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Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.
Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the world.
3,584 backers pledged $195,480 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      Jeremy Burke on May 12

      Just dropping by to see about updates. Glad to see there are others, too.

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      John R. Troy on May 10

      At this rate, it might be better if a third film group decided to make a documentary since I feel this is going to be in development hell for a few more years.

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      John R. Troy on May 10

      So there was a quick document filed in the docket by the court. It basically said that both parties needed more time to complete the following:

      2016-08-30 Discovery End Date
      2016-09-30 Note of Issue Date
      2016-10-30 Dispotive Motion Returnable Date

      So, based on what I see back in Doc #73, these are the final three things that need to be completed before the Trial can proceed. They were originally scheduled to be completed before the current date.

      This doc tells me two things: the arbitration/negotiation must have failed, and that this is delayed yet again. Unless it gets on the docket quickly, I suspect we won't have the dispute resolved until 2017.

    4. Francis on May 4

      Some of what sparked off the litigation arose over sections being shown at a previous convention. I don't think we can expect it to be shown publicly until after the litigation ends as until then who has the right to show what is disputed, but correct me if I'm wrong creators!

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      Ron Gores on May 3

      Any updates? Will you be able to attend any of the gaming conventions this year to showcase bits of the film, or is that all under wraps during the litigation?

    6. Francis on April 21

      Well that mediation hearing has likely occurred now without an update so our best guess is that they are going to trial. Self-represented litigants almost always have a very difficult time in court statistically (unless of course they have found a new lawyer but given that they didn't pay the last one this seems unlikely unless they have found someone who will work on a contingency or no win no fee basis). Either way the trial may well break through this roadblock and finally let the filmmakers put together and distribute their film without having to worry about former partners competing with them using footage they both claim to have rights to.

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      John R. Troy on April 14

      One of the last documents in the case says that there's non-binding mediation hearing April 20th to try to finally resolve the issue, but the legal teams are still working on their stuff in the background (discovery, etc.).

      If that doesn't work, it goes back to the judge on May 5th, and the trial was supposed to start around that time, so one way or another I guess progress will be made.

    8. Francis on April 10

      I can only imagine the second the litigation is resolved there will be a flood of information however an update, even if it says nothing has changed would be nice. Ongoing communication keeps everyone's spirits up, however I understand how stressful the litigation must be. It really is unfortunate the other guys didn't listen to their lawyer some time ago now and decided to not agree to the terms he proposed, not pay him, let him go and carry on on their own. Not paying and not listening to a trained legal professional in this sort of situation is unfortunate and has caused everyone involved more grief.

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      ReidOnly on February 22

      I am still enthusiastic.

      I have been interested in every update that demonstrated the creators skill in capturing the story of the game's history. (I used to have a novel set in the setting for Empire of the Petal Throne, so found that update to be really nice... even if it sadly had to be cut from the intended final product.)

      It is disappointing that the project triggered a legal trap +3, but--as it is the history of D&D--I find that somewhat apropos. This has to be a source of stress for the creators and I imagine many of the comments do not help relieve any of that stress.

      I can only hope that my sentiments are shared by a large number of the project backers. I am impressed by the creator's demonstrated ability and dedication. I remain patient and hopeful.

    10. Francis on February 22

      There are in my opinion a few misconceptions in recent statements here. I have backed a lot of kickstarters at this point and am familiar with their process. Most projects have been wonderful, positive experiences I have been glad to back and the reward of seeing something I am excited about become real was just as exciting as actually receiving a reward for helping with that process. However, Kickstarter does not recover backer funds or force charge-backs after payment has been processed and that ship sailed long ago. They will encourage creators to either complete their project as best they can or alternatively pay back what they can, but they enforce nothing, keep this in mind. Legal action is your best chance to see a positive outcome if you believe a creator has no intention of fulfilling their obligations. This project however does not have creators that could be accused of this. We know they spent our money researching, shooting interviews and taking journeys to key sites and conventions relevant to the project. They spent it on effects, hiring, editing and everything needed to make this movie a reality. We can't accuse them of not fulfilling until after after the process of litigation is over. This really sucks because it means we have to wait for something, much longer than we thought we would, four years longer in fact (although Kickstarter shipping dates are rarely set in stone). We just have to wait for the conclusion of this litigation, then we can and will get excited to see the movie again and sit down and watch it. If at that point they say they won't be releasing it then we can consider legal action but I don't think they would be fighting so hard and so long over something that they didn't believe needed to be seen through to completion.

