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Friendship, murder, and deceit in the Arctic – On the Ice is the first Alaskan feature by an Inuit director + entirely Inuit cast.
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Gregory Smith from the set of his show "Rookie Blue"

Hey everybody!

One of our executive producers is the actor and all-around excellent person Gregory Smith.  He wanted to send a message to everyone saying thanks from the set of his show "Rookie Blue."  See the video below...

So...we only have 4 DAYS LEFT and things are getting very close and down to the wire.  PLEASE FORWARD OUR LINK to everyone you know.  You remember that guy from your first grade class who used to eat paste?  I think his name was Randy.  I hear he really loves independent films and has always wanted to go to Alaska...EMAIL RANDY!  ;) 

In order for us to do this we really need your help reaching as many people as we can.  The good thing about Kickstarter is that if you don't have time to write an email, you can just send the link and the page speaks for itself.  If people watch and they are inspired to buy the DVD, great.  If they want to get a giclée print, even better.  If they want to come up to Barrow and go dog sledding...the best!  But, if they can't pledge, they can always send to 20 of their friends and so on and so on.  OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON ALL OF YOU.  Please help us spread the word.

We cannot wait to celebrate with all of you.  Help us become a success by THIS THURSDAY. 

Last thought, make sure to check our UPDATE #12.  You will receive a digital download of the musical score if you INCREASE YOUR PLEDGE BY ONLY $15!

Thanks so very much and have a wonderful Sunday!  AARIGAA!  QUYANAQPAK!


PS  Andrew is in Deauville France for our French premiere.  The screening was this morning and there were 1300 people there!!!  More on that soon but...VIVE LA FRANCE!

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