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A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.
A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.
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Remaining Unravels Shipped! How-to-use Unravel + Freebies + Thanks for Helping SolarAid Charity!

Posted by Ampere (Creator)

Hello backers! 

As you all know, last week was a very big week and that means we're due for a very big update.

Here's what we'll be covering today:

  • Unravels Sent! Shipping Update & Shipping FAQs
  • Using Your Unravel 
  • Unravel FAQs
  • How to Contact Us! 
  • Warranty Registration 
  • SolarAid Contribution 
  • #UnravelAnywhere 

1. Unravels Sent! Full Shipping Update and Shipping FAQs

We are proud to report that last week we shipped out Unravels to all remaining backers!


That means, if you locked your address in BackerKit before midnight on Friday, January 18th — your order was shipped last week.

We set an ambitious goal to deliver to all backers by Christmas. Alas, the final manufacturing steps and testing processes took longer than anticipated. While some backers received their Unravels in time for Christmas, we fell short of our goal and were unable to ship them all. We are truly sorry to those of you who didn’t receive yours by Christmas.

With the December deadline passed, we set a new goal of shipping to all backers by the end of January, before the Lunar New Year. 

In order to accomplish this, we significantly ramped up our resources from assembly to testing and shipping. In fact, our team flew to Shenzhen last week to personally pick and pack orders. We needed to fulfill a daunting number of Unravels that would normally take almost one month in less than one week. After several days of 14-hour shifts, we can confirm that all locked Kickstarter orders have been sent!

Before you ask, yes, we will be recycling these boxes ;)
Before you ask, yes, we will be recycling these boxes ;)


After the packages were shipped, an automatic email confirming your tracking information should have been sent directly to your inbox (the email connected to your Kickstarter account). If you didn't receive the email, please check your junk mail or spam folder.  

If you still can't find it, please send us an email at and we can share your tracking information with you. 

Power Banks, Travel Plug Set and XL Travel Cases 

As a reminder, for all backers who ordered the Unravel Power Bank, aka “Ampere Power Cube,” this item will be shipped separately in March. Manufacturing the Power Cube took longer than anticipated, but we will finish mass production after the Lunar New Year in February and begin to ship immediately. We are genuinely sorry for the delay.

In addition to the power banks, during shipping, there were a couple accessories that proved to be more popular than we forecasted — the world travel plug set and the XL travel case. Unfortunately, there are a number of backers who did not receive these items in this shipment (we've already emailed those who are missing out on these items). These missing accessories will also be shipped separately in March. Again, we are sorry about this.

We want to reassure you that we haven’t let this affect the rest of your order. Ampere will cover the additional shipping expenses so that you can enjoy your Unravel immediately while you wait for your Ampere Power Cube, Travel Plug Set and/or XL Travel Case.

As an apology for the inconvenience, we will send you a credit you can redeem on our website, which is launching soon.

Glow-in-the-dark Stickers for Everyone! 

We so badly wanted to deliver everyone their Unravels by Christmas. We fell short. As a small token of apology for the delay, we are sending anyone who didn’t receive their Unravel by Christmas a FREE Glow-in-the-dark Unravel Sticker Pack! We know this doesn’t make up for a delayed shipment, but we hope you have fun with your retro glow stickers perfect for decorating your bedside Unravel wireless charger.

Kickstarter we HEART you!
Kickstarter we HEART you!


For those of you who ordered glow-in-the-dark stickers, we’ve included an extra pack in your order AND we will also be giving you a credit on

Shipping Timeline for Remaining Backers

There is a small group who still have not filled in their BackerKit shipping survey. If this is you, please finalize this ASAP so we can ship out your order. 

Shipping will resume after the Lunar New Year, with the next batch of orders shipping later this month. Then, we’ll continue producing remaining accessories and shipping as quickly as possible until every single backer has received 100% of their order.

