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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra are putting out an album. Pre-order it / get more info on the art book & gallery tour, here!
WE ARE THE MEDIA! With your backing, me &
The Grand Theft Orchestra released "Theatre Is Evil" in September
2011, hit the billboard top 10, toured the world, played 25 house parties &
made a MASSIVE book with album-inspired art from 30+ artists!
WE ARE THE MEDIA! With your backing, me & The Grand Theft Orchestra released "Theatre Is Evil" in September 2011, hit the billboard top 10, toured the world, played 25 house parties & made a MASSIVE book with album-inspired art from 30+ artists!
24,883 backers pledged $1,192,793 to help bring this project to life.

news from the front, plus lots & lots & lots of your questions answered...

HOLA everybody.

on we roll, on we roll!!

the phone's been ringing off the hook and strangers are coming up to me in the street and congratulating me on this whole thing. goddamn.
we're doing something so much bigger than i thought it would be. it's becoming about so much more than me, this record, and you. we're making the whole world take notice of crowdfunding and it's possibilities and it's pretty fucking incredible...especially as i see people starting their own projects inspired by this one, AND getting funding. i'm about to go on NPR tomorrow and spread the word...i'll tweet links when it's airing (so FOLLOW THE TWITTER).
i have something in mind to try and show that to you all. i can't say more (yet) but NYC-area people might want to keep may 31st (our last day of kickstarter) FREE. we're making COUNTDOWN PLANS and we might just be doing something inside your fair city...
not in NY? we'll make sure you're involved, too. make sure you're on the mailing list if you're not, already.

i want to thank every single one of you so much for continuing to spread the word about what's going are my megaphone, and the best one i've ever had. at this moment in time, we're at OVER 16,000 backers.


i'm glad you all dug "Do It with a Rock Star"'s one of my favorites.
(if you didn't download it yet, you can grab your copy HERE in the last update)

watching the internet switchboard light up when we dropped it the other night was like a miracle. and to those of you who UPPED your pledge after hearing it/seeing the new $5 "deluxe" download…thank you. that shit means the world, and we're going to do everything we can to make sure you don't regret it.

first we hit 14,000 backers…
this one was taken in a hotel philadelphia the night before neil got his honorary doctorate (sharpie-ing care of neil gaiman):

and then 15,000…again, sharpie-ing care of neil gaiman. manpower care of the guys at locust moon comics, philly:

speaking of kyle cassidy, neil and i posed for "the bed song" book while we were in philly.
it was neil's first (semi) naked photoshoot. i'd like to take this moment to say....
i never thought i'd see the day. 
he was very brave, neil gaiman was. i made him quote things about bravery from his own books while he lay there, terrified. i think it went ok.


i've been spending a huge amount of brain-energy fielding the bad vibes, too. there's a lot of criticism out there, and a lot of questions.
i'm taking my time with that and putting a couple of blogs together with my thoughts about a lot of things...i'll link to them here on kickstarter when they go up.
meanwhile, a bunch of the SUPER-specific questions that have come in are answered BELOW. keep them coming.


i'm spending LOTS of time going back and forth with the designer, andrew, about the book/LP/CD layout.
the work is agonizing and the choices impossible, but mostly only because we have SO MUCH GOOD art that it's hard to squeeze everything in.
i did a quick photoshoot with kelly davidson, upstairs here in my home (the cloud club, in boston) and we got some EXCELLENT and weird shots i've been seeing in my head all year. here's a pic of kelly shooting me (snapped by matt savage):


yesterday, i had a twitter flurry of madness with a vibrator company called OhMiBod about possibly adding a last-minute vibrator reward.
they'd sent me a box of free vibrators, and i started joking about how it would be an excellent kickstarter product. one thing led to another.
it's unlikely, but cross your...whatever you cross.
i'll let you know.


