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A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.
A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.
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Kickstarter Exclusive Travel Case Unlocked + Accessories to Pimp Your Unravel

Posted by Ampere (Creator)

Hello backers,

Can you believe that there's less than a week left of the campaign? Time is flying on by and we don’t know if you noticed, but…..

We just reached another STRETCH GOAL!

That's right, we just hit $300,000, which means the Kickstarter-green travel case has been unlocked.

If your pledge comes with a travel case, you’ll be able to choose this as a color option after the campaign ends. As a heads up, this is a limited edition case just for backers. So it’s your one and only chance to get your hands on it.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve decided to roll out a couple of other fun Unravel accessories that have been requested by YOU!

Accessories to Pimp Your Unravel

The Unravel XL Travel Case 

Our original Unravel travel case only fits Unravel on its own – to keep it protected while you're on the go. But a lot of you have been asking for a BIGGER case that fits the Unravel + your Unravel Type-C Charger. Well, we think that’s a great idea so we have decided to roll out an XL Unravel Travel Case. Check it out:

Now you have the option to pack up your Unravel and the Type-C Charger in the same case. 

We’ll be adding this XL Travel Case as an additional add-on option. If you already are getting the case either with your reward or as an add-on you can simply add another $5 to your pledge and we will give you a case that fits both the wireless charging station AND the charger (add $15 to add the case as a new add-on).

Your Phone Doesn't Have Wireless Charging? Upgrade to Wireless Charging with Ampere Wireless Charging Receiver Add-on 

Got a spare smartphone that doesn’t have Qi-charging capabilities? Fear not, dear backers. You can now turn any smartphone into a Qi-charging phone with our Ampere Wireless Charging Receiver.


Simply stick the ultra-lightweight receiver onto the back of your phone, plug it into your lightning, micro-USB or Type-C port - and voila! You now have a Qi-charging phone. If you want to purchase this add-on simply add $10 to any pledge.

Updates from the Road

With one week left, we're getting really excited to get Unravel into your hands. We've been on the road a lot over the last couple of weeks traveling to and from our factories. In fact, we actually have set up a remote office at our factory to maximize face time and ensure everything stays on schedule for the Christmas delivery.

Our favorite travel gadget while we travel to and from the factory is, of course, Unravel with the Unravel Travel Case and Unravel 60W Type-C PD Charger. We really find that Unravel makes wireless charging on the go SO much easier! 

That's it from us for now! Please remember to keep sharing Unravel with your friends to help us hit our final stretch goals. After all, that completely new Unravel color option is less than $100,000 away... Can you help us get there? 




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