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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra are putting out an album. Pre-order it / get more info on the art book & gallery tour, here!
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Amanda Palmer

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the art book & the art auction for a non-profit + a video from me saying hi. HI.

my dear ones.....

i've missed you.
real quick like: i've still been semi-based in cambridge for the past few months....running around doing one-off house parties...i'll send you guys a bunch of tasty house party pictures (and links to blogs) in one big she-bang when i get my shiitake more together.

MEANWHILE - you may have gotten this info via twitter or the blog, but i wanted to let you guys know that ALMOST ALL OF THE ART FROM THE ART BOOK is up for auction to benefit PS122, a great non-profit performance art space in NYC. they need help.
you can find it all here:
the dresden dolls played there waaaay back in the day, and it's been an incubator and safe haven for a lot of my new york-based art friends.
the art is all in one section, and the auctions close TOMORROW NIGHT - FRIDAY - at midnight, EST.
here's just a tiny fraction of the art:

…and what a few of 'em are currently selling for:
• two of my drawings for about $100 each
• three of DAVID MACK's pieces for between $130 and $300 each
• original MICHAEL ZULLI's for $100 and $200
CASSANDRA LONG's “do it with a rockstar” cover art for $100
MOLLY CRABAPPLE's “the killing type” for just over $200
and many, many more that are still affordable…

and here is me. in a video. talking to you. about this.
if you haven't peeped the art book in actual printed-realness, this is where you can SEEEEEEEE it in all its heavyweight glory...we are very proud of it:

and in almost no time...we hit the road, all over, everywhere (tour dates HERE).
i'll share more with you soon. promise.

p.s. there's a big update for “the bed song” book backers specifically that needs to be reposted with some news from all of us on where things are at. we'll try and get that up here in the next few days. thank you for being patient and awesome.


    1. Creator Shield Bonnichsen on July 18, 2013

      Next few days?

    2. Creator Marlo Dell'Antonio on June 8, 2013

      Awesome!!!! I've so been looking forward to being able to purchase this book... It looks beautiful =)

    3. Creator Jeska Dzwigalski on June 7, 2013

      Thanks Louisa! :)

    4. Creator Louisa on June 6, 2013

      @Jeska You have 25 hours until the bidding closes, if that helps!

    5. Creator Jeska Dzwigalski on June 6, 2013

      Hey does anyone know if the bidding closes midnight Friday as in 12am EDT Friday (the midnight between Thursday and Friday) or "midnight Friday" as in 12am EDT Saturday (the midnight between Friday and Saturday) - I can't tell from the website and I'm bidding on a few items I'd like to keep an eye on!

    6. Creator SAMUEL SEBASTIAN HOLDEN BRAMAH on June 6, 2013


      Happy there will soon be some feedback about the Bed Book... I know there are only 72 of us... But hey, that is 72.000 Dollars worth of backing LOL