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Out of the Woods is a collection of traditional fairy tales adapted into a Card Game, Illustrated Book, and compilation of Art Prints.
Out of the Woods is a collection of traditional fairy tales adapted into a Card Game, Illustrated Book, and compilation of Art Prints.
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Standard Box Update (with Pics)

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Greetings woodies

As promised, here is an update now we have received some pics from the factory.
(Apologies for the image quality, this is how they came to us)

As you can see, at first glance, everything looks great. Especially the external parts of the box.  But when you get to the inside, even with this picture quality, we spotted a few things we're not happy with and we also think you will not be happy with too in a final product.

1) The white inside the box.
As you can see in this image, the internal 'sticker' that goes inside the box does not reach the bottom of the card containing section. It should.

2) Offset Internals
In this images, you can clearly see the main internal art does not line up at all, with a large empty space to the left and the spine very obviously off to the right.
Also, it might be the blurry image, but it also looks like the instructions pocket is attached at a slight angle.

3) Paper stock too heavy?
Very blurry pic, but it looks like there's 'cracking' when the instructions are folded.
Not only that but it looks like when the instructions are folded, they're simply too fat.
We have asked for more clarification on this due to the image quality.

Yes, it's very disappointing to find out that a 2nd prototype is needed, and that will again add some extra time to the delivery date.
But we also think you'll agree with us that the issues outlined above are simply things we cannot let go when we're dedicated to making this product the best it can be.

So where are we currently at?
Within an hour of these pics being delivered to us, we fired off an email back to the production guys essentially asking 2 very important questions.
* Can those issues be fixed?  (Actually these look like relatively easy fixes, simply resizing and re-positioning the internal pieces)
* Considering you have now made 1 box, how fast can a 2nd fixed prototype be made because we really need everything doing ASAP.

We're still awaiting the answer and will write another update as soon as it comes in.

From Shanghai with hugs from American, Martin and Lulu.

- Cheers

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    1. American McGee Creator on

      @Adam - That's right. All made and sat waiting in a warehouse :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam Wootten on

      @Martin - done as in, they're just waiting to be sent out once everything else is finished and ready to go?

    3. WeAreGeek on

      I would also make the suggestion to the production that the instructions aren’t folded so many times. This would solve the “too fat” issue and give it less of a crushed/crammed appearance.

      I’m also betting that you it’s pushing against the pocket due to it’s size causing it to be pulled out more to one side giving it the slanted appearance, so this could potentially solve two issues.

      Sad to see the second prototype isn’t quite as good as you would hope though at least it’s some kind of progress and hopefully it’ll be third time lucky.

    4. Martin Collaborator on

      @All - Thanks for all the support guys. We know delays and waiting sucks, but to hear you being cool with it taking a bit longer to get it right warms the cockles of my heart :)

      @ Adam - They were done already :D It's pretty much only the box we're waiting on now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam Wootten on

      Seen lots of updates re game packaging and delays in shipping, but have there been any updates on the playmats? I haven't seen any so far, but perhaps I've just missed that somehow

    6. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Waited this long I don't mind a little longer for a finished quality product. The updates keep my confidence level high even though I want it now. :P Thanks, guys.

    7. Missing avatar

      Calvin Liu on

      Love to see these progress!! Great job!

    8. Elly Russell on

      I'd definitely rather it took longer and was an excellent finished product. Very excited for it.

    9. Angela: Things got a bit 8-Bit

      I rather wait for a perfect game than a rushed imperfect one.
      Glad you found these mistakes in time 😄

    10. starmage2 on

      That is the whole point of the prototype to catch this before full production. Hopefully you get a response soon with the corrections.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean Fowler on

      Thank you for bring this update and showing the pictures you received. I figured there would be an issue with the prototype. The fact that you guys turned it down and asked about getting it fixed shows the level of quality you require for your backers. I'm in the mindset "I've waited this long, I don't mind waiting longer if it's not going to be the best it can be." You guys have my trust that when you are happy with the product, I will be too. Thank you for your commitment and not compromising quality for speed. If the gap around the edges cannot be closed, the box could be lined with paint before the print sticker is applied.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      I completely agree with the 1st and 2nd issue. I mean they should be easy fixes, just adjust the sizes. As well as the instruction pocket, does like it's at an angle. As for the 3rd, it does appear to be cracking, usually you'd see that in something pretty old and used a bunch, not for something that's supposed to be new. Just keep us posted and we'll be fine.

    13. Damian Bailey on

      Really great update, showing that you do care about delivering the best product to us and with great detail so we know what to expect. I wish more kick-starts would be like this! I'm more than happy knowing you'll be delivering. Stay positive and keep up the great work!

    14. Angelo Loría on

      Actually yes completely disappointing but you're rigth we won't be satisfied with that so thank you for the fixes. I think you'll need to search for another manufacturer for future projects. And in the other side we must be patient because the game is advancing slowly but surely so the important is to end with an excellente game not rigth now but incompletely or low quality so ask stronger please to the manufacture but continue working as good as you know because you're really a great team I we trust you 😊 at least I do so I'm going to wait until it's perfectly ready