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Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.
Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.
3,584 backers pledged $195,480 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Zafri Mollon 3 days ago

      So...It's 2018.... Nothing????

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Romanowski on January 22

      @John R. Troy,
      Thanks for the info and update.

    3. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on January 19

      Just so you all know, the link Scott has is an outdated link to the court system--it's an older version. The new one requires authentication and isn't bookmarked, but it does show addition info--basically, it seems like the parties attorney's keep meeting, but it doesn't look like any notes are being taken, or any indication of how close we are to trial.

    4. Joe Masucci on January 18

      What a bitter disappointment this one has been. Years and no goods. I'm a patient dude but this is truly ridiculous. It's too bad because the result is that I will probably never give my money to Kickstart anything again. Fool me once...

    5. Sean Lambert (sum1els) on January 10

      @Bossman and Lance: My first project was "Nystul's Infinite Dungeon" so I totally feel you. At least this project still has some potential...

    6. Mikel Muxika on January 8

      Came by to leave my yealry comment xD
      @ John R. Troy you da mvp! Thanks for posting some info now and then

      I love the "Be respectul and considerate" line below the "Post comment" button, I'd say the creators, or even cough*scammers*cough, of this project do not deserve such a thing...

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott Romanowski on January 7

      The case is still moving at a heavily-encumbered speed. For those that didn't see the link to Kevin Smith's blog below, this link should show you the documents in the NY court system:…

    8. Eric on December 12

      If the problems are severe enough that the creator can't fulfill their project, creators need to find a resolution. Steps should include offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used, and other actions to satisfy backers.

    9. Missing avatar

      ReidOnly on December 9

      Court appearances continued on 2017-10-12, 2017-11-29, and 2017-12-13.

      Appearance outcome of the October meeting is listed as "referred to chambers". Does that mean anything substantive?

      The outcome is not (yet?) noted for the December appearance.

    10. David Jack on December 3

      What happens if we all group together and sue them?

    11. David Jack on December 3

      Is there any legal stand point for this?

    12. David Jack on December 3

      I take it then, I have kissed goodbye to my money.

    13. Lee Hambly on November 25

      Campaigns like this one are the reason I stopped backing things on Kickstater.

    14. Arnaldo Borsa on November 24

      Backing this project I rolled a natural 1, it seems...

    15. Missing avatar

      on November 10

      Lance - me too!! Should have learnt my lesson then.

    16. Mark Bruce
      on November 9

      @John, thanks for checking.

    17. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on November 5

      @Mark, sadly I've been checking but there's no new document--just a meeting that happened in the middle of October with no details.

    18. Mark Bruce
      on November 3

      @ John R. Troy Do you have any links to updates on this? I'd page through the comments but it's difficult on mobile.

    19. Jon Ray on October 25

      I want my copy of the film!

    20. Lance Lindley on October 24

      This holds the distinction of being the first KS project I ever backed (had never heard of KS until a friend pointed me to this project) and there it is at the bottom of my list, still unfulfilled.

    21. J. Brandon Massengill
      on October 17

      I would like a refund at this point.

      I didn't back this project to follow along through third party sources/not be informed directly about petty infighting among creatives. I'm sorry "the band" broke up, but I'm done with this project.

    22. David Jack on October 3

      Can we get an update after the conference on the 12th

    23. David Jack on October 3

      Is there anything happening with this Kickstarter or did we just throw money away?

    24. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on October 2

      It looks like according to what was just filed in court, there's a status conference that will double as a settlement conference on Oct 12th. So maybe this is about to get resolved and after that we can finally get some answers. Let's cross our fingers.

    25. Lim Seng Kok
      on October 2

      Looks like the original partners in the project all chose CHA as their lowest stat...

    26. Michele Pierangeli on October 1

      I ask for a refund the documentary has not been filmed

    27. El-Ran of the North - Courser of Valoria on September 24

      I want my money refunded.

      I'm done with Kickstarter. It's a freakin' scam.

    28. Thomas Breedlove on September 8

      Hope you guys had fun with our money!

    29. Missing avatar

      Kyle Adams on September 5

      Some kind of update would be nice...

