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CA$ 37.00 pledged of CA$ 100 goal


Risks and challenges

If I'm funded, I will work throughout the night and/or day to write and send you your customized letters.

To be honest, there aren't too many risks here, but I will list the potential problems:

1. From typing too much, I develop carpal tunnel. I go to the doctor, but, unfortunately, they have decided to stop producing wrist splints for people my size. I can no longer type, so I have to buy high quality speech recognition software that allows me to dictate the remainder of your letters.

2. While continuing to work on your letters using voice dictation, I catch a rather unfortunate -- and rare for someone of my age -- case of Scarlet Fever. My throat hurts every day, and I can no longer talk to my computer. I can't write anymore, so I go to the doctor. She prescribes me antibiotics, which are actually quite effective. However, the fool I am, I stop treatment early, which leads the bacteria to become more resistant to antibiotics.

3. With increasing anti-microbial resistance, a global pandemic occurs. Sadly, the infectious disease doesn't care if you have to deliver creative custom letters to your kind, caring, and curious backers on Kickstarter. It's ruthless. I die.

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    A Personal Letter About & For You

    - choice of theme and style, or leave it to me.
    - on hearty 67 lb. paper.
    - mailed to you in a real paper envelope.
    - arrives at your door so you can open it in your actual hands, feeling the paper's thickness between your thumb and fingertips, inhaling that fresh paper smell, feeling happy you received a letter just for you.

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