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WE ARE THE MEDIA! With your backing, me &
The Grand Theft Orchestra released "Theatre Is Evil" in September
2011, hit the billboard top 10, toured the world, played 25 house parties &
made a MASSIVE book with album-inspired art from 30+ artists!
WE ARE THE MEDIA! With your backing, me & The Grand Theft Orchestra released "Theatre Is Evil" in September 2011, hit the billboard top 10, toured the world, played 25 house parties & made a MASSIVE book with album-inspired art from 30+ artists!
24,883 backers pledged $1,192,793 to help bring this project to life.

heya, it's been a minute. long catch-up letter...& i've got a new album

Posted by Amanda Palmer (Creator)

hola everybody!!!

Greetings from upstate new york. i’ve missed you.

this is an email to my long-lost, wonderful 24,883 ttheatre Is evil” kickstarter backers. long time, no see….

TL;DR: i am using patronage now. it is awesome & has changed m life. have a new record out. my patrons get tour ticket access for TWO MORE DAYS, & the cool merch. if you still want to help me make art, join at for as little as $1/month.

the long read:

i haven’t reached out to you, as a group, in a few years. coming over the the kickstarter was a trip (errr....i just opened a message from someone who STILL HASN'T RECEIVED HIS ART BOOK, 6 years later....oops. andrew jarvis, i got you covered).

and.....i have things to tell you, so here i am. yesterday, i launched the pre-sale (and tour dates) for my first big record since “Theatre is Evil”. it’s called “THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION” and it’s a solo (well, almost solo) piano record.

here it is:


i'm naked. 

the cover don't lie. it's a profoundly personal and naked record.

i made a heartfelt little video announcement yesterday, from me & neil's living room in upstate new york.... may get teary, especially when you see the vintage kickstarter footage :)


what a long strange trip it has been since 2012.

and meanwhile... you may have noticed i’ve wandered over to patreon, and this is also a missive to convince you to join. if you’ve already joined my patreon: THANK YOU. almost 1,000 people have joined in the last week alone, it’s on fire.

i dropped the first single from the new record yesterday (“drowning in the sound”). 

you can listen to it here while you read this rambling letter. go for it. it's streaming:

this record was produced by the same genius who made "theatre is evil" with me, john congleton. since "theatre is evil", john has upped his game - he even won a GRAMMY for the work he did with st. vincent. he's just so goddamn good.

other musicians and collaborators include jherek bischoff (the bassist and string arranger from the grand theft orchestra/theatre is evil tour), max henry on synths, and in select moments, the drummer joey waronker (mostly known for his work with beck and R.E.M.). jason webley plays accordion on one song :)

here's me and john and jherek in the studio in LA, where we made the record this past fall....all photos by allan amato.

(me and jherek, working on arrangements) 

(yours truly at piano...)

(beloved john congelton. there he is.)


the longer story?

well, fellow’s taken me six or seven years to create the songs on this record, and so much has happened in my life.

i’ve moved in with neil (my husband, neil gaiman). i gave a TED talk. i wrote a book.all about this kickstarter. i got yelled at on the internet a lot (that was great fodder for the book!). 


my best friend, anthony, died of cancer. i’ve had two abortions, a son, a miscarriage. i’ve grown…a lot. i’ve faced a lot of grief, and surrender….and lot of how i got through it was by writing and recording the songs on this record.

“theatre is evil” was a collection of my best songwriting from the period of about 2009 through 2011, and those were fraught and joyful years too - but i was dealing with such different stuff: ending relationships, marriage, different kinds of losses. the record was big, and loud, and the band i chose and the production was really a love letter to the new wave and synth music i grew up with.

i am still so grateful to ALL OF YOU for supporting and backing that record back in 2012. this kickstarter campaign changed my life in so, so many ways. it changed the way i thought of exchange and art, entirely.

this new record is a totally different beast. these songs - 10 of them - are some of the most vulnerable i’ve yet written, and i feel like my songwriting game has gone to a different place, a raw-er place, a more honest place. it wasn’t a record i thought through, or planned, it was more like a record that happened to me, that are around me like a crutch, or a blanket, while i got through some very, very hard times.

