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Five Performers. Six Composers. ONE MARIMBA. Makoto Nakura needs your help to fund his new Wood and Forest album!
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Release Party in NYC A Huge Success • We Need Reviews!

Posted by American Modern Recordings (AMR) (Creator)
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Dear Kickstarter Supporters,

Hopefully those of you who were supposed to receive awards have received them (i.e. t-shirts, CD, sound files, etc.), with the exception of ring tones. If not, please let us know ASAP. The ring tones will be done shortly! It's just a matter of scheduling Makoto to record them, and then we will be on our way to getting them to those that need to receive them.

In other news, the release party in New York City was a huge success! It was completely packed, and was one of the largest audiences for a classical concert in the Rubin Museum's history. We are incredibly grateful for all of the Kickstarter supporters that were in the audience that evening. It was a truly magical evening for both Makoto and Robert Paterson, who also released a marimba album that evening, Six Mallet Marimba.

We Need Reviews ASAP!

Now we need a small favor, but RIGHT AWAY, before this Friday, December 7th: we need reviews of Makoto's album on Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby. This is especially critical right now, because people are shopping for the holidays. Please visit these sites, click the "Like" button at the top of the page on Amazon, and give his album the five stars and a nice review. We would be incredibly grateful.

Here are the links:




What should you write? Anything that will be helpful to potential buyers. Feel free to mention your favorite tracks, write about Makoto's playing, the works on the album, the playing of the other performers, the sound quality, or even the package design. Anything that will make people want to listen and purchase his beautiful album.

It is extremely important that we create some buzz around his project, and rave reviews will go a long way toward encouraging people to listen and purchase the album. Feel free to cross-post in two different places, BTW, there's no rules against that!

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

Makoto Nakura & American Modern Recordings (AMR)

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    1. American Modern Recordings (AMR) 3-time creator on

      Hi Raphael,

      Thanks for your note. All of our AMR albums are available on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby and Bandcamp. As far as we can tell, not as many people visit We do receive royalties from plays on, but not a lot. Unless we remove our albums from that site, which is technically possible, people can feel free to listen there. Our philosophy is to give people the option, if they want to be supportive, they'll go and purchase the CD or downloads. doesn't really support artists (especially indie artists like Makoto) the same way as purchasing a CD or downloads, and streaming quality is generally not as good either.

      If CDBaby offers lossless files, that's news to us—we never received that option, and to our knowledge, that option is not available. If you know something different, or have a link to one of their option that offers something other than variable bit rate MP3s, please let us know.

      In the meantime, all of our AMR albums are available via Bandcamp as FLAC files, and in other formats as well. Plus, of course, there's always purchasing the physical CD, which we always appreciate!



    2. Raphael

      Also, many of the albums on can be had as CD and/or lossless files; you should definitely upgrade!

    3. Raphael

      I don't know how much impact this has on sales, but maybe you should own take ownership of your respective sites on and the like: looks pretty bleak.