Unravel: Fast Wireless Charging, Anywhere.

by Ampere

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    1. Lisa Boban on

      That link doesnt take you to a survey
      It takes you to a link to download a chat app. Is that what you MEANT to happen?

    2. Missing avatar

      Yoon YS on

      The `Contest` is held via Facebook Messenger.

    3. Missing avatar

      chris on

      Yeah would do your survey but I'm not logging into facebook for you. Thanks but no thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cain on

      Disappointed that you can only take the survey by logging into facebook. Why is that? I can't participate except through facebook? I don't think that's right. We should not have to be forced to link in purchase of this product with facebook or connect kickstarter with facebook. No thanks.

    5. Marie Mury

      Is shipping to Canada included with the US next week or international the week after? Yes, I know it is technically international but I wasn't sure being within the same continent made any difference.


    6. Ampere Creator on

      Hi Lisa - there are 2 links in the update.
      For filling out your shipping survey, go here: https://unravel.backerkit.com
      For entering the survey results contest, go here: https://m.me/amperetechnology…

    7. Ampere Creator on

      To the people that are upset about having to use Facebook messenger to participate:
      we need to use a private medium where people can't see others' responses (i.e. we can't have people leave their answers in comments)
      Facebook messenger is a quick and easy medium that most people already use that we can efficiently use to collect responses
      If you don't have Facebook and still want to participate, please simply email us at wirelesstravel@stackpackandgo.com by the deadline and your entry will be counted; we would prefer not to collect responses this way since it requires manual collection, but we understand that not everyone uses Facebook and shouldn't be required to

    8. Ampere Creator on

      @Marie - yes Canada is considered international :)
      (anything outside of the US)

    9. Brian Minor on

      Any more updates? I haven’t gotten shipment notification and filled everything out in time.

    10. Pam Allen

      Thanks for the sticker update - they would have been fun to get. HOWEVER - when I went to order a $2.99 pack of stickers I was informed that it was going to cost me over $17 in shipping - does that not seem a little ridiculous to you? So thanks - but no thanks....