meanwhile….i moved my community over to patreon. i loved kickstarter (and still do) but it just wasn’t a sustainable way to make a predictable living. i didn’t want to do a kickstarter campaign every six months to pay my bills, and i had the feeling that using it again and again would just exhaust all of you. so i moved to a patronage system where people could give me smaller amounts of money (you can join for $1/month) to simply let me WORK. i never could have guessed how much that collective support would change my life, my process, and my faith in humanity.

right now there are over 12,500 people giving me micro-donations every month, but it all adds up to a lot: and that lot helps me work freely, write freely, experiment, play, collaborate, and follow dangerous non-salable, non-commercial paths i never could have dreamed of in a pre-patreon world. i am certain that some of those 12,500 people are YOU, i know a lot of people from this kickstarter followed me over.

i spent a lot of the last three years kicking shit off my art-bucket list: making a fun folk record with my dad, making bold non-commercial feminist videos, making a collaboration record with my hero edward ka-spel, making fun side-projects with jason webley…just playing around and enjoying the work itself, finally freed from the commercial restraints of SELL SELL SELL YOUR ART. i've released about one to two things a month, and the list of everything i've put out on patreon is HERE. i've put out SIXTY NINE THINGS, ahem. all that and i'm raising a three-year old. take that beyoncé.

all uncensored, all without a record label, all without bullshit corporate sponsorship. I'VE BEEN FREE. DO DO WHAT I WANT. NAY OLD TIME.

it's also meant that i can work with more creative collaborators, take on more staff, pay them all well, and not have to hustle so hard to make people PAY for things. i can just MAKE them. it's pretty amazing. 

and now i’m done dicking around with side projects and i'm finally back with a BIG, REAL, BEAUTIFUL RECORD that i really worked my ass off to write, and to record.

i made it over a month this past fall in LA, and it’s produced and engineered by john congleton, the same genius who worked with me and the band to make “theatre is evil” and our collaboration was, again, totally satisfying. he speaks fluent Amanda, and, like with “theatre is evil” the record is the record i HEARD IN MY HEAD. this is why he’s a genius.

jherek bischoff also helped me with some of the arranging (you’ll hear) and played wisps of upright bass on the record…but mostly, it’s me and a piano and a ukulele….making you cry.

i will be up front about that: it’s the saddest record in the world.

that was actually the working title: The Saddest Record in the World.

for a while it was “five hanky record”. but now it’s “there will be no intermission” - because it fits perfectly. life is relentless. you do not get to stop. or pause. or breathe. it continues happening at you no matter what.

SO, WHY am i not kickstarting (kickstarter-ing?) this record? because my team finally has the capacity to release something this *massive* in-house. and because i've got everyone gathered over on my patreon, i don't wanna make people confused.

so please, consider buying the album through my website. you can trust us - it's the same team. we will get you your shit with a bow on it, and on time. if we don't, we fix it.

here is the tracklist....there are 10 songs and 10 instrumentals, arranged by jherek:

the titles in bold are the main album songs, the titles in italics are the instrumental vignettes.

the cover artwork is the best i think i’ve ever made, (it’s by allan amato, who also photographed the cover for the art of asking book) and, as usual, i’m also offering a book companion of gorgeous, soulful photographs taken by several photogs....allan, and an upstate new york art team, kahn and selesnick, and a few by stephanie zakas.

the photo shoots were all very meaningful to me - they were all a form of therapy at one time or another.

for instance: this image contains 200+ image that my patrons mailed me...things they wante dto reelase, get rid of, jettison. i am about to burn this whole pile in a pyre. 

there were wedding rings and veils, and family photos, and a bill cosby book. (good job, guys.)

all photos below by kahn & selesnick unless where noted:

 many of the photos were taken at our house in woodstock...this is me & my neighbors...and little ash (he's 2)...

in faraway places (this was on cape cod, after my miscarriage)....

...and in iceland...(photo by stephanie zakas)....feeling embattled...

at home, taking it all in....

