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Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.
Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.
3,584 backers pledged $195,480 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Parzival on November 10

      I'm joining the chorus and asking again, we should have an option to get our money back. I opted for a digital copy and I'm going to bet that any digital distribution will be botched, enough is enough.

    2. Creator Kevin Smith on October 27

      @Robin - I highly doubt it won't happen looking at the court battle the momentum looks to be in this KS'ers favor. It just takes a long time in the NY Court System to get anything done (something my day job has made me acutely aware of).

    3. Creator Robin Elliott on October 23

      I'm sorry all this happened but - I want my money back. This film is never going to happen.

    4. Creator Chris on October 9

      I'm sticking onto this project. Mostly because I already spent the money and am hoping one day to get home and find the dvd/blu-ray... well, probably not in the mailbox my mom will probably ask why it showed up on her doorstep, but still, the reason I wanted the film stands, and I've lost nothing in the wait. In fact, I may get more out of it since I've gotten more and more into rpg's since this project first launched

    5. Creator TBD Toys on October 4

      I think your only option is to refund the backers. This project is a complete loss

    6. Creator Mark Arvidson on October 3

      I realize that puts me in the heartless, unsupportive minority, but it is the unfortunate truth.

    7. Creator Mark Arvidson on October 3

      I'm sorry you have legal problems, but I'm writing this whole project off as a loss.

    8. Creator John R. Troy on September 10

      One new doc was posted--I can never do a deep link here because of what Kickstarter does to those links, but the following is a quick summary.

      Unless there's some kind of settlement made, this will take about a year to get to trial. Discovery, Depositions, and Questions take place as early at November, up through the end of Winter. If all goes on track, an actual Trial won't begin until around May 2016. So I don't expect this to be resolved until the summer of 2016 at the earliest.

      This being said, I would say we should not expect the doc to be released until probably at earliest the Fall of 2016, and depending on what needs to be done, probably not until 2017.

    9. Creator Kevin Smith on August 28

      I've been keeping my blog updated. Also has info on how to access the court docs.

      Looks like things are stayed until September 9th.

    10. Creator John R. Troy on July 15

      One new court doc was released.…==

      The case has been stayed until September 9th. If I read this document correctly, the Defendant's attorney's were allowed to quit--so the defendants have until September 9th to either get a new attorney or I guess represent themselves...

      The saga continues, I guess.

    11. Creator RUESTCHMANN on May 24, 2015

      Thanks for your updates. I believe in the project. Keep your heads up!

    12. Creator John R. Troy on May 20, 2015

      The legal process may take a lot longer now. According to the latest court documents, a few which were filed on May 18-19, the defendants have refused to settle, and the attorneys for the defendants have formally requested to resign (giving their 30 days notice).…==

      This is likely to get really bumpy...ugh...

    13. Creator John R. Troy on May 8, 2015

      @Cory Welch--they did an update 8 days ago...

    14. Creator Cory Welch on May 8, 2015

      Ditto - checking my older Kickstarter backings, $100 to this, it's raised almost $200K and we haven't had an update since 2014. Here. How about being "Respectful and Considerate" and give us a status on this project? I'm sure you can comment on something.

    15. Creator Ronaldo Nascimento on April 30, 2015

      I completely forgot about backing this project. Was it ever delivered, I have moved since I backed this? What is going on, can someone bring me up to date please?

    16. Creator Allison McGillen on April 30, 2015

      Is there any new information on backer rewards? I donated at the t-shirt level and still haven't received it. Is this wrapped up in the court case too? Have any of the rewards gone out or is everything on hold until the court case is finished?
      I really wish you the best of luck in the court proceedings and hope all goes well. I really want to see this movie!! :)

    17. Creator RUESTCHMANN on April 30, 2015

      Same here. Anthony replied on the fly. Which is good. We'll see where it goes now.

    18. Creator John R. Troy on April 29, 2015

      Actually, I just got an e-mail back from him this morning, he's working on an update now. Hopefully we'll know what's happening by the weekend.

    19. Creator RUESTCHMANN on April 29, 2015

      Thanks John R., I'll email Savini.

    20. Creator John R. Troy on April 26, 2015

      Per his last update, Savini suggested the best way to get in contact with him. Here are the e-mail addresses he gave. I would suggest backers write to him here, as I think unless you actively login to Kickstarter you wouldn't be aware of the comments.

      I wrote 4 days ago. No response yet. I'd suggest some of you try as well. Maybe also the facebook page as that seems active.

      What's really troubling to me though is that the court document repository has not released a single update since March 2nd, so none of us know how the court cases are progressing. The defense was supposed to respond by the 18th of March. Even consider the court may not have an obligation to update their database, it is weird that it hasn't happened.

      The only thing I could consider is that either side or the judge has stuck a gag order on this so third parties can't see any details anymore. That could be why there's no response, there's a legal reason forcing the issue until we reach a certain point, and it might be why we can no longer see public documents, but at the same time, this sort of hurts all the backers since I think we have some right to know what's going on, since we have a financial stake in the matter.

    21. Creator Mikel Muxika on April 25, 2015

      No news, no response to the people asking for an update... the future of this project certainly looks bright...
      Any options for a refund? If we don't get neither updates nor rewards, looks like this is dead or you ran with our money, seems like the time for refunds...

    22. Creator Francis on April 24, 2015

      My guess would be that they have been waiting to update us when the legal proceedings come to a meaningful conclusion. However it has been four months so even a quick summary of what has happened in the meantime, even if it has been a whole lot of waiting and frustrating legal shenanigans would be reassuring and keep us informed.

