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An ironically comedic short about a teenage girl, Chelsea, battling through fears and nerves to come out to her parents as a lesbian.

The whole goal of my project is to show another side of coming out to your parents, that it doesn't always have to be so scary and dramatic! It's just like ripping off a bandaid. Quick and painless. But the hard part is fighting through those nerves and fears and actually saying it out loud for the first time, especially to someone who you love and trust. The script is hilarious and different, so I've been told. I will definitely be submitting it to film festivals.

I know this concept may not sound like anything you haven't seen before, but it is! What really makes this project innovative is that no one has seen this side to coming out of the closet. It is almost always depicted as something very emotional and dramatic. But for many, it isn't so. Parents can actually be very supportive of their kid being gay. So that's the area I'll be attacking for this project. It's like, hey, there are much bigger problems parents have to deal with than their kid being gay!

I wrote this script in my Advanced Screenwriting class, where we read it aloud and laughed profusely. My professor said it was his favorite of the bunch. Once reading the script, you can just imagine the comedy, especially when Chelsea, the protagonist, starts imagining the best and worst case scenarios. But the ending revelation by the parents is where it really pays off.

Here's a rundown:

Chelsea sits in her room practicing telling her parents she is a lesbian. She is interrupted by the maid, Guadalupe, who seems ever so kind. Upon their arrival, Chelsea sits down with them, and imagines a best-case and worst-case scenarios. When she reveals who her love is, her parents make an even more shocking revelation...Hell, I'm just gonna to tell ya...The whole family has been sleeping with the maid!


Coming clean and being true to yourself, which is always important, though sometimes it can produce a snowball effect (hehe).

The money I get for this project is going toward the making of this film, which includes food, transportation, equipment rental (this film will be shot on the Arriflex Alexa camera), and production design. Any money left over will be going toward submitting it into festivals.

If you or someone you know has had a hard time coming out to their parents, this is a film you will definitely want to see, especially if you want to be pleasantly surprised. Please help spread the word! Every dollar counts!


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