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Be a part of "An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer…" whether you want to attend the shows, or live a million miles away…
Be a part of "An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer…" whether you want to attend the shows, or live a million miles away…
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    1. Tsvika S on

      I have received the download codes for the 'Prelude', and for the 3-CD set, and they are awesome.
      I wanted to ask - on Project Update #8, a bonus CD is mentioned - and I never (digitally) received it, although it seems from the update that I should have :).
      Had anyone received the download codes for the bonus CD? Is it only me?

    2. Missing avatar

      Tanja Hofmann on

      Juhuuuuu!!! I´ve got my download codes and I´m so happyhappyhappyhappy!!!!!!!!!
      I love the CDs and can´t stop listening to it. When I´m outside with my mp3-player listening to it, I see everything in another light. THANK YOU!

    3. laekh on

      I got the PM and am dowloading. I'm happy we finally worked it out. Thanks!

    4. Amanda Palmer 3-time creator on

      Laekh/Angie - you were sent a download code and I've responded, but I'll try and send you another one now (via private message on Kickstarter). If you don't get this one, please follow me on Twitter, @ reply me, and I'll DM you yours. My Twitter handle is @indeciSEAN - thank you for your patience and sorry for the trouble. - Sean (Team AFP)

    5. laekh on

      I have the same problem as Tanja. (15 May message)
      I sent several emails to Sean, then per his request (my comment on one of the updates here) a PM via Kickstarter on 26 May.
      Please someone answer.
      This is getting ridiculous.

    6. Play Dead Toys on

      Amanda, i just sent an email (sorry for the belated reply, just read your message here).

      thanks again for the wonderful album, it's been listening treat.

    7. Amanda Palmer 3-time creator on

      Tanja, please send a message here on Kickstarter, then. I'm sorry you're losing your patience, but the codes have been sent to you. - Sean (Team AFP)

    8. Missing avatar

      Tanja Hofmann on

      Sean, please read your emails. I´m waiting and waiting for my download codes and loosing my patience now.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim Griffiths on

      OK. I have just sent a message with the requested information to you Sean via the Kickstarter message service. Thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Tanja Hofmann on

      I love surprises, I love bananas and I love the banana-CD I got yesterday.
      ( And I´m patiently waiting for my downlode codes :-))

    11. Play Dead Toys on

      ok, just found the download email (in junk mail, of course), but there's still the matter of the poster. would love to still get one. sean?

    12. Amanda Palmer 3-time creator on

      Michael Reilly (and Jim Griffiths) - clearly something's going up and I apologize you're not receiving communication. We've had some folks who had trouble receiving messages from the…for the time being, can you send a MESSAGE rather than post a comment? Do that, address it to me, and I'll get you sorted there! Thank you for your patience and support. - Sean (Team AFP)

    13. Play Dead Toys on

      I selected the VAMPIRE BAT}, and to date have received nothing. nada. no download codes, no poster. i've messaged through kickstarter, and sent emails to sean, no response. looks like i'm not the only one. how do we resolve this??? if i'm not getting my share of the project, how do i get my $30 back? arrgggghhh....

    14. Missing avatar

      Jim Griffiths on

      It is approaching two weeks since I started sending emails direct and messages via Kickstarter to Sean/ Amanda requesting a corrected login or some technical assistance to allow me to download the content I purchased. To date I have sent one message via Kickstarter which received a fairly short response requesting me to email details of the issue to , which I have done 4 times now. After the first couple of messages I tried a bland enquiry here (26 April) asking whether anyone else had had trouble with downloads. Again, and still, no effective response to that comment or the messages. At this point I am so disappointed with the process that I don't want the download. I realise that I am probably inviting a firestorm from some of the thousands of customers who have been happy with this project. Its just that having happily waited for so long for the download /CD from two performers I really like , I feel a let down by this ending. Ah well, let the flaming begin....

    15. Amanda Palmer 3-time creator on

      Tanja - can you please shoot me an email so that I can help you out with your download code? - I'm a bit swamped at the moment between the two Kickstarters so please be patient, but I'll make sure you get it as quickly as humanly possible! Thank you again for your patience and support! - Sean (Team AFP)

    16. Missing avatar

      Tanja Hofmann on

      I selected the VAMPIRE BAT} Limited edition "An Evening With…" poster + digital download, got the poster and the download codes for the prelude but I got no download codes for the "Evening With" live record. Please help me! Or do I only get the prelude- which I love- but I´m waiting for more!

