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Out of the Woods is a collection of traditional fairy tales adapted into a Card Game, Illustrated Book, and compilation of Art Prints.
Out of the Woods is a collection of traditional fairy tales adapted into a Card Game, Illustrated Book, and compilation of Art Prints.
3,771 backers pledged $259,744 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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All systems GO !!!!


Dear Woodies

It's with great pleasure that we can now inform you that our shipping logistics company has EVERYTHING in hand.
Illustrated Books, Colouring Books, Certificates, Neoprene Mats etc etc...

And now here's the final piece of the puzzle that arrived earlier today.
Pallets and pallets of OOTW games   :D

Phew.... a long time coming, but we got there!

So what's next?
As we mentioned in a previous update, we're going to click the "Lock Addresses" button on Backerkit shortly which will send out an email informing you that there's 48 HOURS to check and update your details if needed.

Contained in the email will be a link for you to click and do the checking and make the adjustments yourself. There's no need to message us and ask us to change anything or to check your details.

After the lock-down of addresses we will take a few days to prepare the (rather large) excel sheet that's needed to send to the shipping company and then SHIPPING WILL COMMENCE   :)

We'd also like to take this time to remind you that the upcoming festive season is very active for people having items taken off their front porches and stolen in general.Please be vigilant and do all you can to prevent this in whatever way possible.

- From Shanghai with big hugs.
American, Martin and Lulu !

Transfers and Shipments!


Dear Woodies,

Things are happening! Our rep from AdMagic wrote this morning to say (of the Card Games): 

First batch will be sent out within 1-2 days,then the balance cargo will be sent out within 3-4 days,thank you.

And I just started the transfer of funds for all the shipping... 

Shipping Funds!
Shipping Funds!

We estimate somewheare between $75k~$95k will be spent on shipping Out of the Woods to backers around the world (Martin's math says $82k) - but the final amount is variable depending on a number of constantly shifting factors such as the RMB/USD exchange rate, fluctuations in shipping costs (as a function of the ongoing and very active US / China Trade War), etc. 

We did plan all this into our original project costs, so not to worry! 


Once the Card Games arrive in Shenzhen we'll send out a Final Reminder Email in which there will be a link you can use to check and adjust your shipping address. That means you don't need to message us about address confirmations or changes - you'll be able to do that on your own when that email arrives. We anticipate sending that email next week (week of December 3rd). 

Please check your Spam Folders next week - we'll post again when those emails go out.

Once that email is sent you'll have 72 hours in which to click it, check your shipping address, and make any necessary changes. After 72 hours everything will lock down for shipping. Yay! 

We Are Almost Out of the Woods!

Exciting! We're almost there!!! 

From Shanghai in the Final Countdown, 

-American, Martin, and Lulu

Boxes in Bulk at The Factory!


Dear Woodies, 

Another day, another step towards shipping your rewards! Look at these mountains of finished games! It is the 27th here in China so we do expect they'll start sending some of these pallets down to Shenzhen today. Yay, progress! 

Piles of Boxes
Piles of Boxes
More Piles of Boxes
More Piles of Boxes


In more good news... Looks like the Canadian postal strike is OVER so we should be able to just ship your OOTW rewards to you normally. We've seen some automatic re-sending of existing (Mysterious) orders in the logistics pipeline... which seems to suggest China has already resumed processing and shipping packages to Canada. Yay!


If you've moved or had an address change since the last time you submitted an address to us, please CONTACT US NOW to get your correct shipping address into the system. 

Once all the physical rewards are at the warehouse in Shenzhen there will be a 72-hour notice email after which addresses will be in super-lock-down and shipping will begin based on the info in our system. 


Over on my Patreon we're making a big push to unlock a very special physical reward...

White Rabbit Plush Promotion
White Rabbit Plush Promotion

This is the White Rabbit Plush with Rutledge Asylum Property Bag which comes with a unique Lulu Embroidered Patch. When we hit 3200 Patrons this will unlock at a special Early Bird Price which includes FREE shipping around the globe. 

Want a Rabbit of your own? Become a Patron today! $1 a month is all it takes. And at $5 a month, you get access to our Discord Server where all the Insane Childen hang out and play. Next week we're having a Crowd Design session on Discord to discuss design elements for Alice: Asylum. Join us! 

From Shanghai with Bulk Happiness, 


Still on Track for November 27th Factory Shipping


Dear Woodies, 

As we get closer to the completion of manufacturing on the "Out of the Woods" card games here's another update from our rep at AdMagic... 