ALL of the rock show tickets released to the public are GONE.
BLAM, thank you.
you CAN still get a rock show ticket by pledging towards one of the art opening/VIP party rewards, but THOSE are nearly gone, too. they've hit the half-way sold out point. and BERLIN is now BEATING LOS ANGELES. wtf? who knew?
for those of you coming to any of those six gallery shows, we're whipping up some extremely special stuff....getting guest performance artists and acoustic acts to join us, dealing with the galleries to get ALL the art perfectly hung and displayed...
we're working on getting a STRING QUARTET (!) - playing arrangements by grand theft orchestrian JHEREK - with us, in every city.
i've been working with the band to figure gallery-only arrangements of new songs as well as what special, special songs we'll play those nights (and probably never again). i'm sourcing a keytar and we're going to hopefully do a new arrangement of "polly"....
EXCITING. it should all be very very special. 


somewhere amidst all of this, i'm also preparing CLOTHES.
speaking of which: a note from the costume department!
our hot hot girlfriend - the impeccably fashionable jess daly (@jessdaly) straight outta MELBOURNE oz - has been slaving away for the past two months making THE TOUR COSTUMES.

here she is measuring chad:

here's her sketches of our tour costumes (including a head-dress she's building for me out of wire and beads):

…some in-progress photos from melbourne including one of jess' seamstress helper-bee elissa hullah (@dyedough) working on chad's belt (click HERE to enlarge):

AND, drummroll, what will soon be a FRACKIN' KIMONO:

jess has been sewing and building everyTHING from scratch, and now she's four days away from boarding a plane with a mega-suitcase and meeting us all in NYC, where she plans to stay and become an icon (we think she'll be fine. but if you see her couch-surfing on twitter, for gods sake give her a place to sleep. she may also need sewing assistants.)


AND now, to your questions...

Q from Robert Daniels: Why is the "NEIL GAIMAN & KYLE CASSIDY: "THE BED SONG" PHOTOBOOK" so expensive? All other prices look alright to me, but this one I don't understand.OK, you also get the album on CD and Vinyl plus the art book. But you can get the additional items for $175 which means the book costs $825. What the...?

Q from Marygrace DeLucchi: Odds of the Neil/Kyle book being made available anywhere else/anyhow else? Would love it, but pledged to art show 'cause I doesn't has $1000 so easy.

A from Amanda: this is one of those situations where we just hoped people would trust us and know what we put together was going to be worth the money. and people who backed "evening with" and got their packages know we aren't fucking around when it comes to that (but i know a LOT of you who are backing this weren't around for that).as i see neil and kyle working on it with kevin (who works at my management company, girlie action, and handles production-y stuff), i know that it's going to be breathtaking. it's not just "a book"…it's not the type of thing you're going to throw on your coffee table and lose under a magazine, but because we needed to see the actual demand for it, it wasn't something we could just drop thousands of dollars on printing up, and then bite our nails hoping we sold them all. this means we can't show you how awesome it is yet, but i'll tell you what: if your heart says you should have it, we're going to do our best to make you VERY happy when it's done.and this is it. we don't have any plans to release it again, and IF we DID, it would be VERY different and not as amazing. we know it's expensive, but we'd rather make sure we get it right for the people who really, really want it instead of cheapening the whole thing for them and everyone.and to clarify: there is a MAXIMUM of 666 available on kickstarter. if we only sell 100 of them, all that means is that the book will become even more limited. we're not going to print a bunch of extras to sell at a later date, it's just going to be for kickstarter backers, friends, family, and those involved in the photography.


Q from Kate Steneker: This is so great! I am excited, both to back you and to get a CD! Quick question: I sent my pledge through Amazon, but there was no way to specify the mailing address of the CD. How do I do that? It's different than the billing address.

A from Amanda: don't worry, kate (and you're not the only person who's been worried about this). sorry there's confusion, but amazon has NOTHING to do with the kickstarter except for the fact they process the payments when the project is completed. the way shipping works is thusly: sometime after our project ends (which is may 31st at 11:59pm EST) we'll send a survey out via kickstarter which asks information pertinent to the reward you purchased. if you just pledged $1 for a download code, your survey will basically ask where you want the code emailed in september, whereas if you pledged $300 for the art opening in NYC your survey's going to be more detailed and we'll need to know things like your name for the guestlist, and of course where we should ship your stuff when it's ready. THAT is when/where we get your address. as long as you fill that info out when the time comes, everything will be fine. but please do make sure you fill out that survey when the time comes, k? k. (also, sean set THIS up on the message board so y'all with super weird/specific shipping questions can get help.)


Q from Lizzie: Does anyone know how to request the vinyl option on the $125 option??? :( Happy Birthday Amanda. you made my whole fucking year!