 ...with my sisterhood....

 ...and letting everything go... rise again. get the idea.


if you haven’t had time to join the patreon, or have needed a reason, this is your reason.

patrons get:

-exclusive colored vinyl, available only to patrons (we are printing to order) 

-an exclusive edition of the artbook, which includes a letter from me (again, we are printing to order, a soft back edition will be made available to the public and on tour) 
-ACCESS TO THE TOUR TICKETS.... yes, i’m going on tour again, on solo piano, in beautiful theatres - FOR THREE DAYS BEFORE THE PUBLIC. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW. you have until december 14th (that's THIS FRIDAY) to join the patreon if you want access to the tickets before the shows go public and sell out.

if you want MORE, higher-tier patrons get free guest list, free art in the mail, and other stuff (like webchats & extra content).

you backed my kickstarter once - you must have seen some value in what i was doing.

please…if you’re out there and you’ve been wondering what i’m up to, come over to the dark side, join my patreon. the community is wonderful, the blogs are meaty, the discussion & comments intelligent….it’s actually a beautiful little KIND, CONSIDERATE space on the internet, which is hard to find these days.

like i said, you can join for as little as $1/month, all the way up to $1,000 (yep. there are actually three crazy mofos facing me at $1,000 a month) and you can CAP your monthly pledge no matter how many things i release in a month and still get all the content.

aaaand to sweeten the deal, here’s my tour dates for 2019 - tickets are available to PATRONS only right now, and to the public on friday (the 14th).

HERE COMES THE PITCH….3...2...1…..

i think i’m worth $12 a year. come do it.

here’s the link:

i hope i see some of you over there…’s gonna be a really exciting week. i’ve never been so proud of a record in my whole career.

once you've signed up...yu can go DIRECTLY HERE to this post to get the passwords for all the fancy merch and tour tickets!! it'll unlock if you're signed in:


if you don’t wanna join my patreon, and you just wanna pre-order the record and get tickets on friday and all that… go HERE, to my website, everything's there.

and in general….if you just want to stay up to date on where i am in the world and what i am doing - for free - i would love it if you’d sign up to my email list: 

platforms come and go, but my email list is gold. 

in closing....

thank you for supporting me, then, now and whenever.

it means everything.

i love all of you, so much.

we are still the media.

x afp

"the bed song book" is not imaginary, it's coming!! (soon, we promise)

Posted by Amanda Palmer (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

lots of newses + a video from me & kyle cassidy about THE BED SONG BOOK!

Posted by Amanda Palmer (Creator)

hola comrades!

it's been quite some time since last i poked my head in here.....mais VOILÁ, here's an update mostly covering "the bed song book" (which was a $1,000 backer reward) as well as some general little newses on what i've been up to…thank you mofos for being so patient.

me & kyle cassidy filmed a little clip (way below) just for explain where things are at with THE BED SONG BOOK. hopefully you'll understand. it's taken AGESSSS.

first, NEWS. FUN newses, even:
.......neil and i are going to be releasing "an evening with neil gaiman and amanda palmer", our epic 3-CD live recording we kickstarted several years ago and never put out for the public. a lot of you were probably OF the 4k people or so who backed that project, and may already own the kickstarter edition; to you, THANK YOU, and expect an update in your inboxes just for y' for the rest of you, we'll give yah a holler when the project goes live for pre-order, we figure you guys might want it.

since last we spoke, i've been bouncing around the globe (maybe not bouncing...more like manically shuffling) and mainly just communicating via twitter, tumblr, and instagram. we are now officially back into tour-world; festival shows, club gigs, a smattering of things quick in the states, and then down under for the make-up dates from last winter. i'm going to post ALL of the dates at the bottom of this so please have a look. we wanna see your beautiful faces (and we could also use help street team'ing if you wanna check out the info HERE).
and somehow in there, eric (@southships) has been tetris'ing me into the always wondrous kickstarter house parties. he reaches out to everyone to try to do the massive DATE / PLACE / ARRANGE game. he's a hero…this is him. yay eric.