"The plant responded to me with images showing one of the completed games. I've also requested a photo of a bulk of completed games but I have not received that as of yet. They are now telling me they should ship everything together because if they if they split the shipment up it may only be a small window of time between shipments. The 27th date has not changed and they are telling me they are still on schedule for this date. I will continue to push for more info and will pass along whatever I receive. Please let me know of any questions, I'm happy to help."

TLDR; all the finished card games should ship from the factory to our logistics partner in Shenzhen on the 27th of November. 

Final Game Box
Final Game Box

Once the games are at the logistics center in Shenzhen I will likely fly down there and inspect everything. At that time I'll also plan with them the packing and shipping strategy. If all goes well, we should start shipping by the 1st~2nd week of December. 

?Updated Mailing Address?

CONTACT US NOW if you need to update your mailing address. 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  You can hit that link to be taken directly to the PM page. 

!Attention Canadians! 

As you are aware, as of this writing, the postal strike in Canada is still ON. Our logistics partners in China WILL NOT send packages to Canada via the usual Express Mail routes. DHL and FedEx are options but they are significantly more expensive. If you are willing to pay 50CAD+ for special delivery then PM us (hit the link above) to discuss options, prices, etc. 

Comments and Questions

Woodies, please help me out a bit. Myself and Martin and doing our best to sort through all the address change requests and prep for shipping. Before you post a question or send a PM, please do the following: 

  • Read all comments and replies to updates
  • Read all the recent project updates
  • Self-inspect your shipping details
  • Try a Google Search

If you still can't find what you're looking for, then PM US. We're happy to help, but if you PM us asking how to PM us... we'll send Lulu to nibble on your face.


On to the Next

As many of you are aware, there's pre-production work going into Alice: Asylum over on Patreon. We've got a Crowd-Source Design Wiki, a Discord Server, and a constant flow of new art, narrative, and design... 

Table Fight
Table Fight

Patrons get a seat at the design table, unique rewards, and access to our community along with early access to design and art drops. All this for as little as $5USD a month!

Join our Patreon Asylum today!


I do hope everyone had a wonderful holiday (where applicable). And do want to express my gratitude for your continued support and patience. "Out of the Woods" really helped set me on the current path of independent development with a virtual studio of artists and designers around the world. It showed me a way out of the woods I was trapped in back when we launched the campaign. One day I hope to tell a bit more about that story... but for now, I'll just leave it with "Thank You." 

From Shanghai with Thanks, 


Major Update: Shipping SOON (Plus: CANADIANS PLEASE READ)


Dear Woodies, 

American here with a big update from Ad Magic and the factory! I'll let our rep at Ad Magic deliver the details: 

"Main Games - Currently they are assembling all the boxes. They are working to get these completed quickly but also trying to get the labels as lined up as possible. They have pushed the completion date to around Nov. 27th. However, they can split this up into 2 shipments and send some of them out sooner. Images are attached so you can see everything was printed. I have also requested photos of any completed boxes so you can share those to your backers." 

OOTW Cards
OOTW Cards
OOTW Boxes
OOTW Boxes
OOTW Cards (back)
OOTW Cards (back)

"Wooden Boxes - The plant is working on these. Estimated ship date is still Nov. 20th. Images are attached. "

OOTW Wooden Box
OOTW Wooden Box
OOTW Wooden Box 2
OOTW Wooden Box 2

 She goes on to say... 

"I will update you on the main games as soon as the plant responds to most recent email to them. Thank you both for your extreme patience throughout this process. Things did take longer than usual but I promise I am on the plant daily about getting everything completed and shipped."

So... they missed the 15th delivery date but should still have everything delivered to our logistics partners in Shenzhen by the end of November. 

I will work with her and the factory to get whatever game boxes are finished delivered ASAP (delivery in separate batches) so that we can start shipping those right away. That might mean we see shipping of items start around the 23rd of this month. And there might be a few of you who get deliveries in time for Christmas. Yay!


As you Canadians are well aware, the postal strike is causing havoc for inbound international mailing. That means we CAN NOT ship anything from China to Canada at this time. All of our logistics partners (the two different companies we've used for years) have told us NOT to send them any shipments bound for Canada until further notice. 

That is all we know about the situation on this end. As soon as we're told by the logistics companies we can resume shipping we'll post a notice and get your packages on the way ASAP. 


We will start shipping soon! If you've moved since the last time you provided your mailing address be sure to PM us with the new address. Shipments will go out via International Express Shipping with tracking numbers. We will post updates as shipping begins. And we'll likely post an online spreadsheet with tracking details which you can manually search if that sort of thing interests you. 

Let us know in the comments if you've got any feedback or suggestions regarding the above details. 

Again, massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped bring OOTW to life and for your ongoing support and patience. 

From Shanghai with Lulu,