A from Amanda: this is something that will be sorted out when that aforementioned survey gets sent around. the default for the $125 bundle is CD, but we'll ask people which version of the record they want in the survey. if you're one of the people who pledged an extra $25 to get both the CD and vinyl, just make sure you mention that when you fill it out.


Q from xolotl: Could we get another backing level which includes both the CD and the Vinyl? I know it might seem a little odd, but I often like to have both.

A from Amanda: we made a deliberate choice not to do à la carte items for the rewards under $100, sorry, it just would've been HELL for our fulfillment people. BUT, as mentioned above, if you want the CD and vinyl, get the $125 bundle and pledge an additional $25 and you'll get both PLUS the amazing art book (which i'll be SIGNING).


Q from Meghann Pardee: Is the art booklet with the $25+ pledge different than the art book with art by all the different artists?

A from Amanda: sorry for the confusion…the ART BOOK is one thing, the inserts that come with the CD/vinyl are another (they will contain SOME of the art from the art book, but not even close to all of it), and the PDF that comes with the deluxe digital download is gonna be a third kind of thing. and don't forget, EVERYONE who pledges $5+ gets the deluxe digital download booky-thing.
the ART BOOK is a massive collection of all of the pieces, lyrics, interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff related to the ART & ARTISTS, whereas the CD/vinyl/digital will be more MUSIC-centric/photos/thank yous/that type of stuff.


Q from RevGra: Does the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD include the Art Booklet in Digital form? If not I'm certainly willing to add more bucks to get it...

A from Amanda: speaking of…we currently are not planning on releasing the ART BOOK as a standard PDF/ebook. maybe someday, but since it's something i really want people to look at and hold and really let sink in, the book is important. that, and it'd be a better experience to do it as an APP, anyway.


Q from John Card II: When the dust settles, I'd like to know how many $x pledges were for more than $x. Did we all round up a little bit, or was the price exactly right?

A from Amanda: i think this is a neat idea. i'll try and remember to do a blog here and there as we march onward talking about the business-y side of things, and this would be neat to use as the wrap-up.


Q from Matthew Hemphill: I would love to see some updates featuring the artists you're working with as well. Since these art shows are going to get a lot of press as well this might even change their lives a little. No matter what though I just want you to keep us all in the loop.

A from Amanda: good call. and we definitely have some fun stuff in store that directly involves the art/artists. stay tuned…


Q from Daniella Koontz: I love hearing about inspiration behind things. The driving force, the meaning, the emotion. I like hearing about the art of designing things besides the music as well, even down to how you express yourself in a fashion sense. Everything comes from something, and I enjoy hearing about the background behind choices :)


A from Amanda: daniella/hugo (hi hugo!) and others: this is something a lot of people have asked for this time around. it's interesting, because years ago when i started doing a blog series all about "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" (the plan was that there'd be one blog per song) it just…it didn't get the interest and feedback we expected. i wonder if that means that people are more interested this time around, or maybe it's a different set of fans coming along who care about that type of thing? whatever the case, there's certainly no lack of content for this album, and so we'll figure out the best way to get some of that type of stuff out there amongst it (perhaps the $5 deluxe digital download we just announced).


Q from Boo: Can I contribute a piece of art to the project?

A from Amanda: FUCK. YES. my whole vision was for the art book to inspire an online gallery that would explode once the record came out. if you do AFP-inspired art, EMAIL IT TO US:
some of the art in the book IS actually from fans who've done just that over the years and who we asked to be a part of this. you never know, if you send us something, it could end up being something more. or a shirt of the month. or who knows what. but we definitely love to see all of your art, and post something new HERE almost every day.


Q from Ellie: Just pledged my $25 :) I'm in the UK, anyone know if we're gonna have to pay any tax when we receive it? I heard the threshold is £15 and this is slightly over in value. Gonna try and find this out so I can brace myself for any stupid charges!

A from Amanda: we've had a couple of questions similar to this. based on our experience/feedback on "evening with", there's unfortunately no way to know the exact answer as it seems to be pretty arbitrary based on how your local post wants to handle it. it's on our notes to discuss with the fulfillment company that's going to be sending everything all over the world, and we'll do our best to make sure you don't end up having to pay import taxes. if you do, i'm sorry, it's out of our hands.


