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In this 310+ page luxurious slipcased softcover, renegade Angels, Dragons and a witch team up together against an evil that strikes from above.
In this 310+ page luxurious slipcased softcover, renegade Angels, Dragons and a witch team up together against an evil that strikes from above.
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New Milestone Unlocked and Kickstarter Loves Us

Posted by Amélie Hutt (Creator)

I was just recovering from the slight euphoria and emotion of Kickstarter labeling our project as a project they love and in the same breath we swiftly unlocked our next milestone!!
Thank you so much!

Hitting the 75% unlocked for you a new pledge level: The Immortal Cameo!

I have this habit of putting extreme care into background characters that sometimes only appear once in my book. It’s certainly not a productive habit since they show once or twice ever, but I do so because they are part of the universe of my book even if this is not their story. When these characters happen to walk into the scene by inadvertence, they get to be rendered in full and I spend insane amounts of time designing their clothes, their features and imbuing them with their own feelings about whatever dramatic event is taking place before their eyes.

With this new pledge, you can become one of these characters and keep a place forever in the Volume II of Angels Power.You’ll get to brag forever about setting foot in that universe and showing them the page where you appear.

Here are the rules of this pledge! You have several choices for this spot in the light. You can be:

  •  A Dragonnet in its human form and/or request your pet as a cat-serpent (which we affectionately call “fluffsnakes”).
  • A sleeping Angel or one that gets murdered: This one is a mystery pick, you either sleep or get bloody murdered! No telling.
  •  A Diabolic war officer: I don’t tell you which Diabolic kind you become, it’s a surprise!


Feel free to ask any question about this new pledge in a comment after this update.


En Français:

Nous venons de débloquer une nouvelle récompense à sélectionner: L’Immortal Caméo!

Les personnages d’Angels Power sont incroyablement détaillés, peu importe le nombre de cases ou de pages sur lesquelles ils apparaissent.
J’ai cette étrange habitude de passer autant de temps sur un protagoniste que sur un figurant.

Dans ce nouveau niveau de pledge, vous pouvez devenir un de ces personnages! Vous avez trois choix:

  • Devenir un Dragonnet sous forme humaine, ou d’insérer votre animal de compagnie sous la forme d’un serpent-chat, leur forme animale.
  • Un Ange assoupi ou qui se fait tuer: Celle-là est une option mystère! Je ne vous dis pas si vous dormez paisiblement ou si vous êtes brutalement assassiné! C’est dur d’être un Ange ces derniers temps…
  • Un officier de guerre Diabolique. Les Diaboliques arrivent sous de nombreuses formes, de la plus humaine à la plus monstrueuse. Ça aussi, c’est une surprise! Mais vous vous reconnaîtrez.


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