself, and let someone ELSE be the defendant's lawyer? I'm not familiar with how the terms you used are meant in a legal sense...

    4. Mikel Muxika on

      thanks for keeping us in the loop :)

    5. Westpaw Films Creator on

      Thanks everyone!
      @ Andreas - Yeah, it's a good clip, but we have so many!

    6. Andreas Monitzer

      Too bad this didn't fit into the documentary.

    7. André Mansi on

      Nice little insight this. Thanks for the update.

    8. Tina Tipton

      Thank you for keeping us updated, as much as you are allowed to. I look forward to seeing the documentary.

    9. Bruce Harlick

      Very nice stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing the documentary. I always wondered where that 32 page a month metric came from and now I know! ;)

    10. George Fields on

      Fitting password. R.I.P.