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A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.
A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.
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Update 2 of 2: You LOVE Unravel! And...How to Win A Custom Color Unravel

Posted by Ampere (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Today’s update is fairly long so we’ve split it into two updates:

  1. Initial Unravel Reviews… backers are LOVING Unravel! (see below)
  2. Charging Apple Watch Series 4 (see previous update)

It’s been three weeks since we finished shipping thousands of Unravels to our beloved Kickstarter backers all over the world. By now, the vast majority of you have received your Unravel. The initial reviews have come pouring in and most of you LOVE your Unravel! 

Here’s what people are saying,

Received my Unravel today, and wow I just love it. The packaging was well made and classy. Plugged it in and my iPhone and Apple Watch started charging right away. Love the look and feel. Well done. Great campaign. — Nomad, USA

Everything arrived and so far so good I’m in love with the product. —Federico, USA

Thank you, mine arrived yesterday. Looks great and it's working exactly as described. Delighted with it. The app for the 3rd party courier was very slow with updates. Overall it took a week from despatch to delivery but not a major problem. Would definitely recommend this product, it's versatile, looks good and does exactly what it's supposed to do. — Kirky, England

I originally thought my product was not working, but I was wrong! I purchased the correct size power brick separately, and now I can charge both my iPhone and Apple Watch together. Sweet product! Thanks for the quick response and assistance! — Jonathan, USA

I have been using the charger and like it very much! — Alex, Netherlands

I got mine yesterday and so far, seems to be working great! 😀 Worth the wait! I know delays are frustrating, but... I've backed other Kickstarters that have had much longer delays than this one has (like 6 months+). 😒 At the end of the day, Kickstarter isn't a store, sooo I always take delivery dates with a grain of salt whenever I choose to back a project — PandaFluff, USA

I'm really happy with it! — Martin, Austria

Received my 3x chargers , 2x AirPod cases. Couldn’t be happier 😉 — Johnathon, USA

I received my bundle of 60W power adaptor, unravel charging pad, EarPods wireless charging case and unravel case a week or so ago in Scotland. I’ve successfully used unravel with: iPhone XS Max with Apple Smart Battery Case, EarPods, iPhone 7S with wireless receiver (bought separately from another supplier), Apple Watches Series 3 and Series 4. Everything charges well without undue heat…..BTW - great packaging and overall I am very satisfied — Simon, Scotland

I got mine a week ago, just in time for a trip out of town. I’m thrilled with mine! I ordered a second one through the indegogo campaign. I’ve charged my iPhone XS, series 3 Apple Watch and air pods with the wireless charging case. —Dawn, USA

I just received my package today, everything is working perfectly! You definitely made a quality product. Now I’m just waiting for an update on the power bank. Keep up the great work Ampere ❤ — Einar, Iceland

Awesome day, Ampere Unravel arrived, still waiting for separate power bank to arrive. We travel 5 times a year and so far Very pleased with DESIGN, PORTABILITY, for an on the go traveler such as myself along with many others. Thanks for the product — Wellyn, USA

Hi Ampere, Today I received (Italy) the package with the Unravel, the 60W charger and the travel case. I immediately put under charge at the same 1 x iPhoneX, 1 x Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and 1 x Apple Watch 3. The charge was fast on all the devices over all my expectations. Only the S7 became slightly hot. I appreciate the quality of materials and the packaging. Good job guys! — Matteo, Italy

Received mine today. Packaging is great, and so far so good. My iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3, and AirPods inside the wireless accessory are all happily sucking up juice as I type. — Jason, USA

Received mine in the mail today, love it! — Amie, Australia

After using it and showing others how it performs, they want to buy some now. It works like a charm. :) — David, USA

Unravel received this morning and works perfectly with Apple Watch Series 3, iPhone X and Apple Airpods (I had an existing Qi charging case) using the Ampere Type C adapter. — Mark, Scotland

Update: I’ve had mine now for a few weeks. I charge an iPhone X and Apple Watch 4. I use a 60 W type C adaptor and everything charges as expected. The watch and phone get warm but not excessively. All my experiences so far have been completely within what the developers have said they are. — Nomad, USA

I received my Unravel this morning in Paris (France). Works perfectly with my iPhone and my Apple Watch v3. Good job Amperetech!!! — Jerome, France

I couldn't be happier with my new charger--it works great! Design is highly functional and attractive. I bought the Ampere charger because I'm not a Mac user and it seemed higher-powered and more compact than similar chargers. The packaging is well-coordinated for all the pieces. and instruction manual is thorough. You folks have done a remarkable job and exceeded all expectations! — RonL, USA

#UnravelAnywhere and Win a Trip ANYWHERE

We’ve been hearing from backers from USA & Canada to South America to the UK & Europe to the middle east to India to Singapore, Japan, Asia, Australia and everywhere in between that Unravel is improving your day-to-day by providing fast, portable wireless charging anywhere you go.