last week i delivered one of the two $10k "art sitting"'s a vine of the mural that neil and i painted in chanie and patrick's bedroom - they have a little girl on the way so we decided to DECORATE.

the other $10k package will get delivered this september in PERTH, australia. BEACH ART, MAYBE??

while i was in the UK last month, i had a little bit of a "tussle" with the daily mail (a tabloid newspaper who pretty much seem to be despised by everyone over there)…i blogged about it all HERE but here's my video response which people seem to really, really love.

and here's me and the band doing a random cover of "smells like teen spirit" in edinburgh (warning epileptics!!):

…and then last weekend after getting home from overseas for a mini-break, i played the newport folk festival…this was the banner on my dressing room:

and here's me and newport folk with MY DAD (photo by @timneedles on instagram)....we're covering a leonard cohen song :)

ANYWAY, i have some blogs i'll be posting spanning the past month or so - as always, you can find them and much, much more on my site.
when i post the new kickstarter house-party blog/round-up, i'll hit you guys. i think you'll like it. they've been AMAZING.


here's the video update that me & kyle filed FOR YOU to explain the deal-io with "the bed song book"…

and here's a message from march that kyle wrote (but some people didn't see because of a glitch with the update). it's basically a text version of most of what we just explained in the video, but it exists, so…HERE:
Hello everybody -- just wanted to do a quick update about the progress on the Bed Song book, because it's been a while. We've had a whole bunch of telephone meetings with the people at Girlie Action and Andrew Nelson at Down In The Valley Designs (who are making all our ideas come real) about what we wanted the book to look like and we're in the stages now where we're getting some designs back and we can see how it's going to look, and it's wonderful.

Really early on Neil & I decided that this has to be the most mind-boggling book anybody could ever own and it has to be a special book, and a book that attracts people's attention when they come into your house but they tantalizingly cannot look at without your permission. In all the meetings Neil and I would start listing increasingly extravagant (and expensive) things that we'd like in a book and Andrew and Kevin would just say "ok" and scribble something down with a pencil and I kept thinking they were going to say "no" at some point but they never did.

This book, in my mind, is about trust, and it's about secrets. Everybody in the book is sharing a personal secret with the viewer and I wanted to protect that, so the opening of it is a special thing, it's not the sort of book you can pull off the shelf and flip through, there's a ritual you need to go through, starting with a lock and a key and going on from there like the layers of an onion, each, bringing you closer.

The book contains all five of the original prints that illustrate "The Bed Song" and it's also got a bunch of outtakes in it -- images that didn't get used and variations on some that did get used, plus the original emails between Neil & I about what the bed song photos should be, the script that Neil made for me and a pair of essays about the making of it.

It's going to be enormous, it's going to be the biggest book in your house. We've seen some wonderful typesetting and are looking at an enormous selection of custom slipcases right now.

I'm not sure what the time frame on delivery is at the moment, the fabrication is going to take a while because everything is being done custom, from the boxes, to the covers, to the paper.

Thanks so much to all of you -- and if you have any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.

-Kyle Cassidy

so there you have it!!!!

watch some videos, come see us out there somewhere in the coming months (dates below)…
be excellent to each another…

and love. love. love.


p.s. PAINTED TURNTABLE BACKERS….it seemed like lots of people got theirs, but we didn't see as much feedback as we'd have expected/like we did with other bundles…did they arrive...working? pretty? sounding ok? did the paint job hold up in the mail?? hit me in the comments here or over on twitter with feedback about how that went. we tried to pick the best brand of turntable for the money....i want to know if you guys like them in case i ever do something like that again.

p.p.s. and now…*DRUMROLL*
ME and THE GRAND THEFT ORCHESTRA ON TOUR around ZE WORLD!!!!! note the FREE SHOW in NYC next week!!!!

