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A young Palestinian and his little brother struggle to escape the imminent death when they heedlessly enter a minefield. Read more

Amman, Jordan Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on April 10, 2012.

A young Palestinian and his little brother struggle to escape the imminent death when they heedlessly enter a minefield.

Amman, Jordan Shorts
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Basically, We Are Raising Money!

Thank you for taking the time to look over our video and learn more about our new project! We are taking ISMAIL to the screen and we are here to ask for your support.

ISMAIL is a short film set in Palestine in 1949 and inspired by the late Palestinian painter Ismail Shammout (1930-2006). The film is a social drama that explores the ideas of exodus, survival, escape, and brotherhood.

We’re in Pre-production at the moment, getting ready to shoot on location in Amman, Jordan in May 2012, and as we’re getting close, WE NEED YOUR HELP to raise the last bit of money to make the film happen!


Scroll down and learn more about the project!


Ismail is a young Palestinian struggling to support his parents and the rest of his family after their expulsion to a Refugee camp in 1948 by the Israeli forces. Despite the wretched life and distressing conditions he holds to his dream to go to Rome to learn painting. One day and after selling cakes at the train station with his little brother, they heedlessly enter a minefield. As Ismail faces death, and in his struggle to save himself and his little brother, we discover his true spirit.


After the 1948 war, young Ismail, like hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were evicted from their land, was forced to live as a refugee. Despite the whole deplorable circumstances, Ismail never gave up his dream and confronted the intolerable day to day life with high spirit and an air of a rather cheerful defiance, because giving up meant defeat and death.

Are we talking here about Ismail or about all the Palestinians who were the subject of extreme injustice by people who themselves were the victims of the same oppression and persecution? Ismail in the story is then not just a protagonist; he is a metaphor for an entire nation who is trapped in a country that has become a minefield.


Any amount you put will help us during production to cover camera and lighting rental, transportation to location, costume and production design. Since the film is set in the 1940s we need to be true to that period. Costumes, sets, hair and make up…every detail needs to be accurate. We have to build a huge refugee camp and there will be two major scenes to shoot with a large number of extras. This requires a LOT of work from our teams in the UK and Jordan and we need help to make the film look and feel as truthful as possible.

We’ll also be shooting with the much sought-after ARRI Alexa. It's a camera designed for high budget feature films (Brad Pitt’s “World War Z”, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Scorsese’s “Hugo” and many more) and we have to bring the camera and it’s accessories from abroad.


Everyone who participates will have our upmost gratitude!  Yet, at certain levels, you will be receiving great gifts as well, such as an opportunity to see the film before it screens in festivals. You can get a digital download of the movie in HD or a DVD, your name listed in the credits, tickets to screenings at festivals, and some other great items.  Please take the time to read all the benefits (on the right) if you come on board!


UK-based Bumpy Road Films and Jordan-based Greyscale Films joined forces to make “Ismail” happen by creating a team of enthusiastic Jordanian, Palestinian & British crew and using top of the line equipment to bring to the screen an unforgettable story.

To learn more about our previous work, visit us at:


Hatem Alsharif | Writer

A psychiatrist for almost 15 years, Hatem has always had a passion for art, music, literature, cinema, and most of all writing but never really ventured into publishing his work. He got the chance to see his work come to life after collaborating with his daughter on her short film projects. Ismail is their fourth collaboration.

Nora Alsharif | Director

After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design from Jordan, Nora worked in Advertising for several years before realizing her true passion lied within filmmaking. She then worked as an assistant producer on various film and TV projects before moving to London where she graduated with an MA in Directing Film and Television from the University of Westminster in 2010. Her graduation film “Wednesday Afternoons” won the Don Quixote Jury Award by the International Federation of Film Societies and was selected by many international festivals worldwide.

Ana Moreno | Producer – Bumpy Road Films

Ana is a Film Director & Producer. She obtained a BA in Digital Media at Michigan State University (USA). Ana has worked in the production of commercials and television, writing and producing in the US and Latin America for the Discovery Networks. Ana obtained a MA in Directing Film & Television at the University of Westminster where she directed and produced several short films. Her graduation project, “Mosa” premiered at the BFI in 2010 later winning the prestigious ‘Best UK Short’ at the Iris Prize in 2010 and ‘Audience Award’ at the Cineffable Festival in Paris in 2011 screening it in over thirty festivals worldwide.

