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With his marriage on the line, Grandpa tries to win Grandma back by looking to quintessential romantic comedies for "wisdom."

In March we raised over $6,500, which was AMAZING and as you can see in our video above a little definitely went a very long way. However, we're out of cash and need to raise additional funds to complete Post Production. We need to compose an original score (courtesy of an incredible up-and-coming composer who collaborated on an album with Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino, who did "LOST"), mix/create sound effects, pay film festival entry fees (we're aiming for Sundance baby!), and most importantly, screen it for family and friends!!

After an exceptionally successful 4 day shoot we couldn't be happier with our footage!! We have something really special in our hands and we can't wait to present the finished product. Now all we need is a little more help in post...

The Plot

Fed up with their marriage, Grandma kicks Grandpa out of the house and he begrudgingly moves in with his daughter's family. There he starts watching some famous romantic comedies and is encouraged by the consistent pattern he finds: Boy meets Girl, Boy loses Girl, Boy gets Girl back. Determined to make his own happy ending a reality, Grandpa goes to great lengths and makes some hilariously bold moves to try and prove his love.

A few of the movies we'll nudge to in our film include Never Been Kissed, Jerry Maguire and Say Anything.

Meet the Post Team

Chris Ryans - Composer - "You can't make a movie without music! A good score might seem easy to pull off, but behind the scenes there are countless individuals working hard to make the magic happen. With additional funding, we hope to bring a memorable score to life with professional Hollywood musicians."

Rachel - Editor - "Post Production encompasses many things - from sound and color to the final output of the film! It's the final important push that takes the hopes and goals of many who worked on a film and makes them into something tangible that everyone can enjoy. We want to do our best for all those that worked on the film before us, not only on set but in supporting the film in whatever way possible. To accomplish that, we need to finish the film to the best of our ability - utilizing a mixing session, color correction, and all tools available to us to make it the best it can be. Thanks for your support! We can't wait to share it with you!!"

Jason Alvidrez - Writer/Director - "While I was studying cinema and American Sign Language in college, I set out to write a film that a hearing and deaf audience could equally enjoy. I am inspired by film history and cheesy romantic comedies, a mix that motivated me to create 'Silence.'"

Amanda Ashley - Producer - "There are two things I am deeply passionate about in this industry: 1) bringing great stories to life and 2) pulling a team of talented people together to create something extraordinary that one person simply could not accomplish on their own. When Jason and I were pitching story ideas to each other in a coffee shop I couldn't stop smiling once I heard about 'Silence;' it was just one of those ideas that had to get on screen!"

Kacie Calhoun - Executive Producer/UPM - ""Having worked at both large studios and small production companies, I have seen a lot-- but I haven't seen anything like 'Silence.' It's no small feat to put a project like this together, but I'm thrilled to be a part of the team as we put together this convivial comedy."

The Basic Budget Breakdown

Here it is in numbers:

$1,200: Foley Recording and Studio Rental for the Final Mix
$200: DVDs and Post Salaries
$500: Festival Entry Fees
$200: Premiere and Party
$300: Composer
10%- Kickstarter fees

Again anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your support!


Whippersnapper Productions


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