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If you missed our Kickstarter and you are looking for prints you can find them below!  For free downloads head to
If you missed our Kickstarter and you are looking for prints you can find them below!  For free downloads head to
22,840 backers pledged $1,365,105 to help bring this project to life.

​A Special Thank You From Our ED + Your Crowdfunding Record​ + FUTURES

Posted by Amplifier (Creator)


We have so many pieces of news to share with you!

Last night the campaign you contributed to surpassed the one million dollar mark. This is much more than we could have ever dreamed of, but our goals remain the same: To make a statement of our values on January 20th and then to take that statement and carry it beyond the inauguration into the world. Over the coming year, Amplifier will partner with organizations, schools, and everyday Americans to create spaces across the county, in both red states and blue, where we can share a dialogue about the diverse and dignified America we want our children to inherit.

The money raised for this campaign is going to stand out to a lot of people watching, but what is more impressive to me than the funding is the number of backers. This is not a project born of one or two big donors, it is a project directly resulting from over 18,000 people who are ready to make their voices heard, more donors than any Art project in Kickstarter’s history. One thing to keep in mind as this project funds: We can only spend what we have as liquid assets since the funding from this will not hit our account for weeks. We planned this campaign based on a 60-120k funding goal.

Currently we have existing funds to cover several National ads, but will not be spending all the funds you see on this Kickstarter before January 20th, which is why we called it “Art for the inauguration and beyond.”

Over the coming year we will be distributing free art to schools and libraries across the country, we will be giving out grants to dozens of additional artists and photographers to continue working on the theme of civic engagement, social responsibility, and equal humanity, and we will continue to spread these images via billboards, bus stops, and murals. Beyond the physical art we will also be going out into communities across the country to have real conversations with real people. I am committed to sharing those conversations with you and giving you a way to participate in them no matter where you are living. Please stay tuned for how and where we will be sharing that Community storytelling project.

Another thing that is very important for you to know: Shepard Fairey has to sign 8,000+ prints. That is going to take a LONG TIME, and is going to be very painful for his wrist! I have already apologized to his wife profusely, and will be buying him a fancy wrist brace covered in a thousand “Thank yous,” but that does not change the fact that these will take longer to fulfill than we thought when we launched a campaign with a $60,000 goal. Some signed lithographs will not arrive until March because we will have to rent a warehouse and have Shepard sign these in waves when he is in town.

And the last piece of news! At 10am Pacific Time we are launching the final signed editioned Shepard Fairey works. 300 18x24” signed and editioned silkscreens of each piece of art. These will likely sell out in 5 minutes, so if you want one be ready by your computer!

See you at the Inauguration!

Aaron Huey

Executive Director of The Amplifier Foundation

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tony Giammarino on

      I find that the last request for poster delivery was completely ignored , it was concerning delivery of said posters. Here we are going into April shortly & the lack of response for an update leaves me with the impression of a total lack of concern !

    2. Liam McEneaney on

      I just wanted to thank you for putting this project together, not only because it's an important cause, and arts education is important and likely at risk, but also because these prints are going to be bombass dope on my walls.

      My question - When you say you're going to have the money to print ads on a national basis, does this mean in cities like Los Angeles and New York? I'd love to let friends know.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anna Kuipers on

      I am so pleased that the amount of funding means that these images can continue to be distributed over the coming year, and not just on inauguration, because I think we are going to need these reminders over the next four years. I am so glad, too, that you are working with schools and libraries and other artists - thank you so much for this effort!

    4. Derek Rutter on

      LOVE you guys! So cool what you're doing: using art to stir people's hearts toward hope. "Hope"... get it? I've loved you since 2008. Your stuff is STILL fresh af.

      Can't wait to get my prints, and have already shared the project with friends!

    5. Amplifier 2-time creator on

      Thanks for all of the positive feedback! To answer some questions, the final signed edition of Shepard Fairey works will not include unsigned lithos or stickers due to different handling. You can purchase unsigned lithos directly from us after the Kickstarter. Stickers are also given to all donors through our big cartel site which is linked through our website:

    6. Rhonda T


      I look forward to seeing these prints throughout the inauguration coverage on Thursday. I only wish I could be in DC to join the main protest.

      I am a late backer and am happy to wait for my prints.

      Please keep us updated on everything you do and let us know how we can further support your campaign. Free Speech is going to be immensely important during this next administration and I am so happy to be a part of it on Inauguration Day.