    17. Sidders on

      Just Recieved the CD's, marvelous packaging, and customs free.
      Now going to upset work by listening to them all day.!

    18. Sarah on

      I just wanted to know what I should do if my cds never showed up :-/ I'm trying to be patient, but I feel like it's been long enough and they haven't arrived.

    19. Paul Roberts on

      Got mine today yay! :) You were lucky to get one of the freebies through customs though!!!

      Now to find a frame to display all my cool stuff :)

    20. Dale Reed on

      Got my stuff today!

      I must admit each time I've received something on this the pack being flagged 'girlie action' has been a bit of an embarrassment, especially as these have been getting delivered to my work! ;)

      Still, everything looks great, all the little extra freebies, my signed and personalised CD box.

      Wish I hadn't downloaded and already listened to it now!

      Anyway, thanks for the ride, and PLEASE consider doing a tour over this side of the pond next time (ie UK!)


    21. Amanda Palmer 3-time creator on

      Jocelyn - I emailed you back. Want to try my alt email?

      - Sean (Team AFP)

    22. Missing avatar

      celyn on

      Were the other Fireflies' CD sets personalized? Mine weren't. I loved the package but was disappointed by that. I emailed Sean, but no response as of yet.

    23. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      Got my copy today - Singapore Mail~

    24. Shaun Pryszlak on

      I'm in the uk and I got mine today. Not only that but the first track mentions Brighton and Hove, where I live. Lovely packaging and an intriguing surprise cd as well.

    25. Krzysztof on

      I received my package yesterday (Poland) - it's perfect! Thank u Amanda & Neil :)))

    26. Paul Roberts on

      Has anyone in Europe (UK) got their packages yet?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jim Griffiths on

      As I received the very nice CD package today I suppose it really doesn't matter but did anyone else's download never work ?

    28. Marc Kevin Hall

      I received my Firefly package today, and it is terrific, better than I could have hoped for. The whole team went above and beyond putting this together. Thank you, Neil, Amanda, and everyone involved.

      My landlady was installing new mailboxes when the letter carrier delivered the package. When I walked onto the porch she said "A, um, package came for you." She handed it to me and she glanced down at the return address, then back at me with a disdainful frown. I suspect she thought I had ordered an entirely different kind of "girlie action."

    29. RiverVox on

      I want to comment on Amanda Shedonist's post. I really *like* that the intros are separate from the songs on this release so I can leave them out of playlists. As much as I enjoy Amanda's intros, it's frustrating on Down Under to have them on the tracks when I just want the music. I can also understand that using shuffle it would be problematic! I'm not sure what the solution is, but wanted to give my counterpoint and say thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicole Riddell on

      Super sweet package came today.. Awhhs and thanks yous! (made me misty!) Capitol letters THANK YOU!! even.

    31. Amanda Shedonist on

      I love love love the whole set and all the love that obviously went into it. And, of course, I love the music/tracks. It's brilliant and fun and intimate and goofy - all at once.

      I have one request for future projects and 1 random question about the set.

      The request for future project is to NOT separate the introduction from a song and the song into 2 separate tracks (like for "I Google you"). In this iPod/mp3/shuffle world, it means you get this great intro and then some other random song entirely (usually from a different artist). It's cruel, just cruel I tell you (but only a little).

      The other random question/note is to ask if everyone else's discs are as hard to sort out in order. For me, it appears that Disc 2 is the first disc with the Margaret Cho intro, then Disc 3 is second, and Disc 1 third. And to make it even more confusing, the liner notes don't seem to match the disc (i.e. the liner notes with Neil's feet don't seem to match the disc with Neil's head, etc.). I had already listened to the complete digital download, but was so confused trying to play the CDs in the correct order. I supposed after the 1st disc it's not as important, but it sure was confusing.

    32. Missing avatar

      Shannon Babu on

      STOKED.... I've HAD the Prelude code since December.... and downloaded it and haven't listened to it yet bc I wanted to hear it ALTOGETHER with the actual "Evening With..." So I received my lovely poster, heard about the CDs going out, but didn't hear/see anything in my email about the next download code for the main recording. I emailed Sean and quicker than you could say "No Prob, Bob!" (literally, w/i a couple hours) he had me a new code and I am now up to my eyeballz in Neil & Amanda Goodness. Thanks Sean!