2. MUST READ: Using Your Unravel 

With thousands of Unravels starting to arrive, we've been getting some questions about how to use Unravel along with some confused backers thinking their Unravel doesn't work when in fact it does when used correctly. 

The good news is that we've got lots of places to get this information... 

User Manual Inside the Unravel Box 

Please read the Unravel User Manual. You'll find this in your Unravel box. 


Our Unboxing Video 

We also made an Unboxing and How to Set Up Unravel video. Check it out here, 



We also recently filmed a Kickstarter LIVE answering questions from the comments section of our Kickstarter page. See that here. Also, a big shout out to Nomad and John Grist who won the custom color Unravels. 

Still got some more questions? We thought so. So we've rounded up a few FAQs that we've been getting over the last few days. 

Unravel FAQs

Does Unravel need a special adapter to power it? 

Yes, you do need a Type-C PD Adapter to power Unravel and it needs to be plugged in at all times you want to use your Unravel. 

So far, the only people who have reported an issue with their unravel are people who didn't purchase an Ampere 60W Type-C PD Adapter... so if you are having trouble getting your Unravel to work please read this section carefully... 

As we mentioned throughout the campaign, because Unravel has three 10W coils, it requires more power than a standard 5V 1A USB adapter. We offered the Ampere 60W Type-C PD Adapter separately because many people already have a PD adapter for one of their other devices. For example, Unravel will also work with one of the following,

  • 18W Type-C PD Adapter - e.g. iPad Pro Adapter 
  • 30W Type-C PD Adapter - e.g. Apple MacBook Air Adapter 
  • 45W Type-C PD Adapter - e.g. PixelBook Adapter 
  • 60W Type-C PD Adapter - e.g. Unravel Adapter 
  • 61W Type-C PD Adapter - e.g. Apple MacBook Adapter 
  • 87W Type-C PD Adapter - e.g. Apple MacBook Pro Adapter

While the 18W, 30W and 45W work, we suggest you use a 60W adapter to maintain the fastest possible charge rate when charging multiple devices.

If you didn't purchase an adapter and just realized that you now need it, we'll be launching our website very soon, where we'll give you all a chance to buy the Ampere adapter at the discounted Kickstarter price. Or if you need it sooner, you can still buy it here on BackerKit.

Does Unravel have a battery in it and does it need to be plugged in to work?

No, Unravel does not contain a battery. This means that you should not have any trouble carrying your Unravel through airport security or checking it in your suitcase. 

With this said, please remember that Unravel contains three 10W wireless charging coils that need to receive power from a Type-C PD Adapter plugged into an outlet. It can also be charged wirelessly via the pogo pins on the Ampere Power Cube power bank.

To be clear, Unravel needs to be connected to a Type-C PD Adapter that is plugged in at all times you want to use your Unravel to wirelessly charge! 

Can I charge my phone or watch with a case on?

You can charge phones in standard cases (around 3mm thick), but some cases won’t work, such as:

  • Popsocket cases
  • Cases with magnets on it 
  • Cases with metal 
  • Cases that are too thick

For the Apple Watches, you will also need to remove the case to charge as the watch needs to be flush with the charger to charge.

Does Unravel support charging a phone in the vertical portrait position?

Throughout the length of the campaign, we experimented with a lot of sizes, shapes and locations for our wireless charging coils within Unravel’s panels. Our goal for the triangle position is to provide a coil location that will wirelessly charge as many phones as possible while allowing people to do things like watch videos and FaceTime. When we were in the prototype stage, we featured a solution to vertically charge an iPhone X. But when it was time to move into production we’ve had to make a final decision on where to place the coil and the phone hooks. 

Basically, we had two choices:

  • Unravel can use a coil position that charges a single specific phone, like the iPhone X, vertically or 
  • Unravel can have a coil position that will charge all phones in the horizontal position.

Ultimately, we chose a coil position that would accommodate the most phones but in a horizontal, not vertical, orientation in the triangle position. However, there are some smaller phones can be charged in the vertical position. You’ll need to experiment to see where your own phone’s wireless coil is placed. 