    7. Missing avatar

      Karen Seymour on

      Congratulations!!! When amd how will you be collection addresses to know where to send all these awesome signed prints?? Sure looking forward to getting them but understand the necessary delay. Thank you for all your efforts!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Allegra Knight on

      I also believe that connecting through diversity that is the way through these trying times. I created a closed Facebook group to work towards achieving this and I'd like to extend an invitation to everyone who shares this vision. A Salon for Civil Discussion is a closed group for people of diverse beliefs who long to engage in constructive conversation without trolls. ALL beliefs are welcome - provided they are rooted in understanding of the inherent worth and dignity of EVERY person. Difficult topics are welcome and bullying will not be tolerated. We have some wonderful conversations! Please consider adding your voice to the rich conversation.

    9. Missing avatar

      Zachary Hunchar

      Oh, I'd suggest the LA Times. There's going to be a huge march on Saturday. It would be great to have

    10. Missing avatar

      Sandjar on

      I will gladly accept signatures made with feet :) Congratulations. Can't wait to see the impact of this great work.

    11. Missing avatar

      John Paulsen on

      No sweat in any way regarding the wait for the signed art! Of course!! You guys are awesome and so is your vision and intent for using these funds. Thank you for what you're doing!

    12. Missing avatar

      Katherine Brandeis on

      So proud and happy to be a backer and will be rocking my download SFs at the March in Boston this weekend, and patiently waiting for the hard copies to arrive! Congratulations and keep up the important work!

    13. Asha Dornfest on

      Huge congratulations to you and the artists. THANK YOU for making it possible for us to be a part of this. And...sympathies to all wrists involved!

    14. Missing avatar

      Natasha Pereira-Kamath on

      Thank you for for finding a way to inspire us in what feels like a very bleak time for so many of us. I will be so proud to hang this art in my home and feel like it contributed to a much bigger cause. Don't worry about taking time to ship the prints - mazel tov on crushing all expectations!

    15. Missing avatar

      S Bruegge on

      Thank you for explaining why you cannot buy full page color ads in the largest news papers across the country on Friday. Congratulations on this incredible art project!

    16. Missing avatar

      Azadeh Meshkaty on

      I am thrilled to see this campaign succeed beyond it's goal!! Can't wait to see it in full force at inauguration and beyond.

      I also wanted to point out the technical issue where I cannot seem to add a second pledge to my existing one for a signed copy of one of the prints. Any one figure out how to get around it?

    17. Missing avatar

      Loren Rigney on

      Congratulations! Thank you for putting together such a beautiful, meaningful project. This kind of visual dialogue so important...

    18. Susan Cortilet Jones on

      I would love to pledge more for Ernesto Yerena's print, or perhaps the other large prints? I backed early and am thrilled at how huge this project became. Is it possible to pledge more for the larger prints?

    19. Missing avatar

      Catherine Guest on

      So happy that you have exceeded your target and happy that I could contribute. The world needs more people making a difference, standing up and being counted.

    20. Missing avatar

      Cassandra Martin on

      how do I add to my pledge to get the signed prints?

    21. Missing avatar

      Kim Hundley on

      Amazing... Great job to the artists and Amplifier Foundation for spreading dignity, justice and equality through ART. Love to all the artists involved!

    22. Howard Kistler

      Congratulations! And the funding is still growing by leaps and bounds. I'm glad I was able to grab an upgrade myself during a very brief window of opportunity.

    23. Missing avatar

      Zachary Hunchar

      I increased my pledge to cover the initial $50 pledge for the 6 unsigned. I added 100 for the signed Defend. I can't seem to combine the two. Is there a way to do this?

    24. Missing avatar

      Tina on

      Will the last batch of Shepard Fairey signed editions include the other prints AND the stickers, too?

    25. Missing avatar

      Tairis Alvarez on

      Will this last wave of signed Fairey prints include the 4x6 stickers or any other unsigned prints like the previous pledges?

    26. Missing avatar

      Esther Sadie Brandon on

      Thank you for this wonderful update!

    27. Missing avatar

      Rachel Dangermond on

      when it breaks your heart
      turn it into art
      ~ RIP Carrie Fisher

    28. Missing avatar

      Betty Hester

      Congratulations for a very successful campaign. Keep up to good work and we will continue to support you. Thanks to all the artists and everyone involved and for all the people that donated.