    11. Mikel Muxika on January 26

      @John R. Troy thanks for the info and your insights ^_^

    12. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on January 22

      Looks like there is finally an update

      Basically, it states that they will try to go through a non-binding mediation in April in hopes that both parties don't have to go through a trial.

      I hope they can come to terms and this gets resolved.

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      John R. Troy on January 4

      Sorry but one more thought...

      The saddest thing about it right now is that all fan enthusiasm has been sucked out of this project. There's only a few people even annoyed or concerned enough at the delay to post comments here now or demands for their money back, and over 3,500 backed it!

      I think rather than anger most fans now just shrug and feel apathy, and either consider it a "write-off", or else just hope maybe in five years at least one of these films get made.

      Once all of this is cleared up, all that enthusiasm I remember from 2012 is going to have to be generated from scratch, which makes it harder for the films to be marketed and distributed, etc.

      That's the shame of it all...

    14. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on January 4

      (Crap, wish I could edit statements)

      I think it this case it might be an Interpleader, rather than an Intervention.

    15. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on January 4

      Some more thoughts.

      Without seeing a schedule none of us really knows what's going on just yet. I'm making assumptions that everything that was scheduled has actually happened. I think the last time we looked there were depositions scheduled and then it got delayed for months with a settlement. I truly wish there were more public updates, as it seems we're left in the dark.

      I'm getting a little annoyed with this lack of progress because as Kickstarter backers, we funded one or both projects and we have some rights.

      If this continues, the one thing I could think of would be to request the judge an Intervention, which means as a group of Kickstarters, we could become part of the process and (if accepted by the judge) we would get to know what's going on and perhaps force an outcome, although I think we would be limited to just getting our funds back from either of the projects, and some backers would probably need to pay for an attorney to do this. The general process would be here.

      What frustrates me is that as backers of one (or both projects in some cases), we seem to be at the mercy of this court process and that locks us from individual recourse. Maybe the threat of an intervention would force the parties to settle (in lieu of losing all the money).

      Of course, it would depend if any of us would be willing to pay for an attorney to handle this, and if the judge felt as backers we had a case. The Kickstarter thing could be a precedent we'd want to set--I'm not sure if any other KS has had legal stuff affect it like this.

    16. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on January 4

      For those wondering about possible release dates, looking at the court docs published so far, there were depositions done in December, there's supposedly more stuff to come in the spring, but assuming everything is done "on time" (and it rarely is), the trial is likely set for the Summer of 2016. Once that's done, it should be fairly quick. That's also assuming that there are no further delays in the schedule. It also looks like both parties had a confidentiality agreement signed so we may not even see any court documents if they are covered under this.

      If I had to guess, I would say a release date between late 2016 and 2017.

    17. Mikel Muxika on January 3

      Time goes by with no indication of a possible release date, so... can we get a refund?

    18. Patrick Ciraco on January 1

      Any idea if or when this issue will be settled and when Backers will know if this will be fulfilled or refunded?
      Thank you.

    19. Pat Bellavance on December 19

      @Parzival. No it's not a pre-order (and Kickstarter keeps on repeating that point) *BUT* you are correc -- fulfillment is a requirement and if it cannot be done, then it is up to the creators to pay back the backers.

      It would be nice to see this moving along but I've started to lose hope on this one.

    20. Missing avatar

      Seeya (deleted) on December 19

      What a bunch of nonsense Kevin Smith, if you enjoy giving your money away for vapor that is your problem. I'm not a Wal-mart fan but at least there you get what you pay for or you can get your money back. This isn't an investment service, it's a pre-order and a promise for goods to be delivered.