    30. David Treston-Waller on September 5

      Status update please or money back

    31. Masaki Yamazaki on August 21, 2017

      Same question here, what's happend to our pledged money? ʕʘ‿ʘʔ No further update over one year? It sounds lame...

    32. David Jack on August 4, 2017

      So what has happened to the money? Surely this should be returned to the backers?

    33. Javier Murillo Sánchez on July 20, 2017

      So whatever they wanna call it, someone conned me out of 260 bucks. My last kickstarter, period.

    34. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on July 16, 2017

      TL;DR version.

      This documentary was a partnership by three people. After the Kickstarter was funded, the partnership soured. Two of the people involved created a second doc, "The Great Kingdom", and had a Kickstarter for it. It was funded but a lawsuit was filed around the same time, and an injunction required TGK to take down all their media including their Kickstarter page.

      Since then, it's been in legal ever since. There was an attempt at a settlement back in 2015 but they couldn't work it out. The court also tried to force mediation. But it looks like it is going to trial--slowly. Based on what I can figure out in court docs, this is probably not going before the judge until the end of this year (if that).

    35. Felipe Mascarenhas on July 12, 2017

      Can someone give me a tl;dr of the whole legal situation?

    36. Maarten Vander Cruyssen on July 10, 2017

      So is this Dungeons & Dragons Documentary by Iconoscope Films/Westpaw Films failed / in endless legal hell / will never be released / scam / ... ?

    37. Thomas Skidmore on July 7, 2017

      i never got the t shirt I asked but got no response Id at least like that for the $100 I put in anyone know how to at least it

    38. Terry Demeter on July 2, 2017

      Well, at least I got my Diesel print ... I figure that's better than nothing. Too bad ... I was really looking forward to seeing the film.

    39. Aidin Langford on July 2, 2017

      "Last login Jan 26 2016"

      Well that's a not a good sign...

    40. Mikel Muxika on July 2, 2017

      @John R. Troy you da MVP! :D

      Thanks for giving us more info than the project creators.
      Anyways, I've already written this thing off, I see no future with people who treat their backers this way keeping us in the dark... I have no nice thing to say about this project or the creators anymore.

      I'd like a refund, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

    41. Deane Geiken on June 26, 2017

      Hey! Where's the documentary? Got nothing from you guys in well over a year or more. Cough up a documentary or refund our money!

    42. El-Ran of the North - Courser of Valoria on June 21, 2017

      Any update? It's been quiet for too long now...

    43. Brian Judd on June 13, 2017

      Invested over 4 years ago, no product, no updates.
      I say this is a scam.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jay on June 5, 2017

      No updates in over a year is incredibly inconsiderate to say the least. I know they're in litigation but we deserve some kind of respect. I'm done with Kickstarter, my wife got burned recently as well.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Duerr on June 1, 2017

      John R. Troy said: "That's the thing--we are not asking for any details of the project, or anything that would compromise any legal strategy.
      We are simply asking for an update after going almost 16 months without any update. All that could be said would be something like "Sorry this is taking so long, we hope to go to trial by X date, and you're investment with us is safe". Just a paragraph or two to let us know that things are still progressing, etc.
      For me it's not about the money I invested, it's a simple sign of respect to the people who contributed to this project. Being silent and even not answering emails about the project is a real bad sign."

      This! You've got a group of backers that put down over a hundred thousand dollars for this thing, and haven't heard word one in over a year. That's more than just inconsiderate, it's shady. Do the right thing by your backers, and at least drop us a note every six months to say, still here, still working, so we know our money didn't just get sucked up by some scammers.

    46. Jon Ray on May 23, 2017

      Being one of the backers, I really hope this project gets completed. Back in film school I did my own take on D&D and tabletop Role Playing games if anyone is curious. "Home Game: RPG Documentary" -

    47. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on May 7, 2017

      Well, in case anybody wants updates, there was a conference between the folks on 4/26/2017. There's some argument over "missing documents", and the next conference is scheduled for June 2, 2017.

      The Notice of Issue is extended to 9/29/17--that is when they decide if everybody is ready to go to trial and then a trial date is set. Something tells me this won't be resolved until 2018.

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