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Beautifully shot, designed & produced hardcover coffee table art book of Audra colorful kawaii style, illustrations, desserts & nudes.
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Thank You, 97% Funded & 6 Hours Left, Special Packages, Kickstarter Live

Posted by Amelia G (Creator)

Only 6 hours left and 97% funded. Thank you guys so much. No matter what happens, your support has been amazing. If you can, please share using the Kickstarter project links or just typing

We are down to the last few hours of my kickstarter and getting MAJOR CLOSE to the goal!!! There are still 11 early bird packages left -- includes book, T-shirt, stickers, song download, art print and, wow! The design for the t-shirt is still tba. I may do some exclusive design or it may be something like my logo, or a photo or drawing of my design or maybe even all of the above... I've always wanted to do tshirts so I'm really excited to do some!! Whatever it is you can expect it to be something fun!! We seriously are getting soooooo close and everyone has just been overwhelmingly supportive.... thank you for being so invested in my dreams everyone!!!! I really feel like no matter what we are in this together!!

Love, Audra

Mini Video Clip from Kickstarter Live Shoot Last Night with Blue Blood's Forrest Black & Amelia G for the Ultra Happy Alarm Coffee Table Art Book

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    1. John Merklinghaus on

      Victory! 102.8% funded, with 5 hours to go!