    21. Kevin Smith on December 7

      Keep in mind this isn't one of those projects where the creator(s) just disappeared, they are tied up in litigation. Also, a handy rule to consider before investing in anything is to take some form of risk. No. There shouldn't be an option to "get your money back" Kickstarter is not Wal-Mart. An investment always carries an inherent risk of loss. All that said, I still believe we will get our movie.

    22. Creator Iconoscope Films/Westpaw Films on December 5

      Hey everyone. This has been a long and tough process. The last few months have been taxing for several reasons. Please understand that at the end of the day all we want to do was make a film. We are committed to making a film for this community. Thank you for your support. We do appreciate it very much.
      Michael, you are by no means SOL. send me an email, and we will get this sorted out. apologies that you didn't get one. I will get you in touch with the person who shipped them.

    23. Francis on December 3, 2015

      At the end of the day the money we gave out to support this project was spent on what we wanted it to be, making a D&D documentary, there was no mismanagement or misuse of funds here, just creative difficulties and a delay. We'll get our movie eventually, we just have to wait, under the Kickstarter terms you have supported the project and the creators are doing their best to get it made, I don't think a refund is warranted.

    24. Francis on December 3, 2015

      Guys they can't finish the movie until the court proceedings end, don't blame the creators here. Also those of you asking for refunds should remember that they already shot a lot of the movie and went all over the country gathering footage before they had some of their own try to take their footage and make their own movie, then edited and prepped a lot of that footage etc. A lot of the money was spend on what we gave it to them for, production costs. No-one should be writing this off or asking for refunds until after the court proceedings end as the production crews hands are tied until then. Does it kind of suck having to wait so long and that a more amicable solution couldn't be reached? Yes it certainly does, but if we can be patient we'll get to watch a great movie about something important, all of us and Paizo publishing believed in it and this film still needs our support. I'm behind you guys, especially given your difficulties of late, good luck with resolving the court proceedings let's get this movie made!

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael on December 2, 2015

      I know I am super late here but I never received the items that I was entitled to when I made my pledge way back then. Am I just SOL? My pledge entitled me to:

      D&D artist Diesel LaForce will do a poster-sized print of artwork based off the iconic Player’s Handbook cover illustration from 1978. The pen and ink print will feature a full scene inspired by the artwork created by Dave Trampier of the adventurers pillaging a temple. This artwork is a limited edition of 300, signed and numbered by the artist. It is being commissioned exclusively for our Kickstarter premium.

    26. Missing avatar

      Seeya (deleted) on November 10, 2015

      I'm joining the chorus and asking again, we should have an option to get our money back. I opted for a digital copy and I'm going to bet that any digital distribution will be botched, enough is enough.

    27. Kevin Smith on October 27, 2015

      @Robin - I highly doubt it won't happen looking at the court battle the momentum looks to be in this KS'ers favor. It just takes a long time in the NY Court System to get anything done (something my day job has made me acutely aware of).

    28. Robin Elliott on October 23, 2015

      I'm sorry all this happened but - I want my money back. This film is never going to happen.

    29. Chris on October 9, 2015

      I'm sticking onto this project. Mostly because I already spent the money and am hoping one day to get home and find the dvd/blu-ray... well, probably not in the mailbox my mom will probably ask why it showed up on her doorstep, but still, the reason I wanted the film stands, and I've lost nothing in the wait. In fact, I may get more out of it since I've gotten more and more into rpg's since this project first launched

    30. TBD Toys on October 4, 2015

      I think your only option is to refund the backers. This project is a complete loss

    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Arvidson on October 3, 2015

      I realize that puts me in the heartless, unsupportive minority, but it is the unfortunate truth.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark Arvidson on October 3, 2015

      I'm sorry you have legal problems, but I'm writing this whole project off as a loss.

    33. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on September 10, 2015

      One new doc was posted--I can never do a deep link here because of what Kickstarter does to those links, but the following is a quick summary.

      Unless there's some kind of settlement made, this will take about a year to get to trial. Discovery, Depositions, and Questions take place as early at November, up through the end of Winter. If all goes on track, an actual Trial won't begin until around May 2016. So I don't expect this to be resolved until the summer of 2016 at the earliest.

