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The Clutch Lead Holder is a mechanical pencil handcrafted from solid aluminum and designed to last.
The Clutch Lead Holder is a mechanical pencil handcrafted from solid aluminum and designed to last.
402 backers pledged $19,300 to help bring this project to life.

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The Post We've Been Waiting to Post

Well friends, it's been a crazy few months from the first days of recording videos and making prototypes to the last few nights of wrapping, sorting and packing ~500 individual packages. We're happy to say that tonight, December 11, 2012, we are done.


That's right.

The day we've all been waiting for has finally come. All backers (and let's not forget those who ordered from our website) can now expect their rewards to arrive shortly. We've been told by the facility that has handled our mailing that ALL domestic backers should expect their awards to arrive by next week (December 17 – 21). The international window is a bit harder to predict, but our backers from Canada will likely also receive their awards next week (Dec. 17 – 21) and all other backers can expect a window of December 17 – 28. We're sorry that the delivery window is so wide, but the holidays seem to throw everything off.

One additional brief note: we are still waiting on the last of our additional 5.6mm leads to arrive to us. These are coming in from Koh-i-Noor in the Czech Republic. Those who backed on the 'Artist' Level and higher were promised additional leads. We unfortunately underestimated our local supply of this material and had to order it directly from the manufacturer which has taken some time. However, every single Clutch Lead Holder sent out includes at least one lead. Keep in mind that a single lead lasts a very, very long time and there is little chance you will even need the additional lead for quite some time. So to put this simply, if you only receive one lead and were expecting two, you can plan on the second arriving within the next 2-3 weeks. We weren't about to delay shipping any longer for something so small. Got that? Great.

Now for a quick logistical note. We have done our best to make sure every single Clutch Lead Holder sent out is to the highest quality. We've checked, double checked and even sometimes triple checked our lists to make sure every backer receives the correct order. However, we are humans and we do make mistakes (we're also new at this!). Hopefully though, you already knew were were humans base on our delays for rewards. :)

If you receive your rewards and something is not right, do not panic. Simply send a quick note to and let us know what the concern is. We promise you we will tend to any issues immediately and make sure they get resolved.

We'd also like to remind you that if you ever have a problem with your Clutch Lead Holder to send us an email. We stand by the quality of our work and will replace any defects not caused by abuse (read: please don't drag it behind a bicycle for several hours).

Kickstarter friends, it's been fun. We're thankful for you all and will post soon with more updates regarding future products, accessories or Clutch-related news.

Happy Holidays and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions/comments/concerns.

Andrés + Mike

Mass packaging by hand

Lots an lots of stands

Don't lie to yourself, you know you would do the same thing.

So Close...

Hello Everyone,

We have just a very brief update tonight. We're just about to begin assembling and getting all items ready to ship. Although we were originally aiming to have the first shipments go out today, it's looking more likely that the all shipments will go out later in the week or at the beginning of next week at the very latest. Sorry to be a be a bit slower than originally expected, but it's just the two of us working our hardest to assemble, quality check, pack and ship every single reward. Our main goal is to make sure 100% of our shipped Clutch Lead Holders meet, if not exceed, our expectations for quality.

As a taste of what's to arrive in your mailboxes shortly, we've included a few photos of the Clutch Lead Holder packaged and ready to be mailed.

Since we're now planning on doing one bulk mailing, we will post an update on the day that they go out so all of our backers receiving rewards can keep an eye out for their Clutch Lead Holder to arrive.

Have a great week and we hope to update with some photos from the post office soon!

Andrés + Mike

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Almost ready!

Hello Everyone,

We've got a few exciting pieces of news today that we're happy to announce. First, we're still looking clear to have orders shipped around December 1st. That means if all goes as planned, all backers (as well as those of you who ordered from our website) can expect to receive your items within a week of our ship date (international may be a few days longer, closer to Chicago should be sooner). Since we plan on shipping all items within a few days of each other, we will post an update when the first batch has gone out. Hooray!

Next, we wanted to come up with a way of showing our appreciation for the incredible support all of our backers have shown throughout this whole process. It seems like just the other day we were testing prototypes and coming up with a name for the Clutch Lead Holder. You have all been incredible and we can't thank you enough for your amazing support: from originally helping us kickstart this item into production, to watching our sometimes ridiculous video updates, to encouraging us despite production setbacks, we are incredibly thankful to have the support of such wonderful backers. You all rock.

As a token of our appreication, we're happy to announce that we will be shipping out a free carrying sleeve with each Clutch Lead Holder, regardless of backer level. These black velvet sleeves will tightly hold your lead holder and help keep it safe when not in use. Not to mention, we think the Clutch Lead Holder looks pretty swanky in this sleeve. Each sleeve is manufactured in the USA.

We still do plan on eventually releasing custom designed carrying sleeve, but this likely won't happen until 2013.

Thanks for being supportive and we're excited to announce the first outgoing shipments soon!

Andrés + Mike

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Getting Closer!


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