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Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.
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    1. Westpaw Films Creator on

      Thanks everyone. You're support has helped us through a lot, and it will continue to do so, so it's always welcome and appreciated.
      @ Trevor, if you had asked a week ago what we thought the timeline was, we would have had a guarded, but optimistic answer for you. What has happened in the last week makes ti really hard to predict.
      @ Darkwind, let's just agree to disagree. We would not have spent an enormous amount of time, money and personal effort defending this project if what you think was the truth.

    2. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on

      Hmm...that last sentence, I meant to say "I doubt this will be an easy thing to resolve". And by settled I mean settle either out or in court.

    3. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on

      I think it's naive to think that this lawsuit can "just end" like that. Reading all the docs, there are key things at play...both parties dispute they came up with the original idea, there's been confusion regarding who was working on what doc, etc. It's not a simple black and white case, at least in my mind. It's so easy for us to think all suits are petty and that the person who starts a suit or has more money or is bigger is the "bad guy". I'm not sure who is right, but I doubt this will be a legal thing.

      Plus, they were working towards a settlement--8 months of negotiations, and I find it worrisome that the defending attorneys seem to feel their client is being unreasonable. So I think there's no option other than to see the suit go through.

      Regarding the money--from what's been posted previously here--The Great Kingdom's Kickstarter money was "frozen", so if they lose the suit I think backers get all their money back. For us, it's been stated that no money earned from the KS was spent on the lawyers, but I think the money has been used and would not easily be returned, as long as they are reasonable about a timeframe.

      I think we will need to wait until the Lawsuit is over before this doc can be released. The big problem is that the lawsuits require both parties to be careful and not discuss details, and since one of the issues is a dispute over certain footage, I think until this case is resolved one way or another the movie will not be released. Even these types discussions over the Internet are used in the courtroom, so there are probably limits on what can be said. I believe all PP has been done, but the editing might await this dispute. A raw cut was shown at GenCon. I think additional funding will be needed to get the movie into theaters, which was one of the primary goals and I think the suit also needs to be settled before that can happen.

      Months is optimistic. I suspect based on the speed of the court, that we probably won't get the film until at least the latter half of 2016. That's just a guess--courts can be slow.

    4. Missing avatar

      Trevor Chapman on

      Not having the time or inclination to read legal documents, can someone just quickly summarize what the chances are, and when, that this documentary will ever see the light of day?
      Is the principle photography done? Is the editing done? Is the legal issues preventing one or both of these?
      I don't care who is right, who is wrong, all I care is that what I backed, the making of a DnD documentary along with a copy for myself, gets completed. I'm more than willing to wait a few more months, despite being more than a year 'overdue', as long as I can get some 'closure' on this Kickstarter.

    5. Nicholas Mizer on

      The Major is pretty great! You need to play a Braunstein with him sometime if you haven't already.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicole Gruen on

      Thank you, @alarian drawkwind for taking the time to read through the documentation. I second your sentiment. And I trust your judgment. After all you backed 210! projects.

      It is a petty lawsuit and my guess is that Westpaw just assumed that nobody would take the time to read through everything. "They gave you everything you asked for except for the non-compete and you still sued them and wasted a ton of money." This sums it up for me. It takes two to settle and by Westpaw not being willing to move at all, the blame is on them. Shame on you for wasting our money and time. It would have been so great if you could have been more flexible and actually follow through on your commitment to your backer.

    7. Northspot on

      Anthony, "You were in Minneapolis?", I would have loved to hang out and game with you, but I do realize that I'm not as famous as Dave, hehe...I'm not going to make GenCon this year (due to many reasons, related to the dates of the Con), but I know your typically super busy at those events. If you do get back to the twin cities and have any open evening, the Fantasy Flight Event Center is a great place to spend the evening, just fire me an email and I'll supply the games and the extra people needed, plus I'll buy the first few rounds of drinks :-)

      On a less personal note, I always appreciate the updates, especially when you have to report on things remaining in a holding pattern. I too wish there was a way for both films to be made, as I've said before, I'm one of those that would actually sit through 8+ hours of Dave Wesley's talks (even though I've already heard them all at least twice), and any extra footage that you can share...I know your concerned about the backers opinions on the lawsuit.

      I appreciate you sharing the court documents, with an easy link, as I realize they are public for those that have time to search, but the link makes it easy to find them...those, not being a lawyer, beyond pulling out the general theme of the document, I find them tedious mine for information.

      I didn't come away with the same view that Alarian did, but I also only had about 30 minutes of time into the vast number of documents, but my impression was nearly the opposite as his...(Alarian, to help me and others out can you point me the documents that stated "You knew they were making a film before the documents were signed" and "You basically got everything you asked for except for an email address", because the ones that I was finding basically said the opposite, at least on the making of a second film.

      Well 2:30am...have to be up in 4 to bed, Best of luck on resolving this and getting back to completing the film...Give Cecily my best, some friend of mine had a chance to chat with the two of you at Gary Con and had nothing but good things to say about you :-)

    8. Alarian DarkWind

      After spending several hours reading through all those documents, I hate to say it but you come out looking pretty bad. You basically got everything you asked for except for an email address. You knew they were making a film before the documents were signed and that they had refused the non-compete for that reason several times. The reason the attorneys asked to be removed is because this mess has generated so much debt they can no longer afford to pay the attorney fees. My guess is pretty much all this KS money has been used for the exact same purpose.

      It looks to me the reason they wanted out was it had become obvious no film was ever going to be coming out from you. They gave you everything you asked for except for the non-compete and you still sued them and wasted a ton of money.

      I'm no lawyer, but this whole thing seems really messed up. My opinion changed quite a bit after reading the court documents.

      I still hope to see this film made and I do wish you good luck, but I really wish you would drop this petty lawsuit and just make the film (although I'm guessing the lawyers have all the remaining money at this point). I really don't understand what you are trying to get out of this. They have no money left so is this all ego or what?

    9. Kevin Rank

      Yea, I hope so as well. Fees, lost time/income, etc. I am totally with Sean on this. Thanks for the update. Wish we could see them a bit more often, though. :-) Even if to say, nothing changed.

    10. Adam Sherman on

      Sounds like Bureaucratic hell.

    11. Sean Bradshaw on

      I hope those who are about to lose their case have to pay your legal fees and you get a judgement big enough to finish the production. Kickstarter projects are oft delayed, but usually through inexperience, in this case through outside forces, and as an investor I expect those who would cause it will be expected to pay for it.