      This being said, I would say we should not expect the doc to be released until probably at earliest the Fall of 2016, and depending on what needs to be done, probably not until 2017.

    34. Kevin Smith on August 28, 2015

      I've been keeping my blog updated. Also has info on how to access the court docs.

      Looks like things are stayed until September 9th.

    35. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on July 15, 2015

      One new court doc was released.…==

      The case has been stayed until September 9th. If I read this document correctly, the Defendant's attorney's were allowed to quit--so the defendants have until September 9th to either get a new attorney or I guess represent themselves...

      The saga continues, I guess.

    36. RUESTCHMANN on May 24, 2015

      Thanks for your updates. I believe in the project. Keep your heads up!

    37. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on May 20, 2015

      The legal process may take a lot longer now. According to the latest court documents, a few which were filed on May 18-19, the defendants have refused to settle, and the attorneys for the defendants have formally requested to resign (giving their 30 days notice).…==

      This is likely to get really bumpy...ugh...

    38. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on May 8, 2015

      @Cory Welch--they did an update 8 days ago...

    39. Cory Welch on May 8, 2015

      Ditto - checking my older Kickstarter backings, $100 to this, it's raised almost $200K and we haven't had an update since 2014. Here. How about being "Respectful and Considerate" and give us a status on this project? I'm sure you can comment on something.

    40. Ronaldo Nascimento on April 30, 2015

      I completely forgot about backing this project. Was it ever delivered, I have moved since I backed this? What is going on, can someone bring me up to date please?

    41. Allison McGillen on April 30, 2015

      Is there any new information on backer rewards? I donated at the t-shirt level and still haven't received it. Is this wrapped up in the court case too? Have any of the rewards gone out or is everything on hold until the court case is finished?
      I really wish you the best of luck in the court proceedings and hope all goes well. I really want to see this movie!! :)

    42. RUESTCHMANN on April 30, 2015

      Same here. Anthony replied on the fly. Which is good. We'll see where it goes now.

    43. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on April 29, 2015

      Actually, I just got an e-mail back from him this morning, he's working on an update now. Hopefully we'll know what's happening by the weekend.

    44. RUESTCHMANN on April 29, 2015

      Thanks John R., I'll email Savini.

    45. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on April 26, 2015

      Per his last update, Savini suggested the best way to get in contact with him. Here are the e-mail addresses he gave. I would suggest backers write to him here, as I think unless you actively login to Kickstarter you wouldn't be aware of the comments.

      I wrote 4 days ago. No response yet. I'd suggest some of you try as well. Maybe also the facebook page as that seems active.

      What's really troubling to me though is that the court document repository has not released a single update since March 2nd, so none of us know how the court cases are progressing. The defense was supposed to respond by the 18th of March. Even consider the court may not have an obligation to update their database, it is weird that it hasn't happened.

      The only thing I could consider is that either side or the judge has stuck a gag order on this so third parties can't see any details anymore. That could be why there's no response, there's a legal reason forcing the issue until we reach a certain point, and it might be why we can no longer see public documents, but at the same time, this sort of hurts all the backers since I think we have some right to know what's going on, since we have a financial stake in the matter.

    46. Mikel Muxika on April 25, 2015

      No news, no response to the people asking for an update... the future of this project certainly looks bright...
      Any options for a refund? If we don't get neither updates nor rewards, looks like this is dead or you ran with our money, seems like the time for refunds...

    47. Francis on April 24, 2015

      My guess would be that they have been waiting to update us when the legal proceedings come to a meaningful conclusion. However it has been four months so even a quick summary of what has happened in the meantime, even if it has been a whole lot of waiting and frustrating legal shenanigans would be reassuring and keep us informed.

    48. Ray Slakinski on April 21, 2015

      Wow, why no update in so long? Did the court ruling go the wrong way? Money all gone, you hate us? Why?

    49. SE Weaver on April 18, 2015

      Any news? It's time for an update, my friends.

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