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Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.
3,584 backers pledged $195,480 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Westpaw Films Creator on

      Thanks everyone for the support. It has been tough couple years for everyone involved.

    2. Missing avatar


      I'm one of the many who are with you, regardless of the diversions that plague many a (legal) Dungeon.
      Don't get me started on the legal "system". The only consistent feature of it is to keep the Guild employed.

    3. Lance Menthe on

      I'm so sorry this has become such a protracted legal odyssey for you all... For every negative comment you may receive, please know there are dozens of us who patiently wish you the best!

    4. James Kramer on

      Sounds like the legal process might make just as interesting a documentary as the DnD story.

      Patiently waiting the completed movie. You gotta do what you gotta do. And for what it's worth, if a Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary Legal Fund Kickstarter ever opened up, I would be likely to contribute something extra. Just sayin'...

    5. Greg Stuetze on

      I enjoyed the saga, personally. It was like stumbling into a beholder in a dungeon and experiencing the battle... Keep up the fight, strength and honor!

    6. Amanda Sigler on

      I appreciate your honesty, your updates and your dedication to this project. After the legal hoops and expense you've had to go though I don't think many of us would have blamed you if you just decided to walk away from the project. Thank you for your determination and dedication. I for one will add your names to the list of companies/people that I support whenever I can through kickstarter or whatever means you use to release your projects.

    7. Tina Tipton

      No matter how long this takes, I am with you. I enjoy receiving updates, as it helps me stay connected with you and the project.

    8. Marty Brown on

      Hey all, I was just wondering: are you blocked from releasing everything from the documentary? Can you release little vignettes, short interviews, scraps off the cutting room floor?

      Also, what's the chance there's enough "Making of" clips to make a separate documentary about your trials and tribulations making this one? I'm sure it would be interesting to your backers as well as anyone wanting to kickstart a documentary.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sam Billington on

      Sucks that you're going through this mess. Best of wishes.