How do I charge Apple AirPods?

The current AirPods on the market do not have wireless charging capabilities. However, we sell an AirPods wireless charging case that can turn your AirPods into a wireless charging accessory. Simply slip the case onto your AirPods and place the case on Unravel. 

How do I get glow-in-the-dark silicon to glow?

The glow-in-the-dark rings and runners, like all glow-in-the-dark items, need to be "charged up" in order to glow. Shine a bright light directly on your Unravel and to activate the glow. You’ll only need 10 minutes of charging with a bright light. Then try viewing Unravel in a dark room.

A little trick that we showed on our live stream was running an iPhone flashlight over the Unravel — just a couple of seconds with the phone flashlight really makes it glow.

Please note: we’ve tried to optimize the strength of the glow-in-the-dark glow to be bright enough to be visible and but dull enough to not be distracting while you sleep; we’d love to hear your feedback on the strength of the glow-in-the-dark Unravel’s glow.

How to Contact Us!

Still got questions?! Our customer happiness team is on standby to help. Just shoot us an email at

Warranty Registration 

We are offering a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty to all Unravel Kickstarter backers (because our backers rock!). 

You need to register your Unravel within 30-days of receiving it for your warranty to be valid. 

Look on the back of the print out in your Unravel box for instructions, it looks a little something like this:

If your Unravel does not have a UPC code, or you are having trouble registering your warranty for any reason, simply email us at and we will help you get your Unravel registered in a jiffy!

Register your Unravel HERE *

*the registration page is now live, but you will need your UPC code found on the back of your Unravel box to register

You Helped to Donate THOUSANDS of Lights to SolarAid!

On our campaign page, you might have noticed that we partner with a non-profit called SolarAid. At the end of the campaign last year, thanks to your support for the Unravel project, we were able to donate the funds to support making an estimated 4,000+ solar lights that will be sent to people in need in Africa. That's about 1 solar light per Kickstarter backer. Give yourself a pat on the back because we couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you, backers! 

Your help provides access to solar lights in Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia to help catalyze solar markets and eradicate the kerosene lamp. With a solar light, everything changes. They give off hours of light in the evening so families can earn, learn and feel safe after dark. Just one lamp can transform the fortunes of an entire family and is the first step on an energy ladder to full electrification. If you want to learn a little more about Solar Aid, look out for this print out in your Unravel box as well:


#UnravelAnywhere contest

Are you guys ready to #UnravelAnywhere? In the Unravel box, you’ll read all about our Instagram contest — #UnravelAnywhere — where we’ll be giving away two round-trip flights anywhere in the world! 

It’s super easy to enter, too. Simply snap a pic of your Unravel out and about and use the hashtag #UnravelAnywhere. Paste the link of your Instagram into the main comments section of the Kickstarter and you will go into the draw. 

Thanks to those who've posted already. Check out the first submissions HERE!

That’s it for now backers! We are SO excited as most of you receive your Unravels this week and next!! Thanks again for bringing Unravel to life <3

--- The Ampere Team 

If you're still scrolling and itching for something else to back, have a look at these great projects currently live on KS and IGG... 

Other Projects We're Digging...

ervét: A Two-Duvet Bedding System Designed for Couples

Introducing tug-of-war proof bedding. Customizable inserts and patent-pending inseams that easily pull apart in the night. ervét is a two-duvet bedding system designed for couples, so you’ll never wake up cold and coverless again. Made with a blend of TENCEL and cotton, ervét has a luxurious, hotel-bedding feel. Customizable duvet inserts allow you and your partner to sleep at your own perfect temperatures. Patent-pending magnetic inseams on each duvet connect in the center to give your bed that perfectly-made look. Turn bedtime back into something soothing and sleep happily ervét after! CLICK HERE! 