Q from Mildred Bain: I really like looking at pictures of you all dressed up and fancy like. Mayhaps you could include a picture or two of you being of you being happy/mopey/grief-stricken/overjoyed in some sort of flamboyant garb? Aside from that little personal request, I think that posting discarded tracks/samples is awesome; love the musicmaker/fan collab idea. I basically just want a way to live vicariously through you as you undertake this amazing process.

A from Amanda: we'll do our best. i'm sure you'll get your fill of pictures when this is all said and done.


Q from Nik: Personally, I'd like to be updated on shows, progress made, and any videos. And most of all B-SIDES! I know there were probably a lot of great songs that didn't make the final cut and I'd love to have them on my iPod.

A from Amanda: since i just mastered the album the other day, i now know what we we have to work with as extra tracks and i'm coming up with ways in which to get 'em out there into the world. one thing's for sure, kickstarter backers will be rewarded most of all. as for the other stuff, i'm sure i'll be blogging and posting insider-y stuff as we release videos and such.


Q from Canton Becker: "What kinds of updates would you like to see?"
Post rejected / discarded sounds or tracks or takes from the album and invite us to remix them. Reuse, renew, recycle! Post rejected / discarded sounds or tracks or takes from the album and invite us to remix them. Reuse, renew, recycle!

A from Amanda: we don't have anything that's been 'rejected' per se, but we might release some stems for remixers down the line. some of these songs are ripe for reinterpretation, so i'll do my best to put some of them into the wild for all you knob-twiddlers.


ANYWAY, moving on…


a comment from Chris Cioffi: I signed up for Kickstarter just to do this! Can't wait for the CD and book! So happy that you're blowing the doors off your goal. This really is the future of art, now go forth and be awesome AFP!

From Amanda: thank you, chris.
…including sean (aka @indeciSEAN), who co-wrote this text with me and is keeping the kickstarter fires burning while i run around. 

THIS the FUCKING future, and i shall continue trying to keep you in the loop of how it all works since YOU'RE MAKING IT HAPPEN.

i love you guys.

that was taken a few hours ago in front of the tallest building in boston…16,000!!!!

p.s. if you dig what's happening here/you liked the song, TELL YOUR FRIENDS & SHARE IT…we added it to my website as a FREE download (in exchange for signing up to the mailing list). link away:


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nyssa Smith on

      @Kara, I don't believe Amanda is referring to a headdress in the sense you think. The costume associated with it looks sort of showgirl/burlesque. So unless you're telling me that the head pieces Las Vegas Showgirls wear are Native American I think Amanda's will be fine.

    2. Robin Stevenson on

      20,000 (&702) contributors and only 12k away from the Million mark!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kara on

      Please please please don't wear a head-dress.

      As a Native American and a huge fan of yours (in fact I used to intern for the Post-War Trade working with Beth), this actually made me stop being quite as excited as soon as I read it. The wearing of a head-dress is sacred and must be earned in order for one to have the honor of wearing a head-dress.
      Please read this article written about Juliette Lewis' use of a headdress in her band.

      Also I respectfully ask that you read this link as well:

      The second link may come across as snarky but only because we are kind of fed up with non-Natives appropriating our culture into fashion accessories or as "tour costumes".

      A head-dress is not a tour costume. Please don't wear one.

    4. Candice Westberg on

      Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. I backed your "Evening With..." project and the rewards were awesome! I can't wait to get the art book. Woo hoo!!!! (And, you and Neil were amazing in Portland). Thank you for you!

    5. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      Your euphoria is ingrained.

      I wish you all the best, AFP!

      Be free.

    6. Nik on

      You are right! This is the future of music. The fans controlling the media (BEING the media) instead of the other way around, which is the way it's been for decades... I'm so proud of everyone that took the time to promote this kickstarter. to promote something they believe in, controlling what goes into their ear canals! The future is now!

    7. Mary Hill on

      I forgot to ask this question earlier for the FAQ. Is there any chance of adding any more tour dates in the cities you're hitting? (Like...say...London?) It sold out while I was sleeping and I know there are tickets available if I get the art show, but $300 is definitely out of my price range. I'm studying abroad and therefore will miss any other tour dates... If nothing else, yay on the kickstarter success!

