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€7,065 pledged of €50,000 goal
€7,065 pledged of €50,000 goal

A kind thank you from Fabrizia

Fabrizia on the mend
Fabrizia on the mend

Dear all, 

Always staying in the food realm, we say nontutte le ciambelleriescono con il buco, "not all the doughnuts come out with a hole." In this case the ciambella is our Kickstartercampaign which, despite your generosity, did not work out.

One of the reasons is, as you may already know, I broke my leg five days before my trip to the US where I was hoping to fundraise and promote Amaro. Disastrously broken into lots of pieces, followed by surgery...So no trip to the US and a huge energy drain for the past month!

But this doesn't mean I won't come back to it. The project is my life project as many of you know. It is my passion and my contribution to Sicilian food culture — to share it and promote it around the world. So keep in touch, and help me think of lots of ciambelle with the hole very soon!

Thank you


To keep in touch specifically about Amaro, please join us on our mailing list for the film. We will take some time to figure out our next steps and look forward working towards making Amaro a reality! Thank you. 

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