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Establish the most powerful and prestigious family dynasty through marriage alliances, warfare and intrigue in feudal Europe.
Establish the most powerful and prestigious family dynasty through marriage alliances, warfare and intrigue in feudal Europe.
Establish the most powerful and prestigious family dynasty through marriage alliances, warfare and intrigue in feudal Europe.
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    1. Among Meeples Creator on March 16, 2016


      Hi Shane

      The Print'N'Play version have been here since our first update, more than one year ago. :-)
      You can find links to the latest edition in this backers-only update:

      Kind regards

    2. Shane Charleson on March 16, 2016

      I pledged for the print and play version. Will we ever see that?

    3. Among Meeples Creator on November 27, 2015


      We have heard from one other in Brazil, he got his game on Nov 18. Yours should hopefully arrive really soon. We will check if the last Brazilian backer has gotten his game as well or shipping from Denmark to Brazil is just ridiculously slow.

      Lets wait a few weeks longer, if it still hasn't arrived we will of course ship you another game.

      Kind regards
      Troels Vastrup

    4. Marcos Martins on November 26, 2015

      I still waiting in Rio de Janeiro!

    5. Missing avatar

      JJ Lee
      on November 4, 2015

      @Troels, are you considering printing more promos for sale? For example, often such promos are distributed through the BGG store.

    6. Sarah Bernard on November 3, 2015

      Game arrived in California yesterday! Thank you. Can't wait to play this!

    7. Dan on November 2, 2015

      My game arrived in Australia today.
      Can't wait to play on the weekend.

    8. moroQ on November 2, 2015

      I live in Japan.
      I was received my game today.
      THank you.

    9. Among Meeples Creator on October 30, 2015

      @ Fay, Nick, Steven, Deepra, Rudy and all the rest
      Yay! That is what it was all about, making the game and getting it out to your guys!

      An expansion could happen - if the game sells enough copies. If that happens, you will definitely hear from us ;-)

      @ JJ Lee
      We don't have much to add to the answer we gave on October 21st.
      We are truly sorry - in hindsight we should have done things regarding the promo cards differently. We never intended to step on anyone's toes. We hope you all will forgive us this mistake and hopefully focus on all the things we (hopefully) did right.

      Kind regards
      Troels Vastrup

    10. Fay Yeo
      on October 28, 2015

      Received it in Singapore today. Thanks! :)

    11. Dirk Meijlof
      on October 28, 2015

      +1 for an expansion as Deepra suggested. Maybey something with ellegitimate children. Women with that symbol can use the birth action and actions from any one of her brothers in law (or from a man in an other players family tree) in stead of her husband's :-)

    12. The Ludoquist on October 28, 2015

      Received this morning in London, UK. Looks very nice, cards are lovely, keen to get it out of the box.

    13. Deepra Smith
      on October 28, 2015

      @Steven, probably not anytime soon. Read the comments section of the last update about the promos. Anyway, the game is great though the box is a bit too roomy even after I sleeved all, bagged, throw in generous amount of silica bags and keep all the inserts, cardboard and manuals in the box. Room for expansions, maybe?

    14. Steven Durst on October 27, 2015

      Just got it this afternoon in Birmingham, AL. Thanks it looks great. As JJ says below, I don't suppose there will be a way to get the promo cards one day? I'm a sucker for promos.

    15. Missing avatar

      JJ Lee
      on October 26, 2015

      Received today in Washington, DC.
      So, is there a plan for backers to be able to receive the promo? Could more be printed and sent to us?
      If not, I must admit that I share @Dirk Meijlof's sentiments in that backers seem to have been disadvantaged compared to non-backers who purchased the game at Essen. Essen is an expensive trip, one that only a few of us can make. It would be disappointing that those of us who backed the game and made it possible would receive less, for more money in some cases, than non-backers. While I am happy with the game as received, that disappointment is very unfortunate (unless of course we're getting the promo, too!).