Sonic Soak: The Ultimate Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

Sonic Soak is a revolutionary ultrasonic cleaning tool that's raised over $2.6M on crowdfunding. Utilize the power of ultrasonic cleaning to clean at the microscopic level like never before. Use it to clean laundry, produce, accessories, or anything else in your house - all you need is water and a Sonic Soak. EXCLUSIVELY for Unravel backers – get your Sonic Soak at $25 off their early bird pricing, or 20% off Early Bird Pricing and more than 50% off retail pricing! Check out this secret perk HERE.

PIQO: World’s Most Powerful 1080p Pocket Projector

Piqo has been in the imaging equipment industry for years and just launched the smallest and coolest project we've ever seen:

  • Ultimate Portability: 2.25 in. x 2.25 in. x 2.25 in.
  • 1080p, 240 in., 200 lumen display
  • Powered by Android – Netflix + YouTube anytime, anywhere
  • 5 Hour Playtime Battery Life
  • Intelligent Keystone Auto-Correction Projection

We think you'd all love their product too, so we scored a $50 discount off EARLY BIRD pricing - exclusive to our campaign! Make sure to use THIS Secret Perk link on your computer (better suited to mobile viewing) to see it! You can read more about their campaign HERE.

ARIA Waterproof Earbuds: Bluetooth 5 & 32h Battery - Unravel Backers Exclusive - 25% Off Early Bird! 

The ARIA is xFyro’s newest and greatest waterproof earbuds that’s raised nearly $2M in pre-orders with:

  •  Brand New Bluetooth v5.0: Faster, safer, and more secure than Apple AirPods’, Bose SoundSports’, and Jabra Elites’ Bluetooth v4.1-4.2 technology
  •  IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof: Good enough to swim and snorkel in
  •  Instant Auto Pairing: Never worry about pairing mode again
  •  Fast Charging: 15 min charging = 3 hour playtime
  • 32 hour battery life

We have good news for our backers - the xFyro team was willing to give a exclusive discount to our campaign to get an ADDITIONAL 25% off Early Bird pricing - check it out HERE.

TAP PRO: The Most Advanced Translation Earphone 

TAP PRO by FITO is the world’s most advanced true wireless 2-in-1 earphones and translator device. Say goodbye to the language barrier! TAP PRO translates over 30 languages in real-time with Microsoft AI-powered business-grade translation service. The earphones featured Qualcomm QCC chipset, in-ear detection and graphene enhanced sound. Indiegogo backers will receive the $1,000 translation software for FREE with the purchase of TAP PRO! CLICK HERE for the offer

iBand: EEG headband that helps you Sleep & Dream!

Experience lucid dreams. Improve sleep with music that intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases. Wake up refreshed, every time! GET IT HERE!

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      Received mine today. I really like the small design/compactness of the charger. Now, I wish I had ordered a couple more. Going to try it out for a couple of days, and post my thoughts on the unit.

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      Arturo G. Guieb Jr on

      Hopefully mine will get to me. According to the tracking information provided it has been sitting in China's shipping facility since Feb. 3rd.

      Any one else get theirs yet?

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      i dident get any shipment details for my order

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      Hi, my shipment's status is still Despatched and haven't updated since 2019-02-01 02:15, the tracking number is NVSG68168000021794. Any support?

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      missing the free glow in the dark sticker :-(

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      According to my tracking my shipment has been in customs for like eight days. Is this normal?

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      Hi I’m missing one air bud charging case with my order
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      Please tell me how I can order the usb c pd charger. I didn’t realize I would actually have to order one until I received my Unravel today

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      I still haven't received any tracking email confirmation. I want to send you the email as recommended in this update but is the the or is it it looks like the email you have on the update is missing the "m"

    10. Katrina Hennessy

      Thank you for such a thorough update.

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      You are comming across the finnish line like pros , good work=) thanks for a complete uppdate, cant wait to get mine

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      Congratulations for having achieved that milestone!

      Can't wait to get mine - it's so tough to see hiow quickly it got from China to Amsterdam...where it has now been sitting for 3 days ;-(

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