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Pawlik on

      Wouldn't it be killer if we could get a 'graphed LP or CD for $40~50? - people'll eat em up big time, and make those 6 zeroes ($1,000,000) a reality!?! (^o^)/yaaa hoooo!!

    9. Spyke Alexander

      @Dror: That's the sort of thing that's taken care of AFTER the Kickstarter is over. Kickstarter allows them to send out a survey. This is where they get your shipping address as well as allows them to asking any follow up questions like if you wanted to add the CD to your vinyl order, etc...

    10. Puck Malamud on

      Every time there is an update on this project I am just filled with glee. So excited this is happening!

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Lawlis

      Question: Will the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD have decent fidelity; e.g. at least 320kbs mp3 or 44.1khz?

    12. Dror Blumberg on

      I choose the 125 but wrote 150 in the amount but I couldn't find any place to write I want the vinyl+cd. where should I write it? all the process I didn't find a single place to make a comment or write anything....:(((

    13. Akane on

      Amanda I couldn't be more proud to be a backer of your project! I backed 125 and im as giddy as a schoolgirl that I was get to hold something you signed. Im not the kind to mush over artists, but you my dear have been my only exception. Thank you for being my hero since middle school and a constant source of inspiration. I am planning on getting a pin up style tattoo of you in the near future. I hope you approve!! Love you Amanda!!! Keep the updates coming and congrats on far surpassing your goal!!! Knew you could do it!!!<3

    14. Missing avatar

      Bart DS on

      Clare Jones's idea is probably a good one. It's also not a lie, as we're technically funding your record release, not buying whatever we pledged for. The pledge rewards are gifts as a result of us funding the release. Therefore, declaring the raw production costs is how much you really spent on it and is how much the gift was worth. That would at least keep the international tax down even if it still crosses the threshold.

    15. Sandra Nichols on

      AFP or should I say, the gorgeous poster child for Kickstarter?
      You are living proof that a fan driven career is possible! What is even better is that you are taking the “excess” and making things greater. Your excitement is tangible and contagious. As an artist you are accessible, you are a real person. You are one of the few artists I would not be afraid to meet. I think the real AFP is probably even better than the online persona.
      Criticism be damned. The rewards at the different monetary levels are fair. My experience with the Evening with Neil and Amanda, was fantastic! First time backers of one of your projects will be blown away by the reward! I backed at $50 because that is what I had. If I had $1000 I would have pledged it, but I don’t so there is no need to be grumpy!
      Best of all, you are grateful! You didn’t expect it to blow up and now that it did you are excited and grateful. Who wouldn’t want to back an artist like you!
      Congratulations!! Keep the updates coming!!

    16. Clare Jones on

      About the tax thing for international backers. One solution I've seen on several Kickstarters is to declare the raw production cost of the physical items rather than the pledged amount. Makes extra sense here with shipping being included :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Intersimone on

      Dahling, this is the most A-mazing thing ever! Seriously, cut the middle man! Damn the man! Save the Empire! WE ARE THE MEDIA!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      michael prince on

      Amanda, i love what you do. i love art. i need to tell you that the reason i'm not getting the bed book has nothing to do with whether my heart tells me i should have it, or whether i really really want it. it's because i'm poor as fuck. a lack of desire for the piece isn't what is keeping me from it. $1,000 is what's keeping me from it. i want to be clear, i am not suggesting that there shouldn't be special enticements for people with more available cash. that's how this works. i was just a little offended by your phrasing. it probably isn't that important but it was bugging me and i couldn't sleep, so i wanted to let you know. i am still very happy i was able to fund at the $25 level and i am still excited about what you're doing.

    19. Sarah Pogson on

      Very, very excited. This project has made my year :) So looking forward to mailbox goodies to come leading up to September greatness!

    20. Yana Allum on

      You are ALL working so very hard. Thank-you.
      This is the beginning of a new LIFE STYLE.
      For ALL OF YOU, THIS TEAM, THIS ARMY, I give my gratitude 10fold.

      I send you all much love and virtual kisses.
      And given time, maybe there will even be a naked hug thrown in (wink*)



    21. anpil+ech on

      Oh, naked shots. Am I gonna get charged extra for that? Lol :D