    16. rudy priecinsky
      on October 26, 2015

      Received mine here in Slovakia. Thank you :-)

    17. Among Meeples Creator on October 26, 2015

      @ Steven & Dan

      At least some have gotten the games in the States.
      We have not heard from anyone else overseas (including Australia) yet. It cannot take long though :-)

      Kind regards

    18. Dan on October 25, 2015

      OLGS in Canberra, Australia shows in stock, so hopefully mine will show up soon.

    19. Steven Durst on October 25, 2015

      Anybody received it yet in the States?

    20. Among Meeples Creator on October 21, 2015

      @Dirk Meijlof

      Thank you for the kind word - and also for the criticism. :-)

      Let me start out be saying that I agree with you. In hindsight there are (at least) three things we should have done differently.

      1) We should have planned for success at Essen. Printed more promo cards and reserved complete sets to hand out to people like you who had paid for shipping. Refunds after the Kickstarter is a lot of work for a relative small amount, I believe a compensation in the form of 8 promo cards or the like would have been in place.

      2) Let backers choose pickup at SPIEL, but we didn't dare. All through the campaign one principle ruled: "never promise anything we cannot deliver". - And we weren't *sure* the game would make it in time for SPIEL until a few weeks before. So this option was only possible in hindsight. The lesson to next time is of course to distance the Kickstarter a bit more in time from SPIEL. You have no idea how stressful and frustrating the time-line regarding SPIEL was - also because we needed to sell more games than just the Kickstarter, and SPIEL was our best shot at doing so.

      3) Promo cards. We underestimated the importance of these to a part of the backers and buyers. For us (as gamers) promo cards are just a fun token, that may or may not find it's way into our games. But, as we have learned now, for some they are a part of "the complete game" and not getting them (all) is a problem. That is a mistake we will not repeat.
      This was the first time we deal directly with the manufacturer, so we were at bit conservative in our approach, not wanting to complicate and potentially delay the production. I still believe that was the smart way to do it. - But we have learned at lot, and next time we will look more into the options of making Kickstarter only components.

      Kind regards

    21. Dirk Meijlof
      on October 21, 2015

      Essen pick up. Great game, strait forward rules, lots of depth in making the decisions. But also a game with the highest quality components possible: even the box and the plastic of the zip locks are thicker than normal. Well done and thank you!
      The only small thing on which you could have decided differently is the promo cards (or just something special for backers): when I pick up the game in Essen, next to me someone was buying the game: he had to pay less than I did but he got more, namely the game and a promo card. (there was no shipping costs refund, but also not an Essen pick up level so yes, out of pocket I paid more ;-). And transportation costs for my game to Essen is equal to the costs for any other game you took with you to Essen), And unlike me, he didn't had to pay halve a year ago and he could make the decision to buy the game after he could see the completed physical product. And, unless I had made the Essen pick up, he would even have had the game prior to me.
      It's not a complaint, I am very happy with the game, with the quality, with your enthusiasm and I think I've got a lot of worth for my money but it felt a bit odd. So I was thinking: when they try to make another game come to live truth kickstarter, what is the incentive to back the game instead of waiting for Essen? If there is a good answer to that question, backing any other game from you will be a no-brainer! Keep on making such great games. Thanks.

    22. Among Meeples Creator on October 20, 2015

      @Robby Boey

      Yes there was. We didn't expect to sell so many games, so they ran out fast. I'm sorry.

      Kind regards

    23. Robby Boey on October 20, 2015

      There were Essen promos? Picked up my game there (love it!) but no promos... Can I still obtain those (not the pnp)?

    24. Jacob
      on October 19, 2015

      Picked up my copy in Essen and played it there. VERY good game.
      Congratulations to the team for having done such a good work and to all backers for supporting such a good product.

    25. Among Meeples Creator on October 19, 2015

      @Rune. It sure is.

    26. Missing avatar

      Rune Kaasen on October 18, 2015

      No Netterstrøm will pick up my copy for me, if that is fine by you.

    27. Among Meeples Creator on October 14, 2015

      @ Gert.The Kickstarter website insisted on sending the address mail yesterday to everybody, also those marked as having gotten the game already.Just ignore it.