    33. Sebastian on


      just wanted to say that I just got my Prelude download (didn't get it when it came out and didn't notice either). Sean and the team sorted it out in no time! Thanks again!

    34. Bradley Stier on

      I can't say enough about how amazing Team AFP and Sean, in particular, are! I didn't receive my initial download code and emailed an inquiry. Not even 24 hours later, I received a fresh download code from Sean and have been enjoying the project ever since.

      Today, I received my CDs and I am even more thrilled with this whole experience. What a lovingly designed set and the extra bonus disc was a special treat! Thank you Amanda, Neil, Sean and everyone else on Team AFP!

      <3 you all!

    35. Melody on

      GO SEAN! I missed the first download code--not sure if Spam ate it or not, but I got all my codes now thanks to you and I'm super excited.

      TEAM AFP is working hard to keep us all happy, but they're all humans, so take it easy on em, eh? Sean will get you sorted!

      Thanks, Neil and Amanda, too (obviously) for what is a FANTASTIC project. I had to write that in all caps too.

    36. Kevin Clark on

      Thanks, Sean, for helping me get the download code sorted out in about three seconds! Now you've only got 3,872 more people to help.

      /me gets Sean a beer.

    37. Terry Hancock on

      I have to admit, the really thick program notes kind of throw me. Are they supposed to be coasters? (would never use them that way!) I thought for a moment it was going to be a puzzle of the cover art, but it's not all there. My OCD is screaming about that.

      It really is beautiful, though, thanks! :-D

    38. Missing avatar

      Max Power on

      Hush down, angry chillin's. I emailed Sean a couple of days ago about my missing download code, and just got it today. He's a cool cat and a straight shooter and I'm sure he'll get to every one in due time. Just relax and loosen your grip on reality and wait a mo' while the universe aligns itself to provide your sweaty hands with a download code. Hell, use The Secret if you have to (not recommended). And yup, you can just rename that pesky corrupt MP3 file with '.mp3' at the end you will be rocking and rolling. It's all good. And we're all gonna die, so smile. While you can, that is.

    39. Missing avatar

      Felicity Ghering on

      Cincinnati, Ohio: Received CD set, oogled them with husband. Pretty, pretty. Been playing the digi download often.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dan Price on

      Care to explain why backing this project got me subscribed to your Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer mailing list? I call that spam. Knock it off! I didn't back your project on kickstarter so you could harvest my address for an unrelated purpose.

    41. Simcha Gralla

      Keith, you can rename the file yourself and import it to iTunes. You don't have to wait for a fix.

    42. Keith Strasser on

      I am have same problem with iTunes prays for a fix =)

    43. Simcha Gralla

      There appears to be a problem with iTunes and the long file name "Amanda Palmer - An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Pal - 25 (Introduction to -Do You Swear to Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass-).mp3". Before renaming the file, iTunes would only import the first 24 songs and only showed them in "Recently Added". After shortening the file name, it imported the full set properly.

    44. RiverVox on

      Listening now and almost brought to tears by the feeling that I'm there at the fan/family reunion. My only wish: a movie. And of course to see you all again.

    45. Terry Hancock on

      I just got the notice about the CDs shipping, which is awesome news.
      You've been a real inspiration to me with this project. Thanks!

      (Also made me feel less bad about running late on my own project -- which puts a bit of silvery lining on that cloud. Given a choice between receiving something rushed and incomplete and receiving something later than expected, I prefer the latter, so I'm glad that's how you handled it. Probably should just allow some extra contingency time the next time you run a KS project -- I know I'm going to ;-) ).

    46. Paul Roberts on

      Looks like download codes are coming out today for the 3 cd set :) and merch is just about in the post

    47. AustinRM on

      Its been about a month since was updated. Is there anything more we should know?

    48. Sidders on

      Just looked at the overview stats 666% funded - creepy.

    49. Samanfur on

      Hi, Sean. Message resent from the same e-mail address and one of my alternates. I can also be reached by the same username on Twitter.

    50. Samanfur on

      Sean, did any e-mail from me get to either of your addresses? I sent you a repeat message five days ago asking about my download code, and I'm wondering if they're getting through.

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