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Deadwood meets Buffy.  A western/horror in the Civil War era - the graphic novel and you get to be a part of it!
Deadwood meets Buffy. A western/horror in the Civil War era - the graphic novel and you get to be a part of it!
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Last Week of Pariah collection!

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Hello Backers!  It all began with you years ago.  The Pariah saga is ending with the third book, 330 pages and it completes the story.  I'd love to tell more, but Jose and I have other projects that we need to work on so for now this is it. 

I thank you.  We still have 1 week left to back the last Kickstarter! 

Here's the Campaign page:

It's only $1 to back and you get FREE T.I.M.E Stories boardgame that I made for Pariah! 

Here's a video of me on top of North Dome Yosemite!

Until then, I'll see you down the trail.


The Final Pariah July 18th

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 Wonderful backers!

I wanted to thank you for supporting me years ago for my 1st Kickstarter ever.  The success of that project enabled me to continue and work hard to finish the book. 

And now it's coming to an end of the saga.  Book 3 will be the last book of Pariah and I am coming out with an Omnibus that will collect the entire story. 

Monday July 18th the Kickstarter will go live and I'd love to have your support! 

Thank you again!


Book 2 update and a role-playing game

Hello Backers from 2013!

If you've backed the Book 2 kickstarter, then this is not news, but if for some reason you are on the fence, I wanted to let you know how the Pariah Missouri world is going.  

Here's the latest video update I made today:

Other than the continuing progress of Book 2, the big news is that a Role-playing game is being developed!

 and if we hit $12,000 all backers at the $22 level get a Pariah poker chip.

Be sure to check out the most recent kickstarter to download a free preview of the Book 2 graphic novel.

Thank you again for your support on this project!


Pariah, Missouri letters column & SpaceBear

Hello everyone! I have two things I wanted to share with you. WonderCon was great, and I'm heading to Big Wow and Long Beach next. I'm also working on getting Pariah in Diamond's Previews...more on that later.

Item #1 - We are ON SCHEDULE to finish Pariah, Missouri vol 2 this summer! WoOHOO! Here is what I need your help on. For the Vol 2 trade I want to resurrect the old LETTER COLUMN! That's right. YOU CAN BE IN PRINT! I will have 3-4 pages extra to throw in some letters and this is your shot at writing something to me and I will print it and respond in the book. This is how Brian Michael Bendis and others started out! SO, send me an EMAIL with your comment, thoughts, questions etc and I will include it in the vol 2 of Pariah, Missouri. Pretty cool huh? I think so! If you want to get fancy and send photos, costumes, tattoos, go for it, I might put those in too! I need this in by May 16th, so I can add it to the InDesign file. Here's my email:

Item #2 - You might have heard I wrote and illustrated a children's book, SpaceBear. We are working on making it an animated show, along with the rest of the Adventure Bear Squad, so here is the new Kickstarter for it. It is only 14 days. Please go check it out!

Thank you!


PS: Oh, if you want to subscribe to the Pariah fanclub & newsletter, message me your email and I'll put you on!

SPACEBEAR is now on Kickstarter!


Hello my esteemed backers!

We are moving along with volume 2 of Pariah, Missouri.  I am working each day on coloring and lettering, and we are on target for this summer for completion.  I am very excited about this next chapter and what you all will think of the new character, Elijah Harris.

Here's a picture of some new pages that just arrived!

 As for conventions for 2014.  I will be at the following:

  • Seattle Emerald City Comic Con
  • LA Festival of Books
  • WonderCon
  • Long Beach
  • C4
  • Rose City
  • APE

Now to something a little different.  Toady is a special day because i launched SPACEBEAR the first in a series of comics/children's book hybrid that will be some great all-ages fun!  Unlike Pariah, this is for the kiddies, and I made it fun enough for parents to want to read it over and over. 
Please take a moment and have a look, share it with your network that have children, I think it's something special!