And speaking of anywhere you go, let’s take a quick first look at where some of you are taking your Unravel:

@melissamei says,

Love it when projects you back on Kickstarter come through. This Unravel wireless charger from @ampere_technology has three qi-charging panels to power up your phone and watch at the same time. Which means you only need to bring one friggen charger when you travel 🔋👌 . #traveltechheaven #UnravelAnywhere #Kickstarter

@dan_ni_li says,

“Finally got my Unravel Wireless Charging for 3 devices!! This was a #kickstarterproject and you can see I can charge my iPhone XS, AirPods via #hiqairplus wireless charging case and my 1st Gen Apple Watch! Thank you @ampere_technology.

@andecha says,

Mi regalo de cumple. @ampere_technology Llego Justo a tiempo !!! #UnravelAnywhere 

@jilykins says:

@ampere_technology WOOT! "Unravel" wireless charger is here. Backed a winner. Contributed to my first ever Kickstarter campaign because I do love a tech gadget. So excited when it arrived for my birthday. Going away for a quick New Year Holiday and I don't have to take a million cables to keep our phones charged. Works perfectly! #amperetechnology #unravelanywhere #kickstarter #technology #wireless #winner #win

@phillinmahself says,

With capability of charging 3 devices at once, my new travel buddy the Unravel Wireless Charger from @ampere_technology makes sure I’m charged up and ready to go full tilt anywhere I go! 🛫🔋😝#unravelanywhere #kickstarter #gamechanger

@clairebared says, 

Ready to #UnravelAnywhere

@rasgon_ says:

Whether working at home, or on the road, Unravel by @ampere_technology has you covered. Wireless charging for up to three devices at a time #unravelanywhere #kickstarter

Win two round-trip tickets ANYWHERE

For those of you who have not submitted a picture to the #UnravelAnywhere contest, where you can win two round-trip tickets ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, what are you waiting for?! 

You can enter as many times as you like! 

Show us where you are using your Unravel the most! Do you use it to charge on your bedside table at night? How about at your office? Let’s see it!

PLUS: Every month, get a chance to win a custom-color Unravel

We are going to up the stakes a bit… in addition to the round trip ticket around the world grand prize winner, we are going to pick one backer who has entered the #UnravelAnywhere contest each month to win the Unravel Backer of the Month award. You’ll win a custom color Unravel of your dreams.

Remember our last KickstarterLive when we gave away a fully custom Unravel? Here’s what the winner selected:

Nomad's eclectic color selection
Nomad's eclectic color selection
The "Donatello", inspired by our favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
The "Donatello", inspired by our favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Get creative on Instagram for your chance to get creative with the colors of Unravel! 

That's it from us here at Unravel HQ. We'll be posting another update really soon with a full demonstration of the Ampere Power Cube (aka the Unravel power bank) and details on shipping  — keep an eye out soon in your inbox for those exciting updates. 

--- The Ampere Team 

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    1. Lubomir Georgiev 7 days ago

      Apple Watch doesn't charge, but it does get very hot to the touch - reported this and got a quick and thoughtful reply, but a lot of time has passed and I've received no update whatsoever.

      Emailed again to ask for a deadline on the replacement, hope they get their stuff together.

    2. Missing avatar

      Theo Van Niekerk on

      What is the update on the powerbank?

    3. Missing avatar

      Graham Snelson on

      Still waiting on my back order of Power Bank and world adaptors! Terrible service as no way to contact anyone!

    4. Missing avatar


      I haven’t received any or updates.

    5. Missing avatar

      Patricia August on

      Meant AirPods not iPods.

    6. Missing avatar

      Patricia August on

      I received my 3 device and iPod chargers and the iPod charger doesn’t work. The 3 device charger gets so hot I’m afraid to leave it plugged in. I haven’t found a way to contact these people. I’m very dissatisfied. The products are unusable. It’s more convenient to carry a multi-port charger with cables, it’s by far smaller and safer!

    7. Missing avatar

      Asger Wille on

      If I already mailed about the Apple Watch problem and received an answer, I don’t suppose I have to do it again?

    8. Missing avatar

      Terri Chavez on

      Not using mine as it doesn’t work, overheating!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Berol M Hamsa on

      Not Received till now >