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A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.
A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.
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Shipping Surveys Going Out! Accessories Updates!

Posted by Ampere (Creator)

Greetings Unravelers!

Since the campaign ended two weeks ago, we’ve been incredibly busy behind the scenes getting everything ready to ship.

And to answer that one question that every single one of you is thinking... We are proud to report that yes, we are on track for our December shipping target!

With that being said, we have a lot we want to share with you today, including:

  • Accessory Updates 
  • Final Backer Survey - A MUST READ FOR ALL BACKERS!!

Let’s dig in...

Accessory Updates

As well as getting your Unravels ready to ship, we’ve also been preparing all of your Unravel accessories. Some updates for you below!

60W Type-C PD Adapter - Increased 2m Cord Length 

To give you more freedom and flexibility when powering your Unravel, we’ve decided to increase the cord length of the adaptor from 1.5m to 2m. This will give you more reach, at home, in the office or at your hotel. The good news is that this comes at no extra cost to you!

60W Type-C PD Adapter - Interchangeable World Travel Plugs

A few of our tech-savvy backers asked for it, so we’re making our 60W Type-C PD Adapter even MORE travel-friendly. Our adapters will have a flexible design so that you can change the AC plug type as you see fit. If a 60W Type-C Adapter as part of your pledge or you order one as an add-on, you will be able to choose one of four AC plug options:

  • Type A - US, CA 
  • Type G - UK, HK, SG 
  • Type C - EU
  • Type I - AU, CN
  • All 4 Plugs (add $9.99)

However, if you are a world traveler, we will also be offering an Unravel Travel Plug Adapter Bundle for an extra $9.99. It's the perfect accessory for frequent travelers, get more info on this new add on below! 

Speaking of the adapter….

Unravel needs a Type-C PD Adapter to Power It! 

As a gentle reminder, we wanted to reiterate that if you do need a Type-C PD Adapter to power Unravel. If you have a new MacBook, then the good news is that you already have one! However, if you don’t own one and you haven’t selected one through our campaign – your Unravel will not charge your devices. But don’t fret, you still can get your hands on an Unravel 60W Type-C PD Adapter – simply add one on when you fill in your fulfillment surveys. We offer a very high-quality option at a great price (almost 60% cheaper than the same one Apple offers).

AirPods Wireless Charging Case 

We're happy to announce that we will be offering a wireless charging case for AirPods as an Unravel accessory for just $19.99! 

Simply slip your Apple AirPods case into the external protective case and you'll be able to wireless charge them. Now all your favorite tech accessories can be used with Unravel. 

Last Stretch Goal Sneak Peak

In the final days of the Unravel campaign, you guys helped us unlock one more stretch goal at the $350,000 mark: the travel case engraving. We’ve played around with many designs and styles for this, but we’ve finally come up with something that we think you’re all going to love. Every backer who opts for a travel case will receive a unique hand-stitched backer number. Check it out:

If you haven’t opted for a travel case, it’s not too late… simply add one when you fill out your fulfillment survey.

Ampere's 1 Year Limited Warranty & Extended One Year Protection Plan 

We are proud to announce that all Unravels will come with a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty to protect you in the unlikely event that your Unravel arrives with a manufacturer's defect.

We’re also going to offer an additional Extended One-Year Protection Plan for $19.99 that covers ANYTHING that could happen to your Unravel. And we mean anything...

  • Surfing in Bali and left Unravel in your pocket? You are covered. 
  • Snowshoeing in Alaska and a bear steps on your Unravel? You are covered. 
  • Fall off your tuk-tuk in Thailand? You get the idea! 

This extended warranty will be available in the final fulfillment survey. For those of you with slightly-clumsy tendencies – look out for it.

Last-Chance to get Unravel Accessories 

It’s not too late to pick up Unravel’s accessories at Kickstarter prices. When you receive your Kickstarter fulfillment survey (this will be sent to your email address attached to your Kickstarter account), you’ll be sent to Backerkit to finalize your Unravel color choices, travel case color choices, plug configuration, and input your shipping address details. On the Backerkit platform, we’ll also give you one last chance to get Unravel's accessories at their lowest prices ever.

Let’s recap what Unravel’s full accessories lineup looks like:


Kickstarter Fulfillment Surveys Out Today

Today, you will receive your Kickstarter fulfillment survey from BackerKit. This will be sent to your email registered to your Kickstarter account.

You can also:

We need you to fill in your surveys and send them back to us by Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at midnight. Please read carefully:

If you fill out your survey by Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at midnight, you will risk a shipping delay of your Unravel.

Of course, we will still accept your survey answers after the December 6th deadline, but your shipping priority may be affected.

For more FAQs on the survey, check out our last update.

That’s it from us at Unravel HQ for now… but we will be back with another update later this week. Please remember to fill in your surveys and we’ll be updating you very soon with more details on shipping! We can't wait to get you your Unravels!

- - - The Ampere Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tim kirk on

      I’ve not received the survey. I’ve checked email and all is correct.

      I’ve filled in the link multiple times to get the survey resent and still nothing. Nothing is an spam folders or anything.

      Please help and send me the survey.

    2. Ampere Creator on

      @Ahmed @Tammara - please shoot us an email and we will get you sorted

      or if you need quicker support for backerkit survey related issues directly please visit

    3. Tammara weaver on

      I have for the survey to be sent to me 6 times and still nothing. Can someone please help?

    4. Ahmed Mainul Bari

      Hello, backer #717 here. Sent a PM to you. Kindly check and respond. Thank You.

    5. Ampere Creator on

      $19.99 per Unravel set

    6. Ampere Creator on

      @shar yes
      if you get the $9.99 World Adapters, you still get the 60W Type-C PD Adapter, that’s needed to power the Unravel
      please fill out the survey with your relative's address - estimated arrival is after the 17th and before Christmas
      hope that helps thanks Shar!

    7. Ampere Creator on

      @Shar yes

      If you do NOT fill out your survey by Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at midnight, you will risk a shipping delay of your Unravel

    8. SharPharMade

      Me, again. Would the $19.99 Coverage cover my entire purchase ... or do you expect one to pay $19.99 for each Unravel that was purchased together? Is anyone looking at the comments? I’m trying to complete this survey. Also, do you have an idea around when that you might ship them? I’m asking because I leave on December 17th for the holidays and wouldn’t mind giving my children these for Christmas. If you believe that you will not be able to get them to me by December 16th, but before Christmas ... then I need to update the address to a relative’s address, in the State that I will be, from December 17th through January 2nd. Thank You!

    9. SharPharMade

      I’m confused ... if we choose to get the $9.99 World Adapters, do we still get the 60W Type-C PD Adapter, that’s needed to power the Unravel? The 60W Type-C PD Adapter is part of the package that I chose to back with.

    10. SharPharMade

      Don’t you mean if you ‘don’t’ fill out your survey by ...

      “If you fill out your survey by Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at midnight, you will risk a shipping delay of your Unravel”

    11. David Senior on

      I’ve asked you guys a dozen times to cancel and refund my pledge... when will you respond to me ?