    23. Creator Ray Slakinski on April 21, 2015

      Wow, why no update in so long? Did the court ruling go the wrong way? Money all gone, you hate us? Why?

    24. Creator SE Weaver on April 18, 2015

      Any news? It's time for an update, my friends.

    25. Creator Charles Ryan Fagan on April 17, 2015

      An update would be very welcome...

    26. Creator Alex Rosenwald on April 12, 2015

      Still waiting on an update...

    27. Creator Nathan Alvarez on April 12, 2015

      I donated $40 2 years ago And I never got my reward.... UPDATE?

    28. Creator Ben W Bell on April 5, 2015

      Any chance of an update?

    29. Creator David Culp on March 30, 2015

      An update would be nice.......

    30. Creator GameFan on March 13, 2015

      Yes, another update is overdue. Would love to know where things stand now...

    31. Creator Blackout on March 12, 2015

      Hello.... I donated 15 a while back and never got the link to watch the digital download.... how do I see this thing already?

    32. Creator ANALOG GAMES on March 10, 2015

      What happened to Diesel LaForce Greyhawk print? I've never seen mine. Anyone else have one delivered?

    33. Creator davrion on February 27, 2015

      Thanks John!

    34. Creator John R. Troy on February 22, 2015

      You guys should probably e-mail him if you want an update--he usually responds to e-mail quickly, and he gave them in the last update (or suggest he post here, which is what I personally did last time). I doubt much can be said from his camp until some more progress occurs legally.

      As for those delays, the latest from those public court docs indicate that some of the arguments won't be dealt with until at least early march. I suspect there will be another month or so until we see any progress besides "time to extend answer to the complaints".

    35. Creator Mikel Muxika on February 21, 2015

      an update would be appreciated...

    36. Creator Scott Sheets on December 31, 2014

      Check out the KS page for "The Other Project"

      It currently blank with the text "XXXProjectXXX is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.

      Thanks for your patience."

    37. Creator John R. Troy on December 21, 2014

      For those interested, In case people were wondering about the lawsuit, it looks like 2 new documents appeared--filed the 17th but I just saw them Yesterday.

      The case was looks like both parties agreed to alter the time of the motions to a later date, but the judge just ruled that the case for TGK to dismiss the suit was denied, and that in early February a preliminary hearing will be held. Nothing really indicates if there are still some settlement talks going on (very likely), or if the appeal is going through (more doubtful since those are harder to get). I suspect a lot of the silence here is based on these reasons. If the earlier documents are correct, I think the judge was supposed to review both films first so that would explain a lot of the silence here.

    38. Creator Scott Sheets on December 16, 2014

      Annnd.... over a month with no update or interviews. I like stating the obvious; it's my hobby.

    39. Creator RUESTCHMANN on December 12, 2014

      What "shortly" means to you [the film crew] ? more consideration via communication for backers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    40. Creator Corey on December 1, 2014

      Whoa! A lot of requests for updates, I feel like I'm at the DMV. I'll just take a ticket and wait in line for my 'update'.

    41. Creator Mikel Muxika on November 29, 2014

      Hi, it's been nearly a month since you have been working on an update, or that is what your last comment says, and over 3 months from the last update.
      I would appreciate some news...

    42. Creator Patrick Ciraco on November 25, 2014

      Hello. An update of some context, good or bad, would be a respectful and considerate action on Iconoscope Films/Westpaw Film's behalf. You have a lot of Backers here who believed in making this possible... if it can not be, then a reimbursement of funds is in order.

    43. Creator John R. Troy on November 24, 2014

      Just to add, I think the most frustrating thing about this type of thing is the lack of communication that occurs when a lawsuit happens, because of gag orders and the legal concept of "don't say anything more than you need to". While I've contributed to several Kickstarters that were both good and bad, this is the first one where there were legal elements involved that actually prevented the normal transparency process.

      I think Kickstarter should put something in the TOS to make sure folks can provide details to the backers when needed--that could be overridden by a judge but if there's a legal obligation placed in the TOS, the courts would take that into account.

      I also think Kickstarter should, rather than take a page down with a simple note, point or provide more information such as a link to a court case or at least a link to a PDF of the desist order, and give backers an update on the status of their funds.

    44. Creator John R. Troy on November 23, 2014

      I think we have to wait since there's obviously been a delay in the court process. No updates have been made from the public court interface since September 2014, which either means that the court has delayed or is going through a private process, or there's some serious arbitration / negotiations going on which require both parties to remain silent. (Either that or NY is slow in getting updates on the public interface).

      I doubt refunds can be given at this point since the money is already spent and the documentary has been previewed at GenCon.

    45. Creator Parzival on November 21, 2014

      We either need a serious update with some specifics or really, you should consider offering refunds. I was so excited about this, now i just feel ripped off and disappointed.

    46. Creator Alex Rosenwald on November 16, 2014

      Still waiting on an update...

    47. Creator Alarian DarkWind on November 14, 2014

      Since you managed to get the other project shut down, how about you finish this up and get it out so you can prove what they were saying about you wrong?

    48. Creator Alex Rosenwald on November 10, 2014

      Still waiting on an update...

    49. Creator Iconoscope Films/Westpaw Films on November 2, 2014

      Hi everyone. We are working on an update and will have it shortly. We will also be sharing some interview clips as well in the next couple weeks.

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