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Now available at your FLGS and online!
Now available at your FLGS and online!
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Print 'n Play Testing

Posted by Andrew Federspiel (Creator)

We are playtesting new-player comprehension for the main game of Apotheca as well as the variants. I would love to hear your feedback. I’ve put together a new greyscale print ’n play version for testing. (Note that this is not the final pnp you will receive.)

If you would like to contribute to testing, please try the new print ’n play. A new rules PDF link is included there. Then, comment on the plain-text rules in this Google Doc. Please do not comment on the rules without trying the print ’n play first. We are looking for feedback on rules comprehension, and that feedback is most relevant if you use the rules while you are actually trying to play your first game! For folks that have already played, feedback on comprehension of the Solo and Master of the Market variants is helpful as well.

A small note on components: The retail version comes with fewer gems than the KS version, so you'll see that the rules list "36 Gems" in the components. We had to reduce the manufacturing cost of the game since the actual price of the plastic gems came in higher than the initial quote, so we found the best number for the retail version to reduce the quantity to which won't affect gameplay. You will still receive 42 gems for your KS version, so you’re covered if you ever lose any :)

On a different note, I’ll also be testing the rules in person on Tuesday. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come play!

Thanks for your help!


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