Abdel-Salam Akkad | Producer - Greyscale Films

Abdelsalam Akkad completed his Communications Arts degree in 1995 and has assumed several positions within the TV and film making industry since then. His positions ranged from chief lighting technician, director of photography, producer and director. He is a Senior Producer on numerous TV ads, corporate videos and TV programs and has produced for several international news organizations including Reuters, RDF, WDR, ABC Australia, Al Jazeera, and Orbit.

Felix Wiedemann | Cinematographer

Felix grew up in Germany and then moved to England to study Cinematography at the National Film & Television School under the mentorship of Brian Tufano BSC ('Trainspotting', Billy Elliot'). Felix works as a Director of Photography on feature films, TV drama and commercials in the UK and Germany.


If funding fails, all pledges are canceled and we won’t receive any of the funds. Your card is not charged, it’s like nothing ever happened. We hope this doesn’t happen. We only have a little over a month to raise the funds so…DONATE TODAY!


Yes!! And we need to go beyond our goal, so please help us with any amount you can, no contribution is too small or big enough!


Upon the successful completion of our goal, you will receive a notification and will be contacted by us to gather any information we may need from you before we can fulfill your rewards.  Once that process is completed, we will begin giving out all rewards.  Based on the estimated dates for each pledge level.

All copies of the film (Digital, DVD or other) will be sent after we are cleared by the festivals and award guidelines, so we don’t jeopardize the film. Don’t worry we will keep you updated.

Jordan Domestic Shipping & Handling is included with your pledge for physical products (but please add at least $15 to your pledge if you live outside Jordan!)

Thank you for your support! 

Please don't forget to spread the word with Family & Friends so they can also help and be part of the project.



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    For our minimum donation you'll win our heart-felt gratitude, a vey grateful thank you e-mail, and a "Thank You" section for the world to see on the short film's website.

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    Welcome to the world of film credits. This pledge gets you a SPECIAL THANKS credit in the film (alphabetical), thank you on the website, plus you will receive a private ONLINE LINK to watch the finished film.

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    With this you will receive the film SPECIAL EDITION DVD -- not available anywhere else! Which includes behind-the-scenes footage of our adventure and photos during the making + a POSTCARD of one of Ismail’s paintings, signed by Tamam Al-Akhal (Ismail’s widow). You also get all of the above.

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    Receive an INVITATION FOR TWO to attend the PRIVATE SCREENING in Amman or London! (Transportation and Accommodation not included) + a SPECIAL EDITION DVD of the film, that includes behind-the-scenes footage of our adventure and photos during the making of the film, plus all the above.

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    Now you're a BRONZE SPONSOR. You'll get the appropriate credit in the film (alphabetical) and on the website. And in addition to the INVITATION, you will also receive a PROMO KIT that includes a LIMITED EDITION DVD of Ismail’s work, a FILM POSTER signed by the main Cast and Crew + all the above.

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    Now you're a SILVER SPONSOR. You'll receive the appropriate Credit in the film (alphabetical) and on the website. This level also lands you an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the book: “PALESTINE: THE EXODUS AND THE ODDESSY” signed by Tamam Al-Akhal which includes a collection of 19 large murals painted by Ismail and Tamam from 1997 to 2000 + all the great things above.

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    Now you're a GOLD SPONSOR. You'll receive the appropriate Credit in the film (alphabetical) and on the website. And in addition to all the great treats mentioned above, you will also receive a medium-size PRINT ON CANVAS of one of Ismail’s paintings of your choice.

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    You'll have pledged your way to a PLATINUM SPONSOR!! You'll receive the appropriate Credit in the film (alphabetical) and on the website. This is a big deal to us. We're impressed. You will also receive a personalized INVITATION to visit the set and spend the day with the cast and crew and see how everything works (airline ticket not included)

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    Welcome to the team! You'll be one of the select few with an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Credit in the film and on IMDb. You'll also receive a SIGNED SCRIPT by the writer, director, and main cast. And in addition to this, you'll also get everything else.

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    With this pledge you'll not only receive ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit and visit the set, but you will also receive SCREENING TICKETS for a film festivals of your choice* (travel not included for festivals). Plus all the above. *Festival List to be determined after submission process.

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