      @ Benny. It is.

    28. Benny Heidelbach on October 14, 2015

      Can you confirm that the game is available for pickup at Bastard Café today?

    29. Gert Keijer on October 13, 2015

      Hi, i pick upped the game all ready in Essen at Spiel 2015
      Thanx for the game!

    30. Jens Pilemand Ottesen on October 5, 2015

      Great that I can pick up in Århus. I will do that!

    31. Among Meeples Creator on October 3, 2015

      @ Hans & Mikkel. We will make an update soon regarding this and a few other things. Stay tuned

    32. Mikkel Ammitzböll
      on October 3, 2015

      When is the game ready for picking up !

    33. Missing avatar

      Skylla on September 30, 2015

      Will we be able to pick up at viking-con?

    34. Anders Staunsbjerg Brogner on September 30, 2015

      So cool that i can pick up the game in Aarhus! Thank you very much for that option! XD

    35. Jakob Bavnshøj on September 30, 2015

      Awesome that I can pick up the game in Aarhus Brætspils Café! Great idea, and thanks! :)

    36. Among Meeples Creator on August 28, 2015


      We totally agree :-)

      Just to address the thing about surveys. everybody who has chosen a pledge with shipping should have gotten a survey by now. If you did not, please contacts us. PnP and pickup backers did not recieve a survey. More on this in an update within the near future.

      @Dirk. Noted, thank you.

    37. Dave Thomas on August 28, 2015

      Nice to see the survey's going out, I sure wish that ship was sailing faster though! October seems such a long way away! :(

    38. Dirk Meijlof
      on August 27, 2015

      I would definitely be interested in an Essen pick up! Really looking forward to this game.

    39. Among Meeples Creator on August 13, 2015

      Hi Robby

      The games are expected to arrive at a time very close to the Essen fair (so close we have a separate shipment going directly to Essen). We will ship the games immediately before or after the fair, depending on the arrival of the Copenhagen shipment. You can pick it up at Essen if you prefer. We will get back to you all when we know more.

      The promotional cards will be made available as PnP for all backers, but the printed cards are only available at conventions and as promotional material.

      Kind regards

    40. Robby Boey on August 11, 2015

      Hi there,
      Is a pick-up in Essen also possible or will the game be shipped in EU prior to the Essen fair?
      I read on BGG there's going to be a limited amount of promo's available in Essen. Will these be sent to backers as well? Will you keep some aside for backers visiting Essen? :)

    41. Among Meeples Creator on August 4, 2015


      Hi Dave

      The Print'N'Play version have been here since our first update. :-)
      You can find links to the latest edition in this backers-only update:

      Kind regards

    42. Dave Shaerf on August 4, 2015

      Hi did I miss something on the PnP? Where is it? I would love to print it out!

    43. Dave Thomas on July 26, 2015

      @creator - sounds good :)

    44. Among Meeples Creator on July 22, 2015


      Everything is going forward as planned. Expect an new update within a week or two ;-)

      Kind regards

    45. Steven Durst on July 20, 2015

      Any word on production since June?

    46. Among Meeples Creator on June 28, 2015

      @Torsten • Board Game Circus

      There has been a 300dpi PnP (cards only) since update #6 (backers only)

      We don't have any current plans of making the rest of the game available in 300dpi.

      Kind regards

    47. Torsten Stelling
      on June 27, 2015

      Any chance to get a cool 300dpi final PnP? :) That would be awesome.

    48. Among Meeples Creator on June 25, 2015


      We will make an update one of the next days. Teaser: it will contain brand new photo's ;-)

      Kind regards

    49. psyco363
      on June 24, 2015


    50. Among Meeples Creator on May 13, 2015

      Regarding survey/pledge manager/backer kit

      We don't know the exact time yet. We will try to time it so the address information is as current as possible when we begin shipping.
      We still hope/believe in shipping around the time of SPIEL2015 (October 8-12) but we can make no promises. We will keep everybody updated as soon as we know more.

      Kind regards

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