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Out of the Woods is a collection of traditional fairy tales adapted into a Card Game, Illustrated Book, and compilation of Art Prints.
Out of the Woods is a collection of traditional fairy tales adapted into a Card Game, Illustrated Book, and compilation of Art Prints.
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Welcome to the (Insane) Circus!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Woodies, 

We'd love you to join us for the... 

First Livestream of 2019!

Welcome to the Circus
Welcome to the Circus

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder over on YouTube for this week's livestream.

This is scheduled for 10AM on Thursday the 10th Hong Kong Time. 

That's 6PM on the 9th in Los Angeles. 

We'll respond to your questions and suggestions about "Out of the Woods" and talk about the future of the series. We'll also talk about those areas where we screwed up - could have done better - delivered as we'd hoped - or nailed it... and how the lessons learned can be applied to future projects and campaigns. Your feedback and support are very much appreciated in this process! 

Be sure to get all your QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS into the comments below!  

What's Next?

The Devil
The Devil

One of the projects we're currently exploring as a potential Kickstarter campaign is turning the "Alice" license into a Tarot Deck. Many of you have expressed interest in this idea and we'd love to hear more from you about what this might look like as a Kickstarter. 

Based on your experience with "Out of the Woods" - your thoughts on tiers, rewards, process, and anything else related to a new campaign. At the top of my list would be "set a realistic delivery date and don't be a year late!!" What's on your list? 

We'll collect your comments from below and address them during the stream. You can also join us live and throw your questions at us via SuperChat if you want to buy Lulu a few treats! ;)

From Shanghai with The Devil, 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Ignacio on

      An Alice themed tarot deck would be awesome! And also the circus is an excellent idea.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Schnepp

      And here thought the next game would be a circus game... with this mans morbid sense of fun plus dangerous things like fire eating and knife throwing. Sounds like a good time.

    3. Missing avatar

      Melissa Rocks on

      Just a rules question as I can't seem to find it in the game. What if someone doesn't have an action card to play or a character of the same house? Do they pick up a card? Thanks 🙂

    4. Moviuro on

      Yay, I was looking for a tarot game :) But a tarot game to play French Tarot (! I'd buy it in a heartbeat, if there are clear numberings in the corners: numbers and/or letters where applicable...

      Stretch goal ideas: quality of the cards, boxing, playmat...

      And also, best wishes for 2019!

    5. Kortney L. Bowen on

      That would be amazing to have a tarot deck!

    6. Nick Menichetti on

      I still do not have tracking info. Please advise.