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This is the first soft strapped watch made with 100% all-natural wood! A clean and minimal design to show off the wood's beauty!
This is the first soft strapped watch made with 100% all-natural wood! A clean and minimal design to show off the wood's beauty.
This is the first soft strapped watch made with 100% all-natural wood! A clean and minimal design to show off the wood's beauty.
716 backers pledged $73,564 to help bring this project to life.

New watch launched today for $59

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Hi backers,  

We launched a new watch today!

Featuring a simple design with a natural twist, we wanted to make something affordable and versatile enough for you to wear every day. The dials feature genuine wood and ceramic stone for a subtle accent. Includes easily interchangeable straps, which means they can form lots of combos to work with any look. 

We're offering it to Kickstarter first for over $100 off retail. See it here now.

Check out the video and see more details on the project page here.

We can't thank you enough

As the early backers of our very first Kickstarter campaign, you've been with us since the beginning. We can't thank you enough for trusting us and putting your faith in our ability to develop and deliver our original Carpenter Watch.

We've come a long way since the beginning, and we're excited to keep bringing your fresh and unique designs that help redefine what a wristwatch can be. If you have any issues with your wooden watch, please reach out to us at

Analog Watch Co Team

Marble watch + marble strap + THUNDERCLAP!!! + 50% off ends tonite

Hi Loyal Backers!

We wanted to thank all of our backers again for supporting us during our wood watch campaign. We are offering 50% off our wood watches - which have now been changed and modified as we've been through multiple production rounds. Just choose a watch from our website and use the code: ENDSJULY16 to get a new production model for just $75!!! We never offer such a deep discount but for you guys, our early back bone, it's a must! 

We have a new campaign live, if you have not seen it, check it out here!

The Mason Watch
The Mason Watch

We are about $7k away from unlocking our unique marbled strap stretch goal!

Help us hit our stretch goal by taking part in a Thunderclap!

What's Thunderclap? It's a website that allows people to pledge to Tweet or Facebook post all on the same day - and at the exact same time - in order to achieve the maximum effect. Think of this action as an online flash mob in support of a product or company you love.​

Why would you want to support us? We turned a novel idea we had in college into a beautiful expression of art and nature. We're a small team of independent creators in a highly competitive area. This is why we need your help.

It's easy to do. It will go out on July 22nd when we have less than a week left on Kickstarter, but you don't have to do anything-- your message will go out automatically. JUST CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR THUNDERCLAP!

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Checkout their page now while they still have early birds available!

New Product Development + 50% off our latest wood watch models

Hello Backers!

Since you all supported our wooden watch campaign, we wanted to share with you some of the behind the scenes of our new stone collection as well as offer a steep discount to you on our Carpenter Collection.

Wood Watch Improvements + 50% off

We are offering 50% off our wooden watches exclusively to you for this week only. We've made significant improvements to The Carpenter collection since you first backed our campaign - from greatly improving the wood strap properties and life span to internal structural improvements. We think our Carpenter watch is the best it's ever been. We are forever grateful to those of you who got in early and supported us when the idea was in it's infancy.   To redeem yours for 50% off use code: ENDSJULY16 at checkout at

Marble Marble Marble!

The inner ring is cut out before the marble is polished!
The inner ring is cut out before the marble is polished!
It has been an engineering feat to make the watch dials to be thin enough yet study enough!
It has been an engineering feat to make the watch dials to be thin enough yet study enough!

 Marbled Straps, whaaaaa?

We've been experimenting with various dye processes and have offered a new stretch goal if we hit 55k in funding. As far as we know it, no one else in the industry is marbling leather straps like we are!

Before the pieces are cut and sewn into shape
Before the pieces are cut and sewn into shape

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Only 46 Early Bird Marble Watches Left! You thought wood was cool?


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Check out our new MARBLE watch - if you thought wood was cool, you'll love this!

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8 Styles to Choose From!
8 Styles to Choose From!

Hello loyal backers! See our new campaign here!

Thanks to you - we turned what was an art school design project into a real product brand and small design studio! Your support on our Carpenter Watch has helped us launch into places we never imagined. From growing our e-commerce, to becoming a best seller at the MoMA Design Store! The result has been thousands and thousands of trees planted and the working capital to continue to develop and make quality improvements to our Carpenter Watch as well as develop and launch our newest line!

This is us in our studio/showroom in Philadelphia
This is us in our studio/showroom in Philadelphia

We are offering an early bird price of $165 for the first 100 backers. See campaign here. We realize this is a jump up in price compared to our previous collection. If you are unable to support us via this campaign - we do hope you can help us spread the word about our all natural and minimal new collection. Please, share with friends on social media! Every little bit counts!

Premium Quality & Style

As we've grown, we've refined what our ethos and offerings are in both a material and design. We like to consider our timepieces sculptures for the wrist and think our new line really hits this home. With 12 months of development - we are extremely excited and proud to launch. Each piece, just as our first collection, will feature one of a kind patterning and grain. 

The Mason Watch features a Swiss Made movement with 40 month battery life, 100% genuine marble body and dial, a hand-crafted interchangeable leather strap, and the same minimal and unbranded look we attempted to achieve with our Carpenter Watch. 

If you haven't been following us, we love to create interesting content that's related to art, design, and materials over here on our blog

Since things are about to get a little crazy around here, and we are such a small team, we ask that you are patient with us if you choose to reach out.  We'll try to get back to everyone!

The success of this campaign will have a dramatic effect on where and how we move forward. We are a small brand run by artists balancing the demands of marketing and business growth with our desire to create beautiful and innovative work that challenges what the existing industry looks like. Thank you again for your continued support! We promise to always remain true to our ethos to be Inspired by Nature.

- AWC Team!