 9 Aug | Lincoln Center Out of Doors | NYC, NY
 4 Sep | San Francisco Bath House | Wellington, NZ
 6 Sep | Kings Arms | Auckland, NZ
 8 Sep | Astor Theatre | Perth, AU
12 Sep | The Tivoli | Brisbane, AU
14 Sep | Enmore Theatre | Sydney, AU
20 Sep | Forum Theatre | Melbourne, AU
22 Sep | Thebarton Theatre | Adelaide, AU
29 Oct | Gruenspan | Hamburg, Germany
31 Oct | Pumpehuset | Copenhagen, Denmark
 1 Nov | Gloria | Cologne, Germany
 2 Nov | Botanique/Orangerie | Brussels, Belgium
 4 Nov | Kesselhaus | Berlin, Germany
 5 Nov | Proxima | Warsaw, Poland
 6 Nov | Klub Studio | Krakow, Poland
 9 Nov | Factory | Milan, Italy
10 Nov | A38 Ship | Budapest, Hungary
12 Nov | Ampere | Munich, Germany
14 Nov | Bluebird Festival (AFP solo) | Vienna, Austria


the art book & the art auction for a non-profit + a video from me saying hi. HI.

Posted by Amanda Palmer (Creator)

my dear ones.....

i've missed you.
real quick like: i've still been semi-based in cambridge for the past few months....running around doing one-off house parties...i'll send you guys a bunch of tasty house party pictures (and links to blogs) in one big she-bang when i get my shiitake more together.

MEANWHILE - you may have gotten this info via twitter or the blog, but i wanted to let you guys know that ALMOST ALL OF THE ART FROM THE ART BOOK is up for auction to benefit PS122, a great non-profit performance art space in NYC. they need help.
you can find it all here:
the dresden dolls played there waaaay back in the day, and it's been an incubator and safe haven for a lot of my new york-based art friends.
the art is all in one section, and the auctions close TOMORROW NIGHT - FRIDAY - at midnight, EST.
here's just a tiny fraction of the art:

…and what a few of 'em are currently selling for:
• two of my drawings for about $100 each
• three of DAVID MACK's pieces for between $130 and $300 each
• original MICHAEL ZULLI's for $100 and $200
CASSANDRA LONG's “do it with a rockstar” cover art for $100
MOLLY CRABAPPLE's “the killing type” for just over $200
and many, many more that are still affordable…

and here is me. in a video. talking to you. about this.
if you haven't peeped the art book in actual printed-realness, this is where you can SEEEEEEEE it in all its heavyweight glory...we are very proud of it:

and in almost no time...we hit the road, all over, everywhere (tour dates HERE).
i'll share more with you soon. promise.

p.s. there's a big update for “the bed song” book backers specifically that needs to be reposted with some news from all of us on where things are at. we'll try and get that up here in the next few days. thank you for being patient and awesome.

the make-up tour dates (UK! EUROPE! OZ/NZ! FESTIVALS!) and a house party question.

Posted by Amanda Palmer (Creator)

hola comrades!

at long last, the tour dates i cancelled are re-scheduled (plus there are some awesome EXTRA appearances all over the place)!!! hopefully everyone will be able to come to the make-up shows but i DEEPLY apologize in advance if anyone can't. if you need to turn your tickets, please go to the original point of purchase and you’ll be fully refunded.

i talk more about it ALL - the nature of the tour, who's coming (we've got a new DRUMMER), who's opening up for us, the re-birth of THE BRIGADE, and more, more, more - in a brand new blog HERE. it's overflowing with the nitty-gritty if you want it. i'm also doing a bunch of festival dates (glastonbury! newport folk! pridefest in milwaukee!), a show in northampton MA later this week (and then at bard with neil the next day), a free show at wesleyan university on april 13th, and many other one-offs. all of 'em are below, but read the blog if you want to get the WAY-low-down on the details. i didn't want to just cut and paste all that into this backer update.

we're working slowly but surely on putting all of the kickstarter house parties together, but all you house-party people: i have a question for you.
i'd love for you to hit me in the backer comments so that i can keep this specific to kickstarter.
cool? cool.

ondi timoner is a filmmaker i met at SXSW...and while you might not know her name, you might know her as the chick who made "dig", the 2004 documentary film about the dandy warhols and the brian jonestown massacre. i saw it back in the day and was deeply impressed - i recognized a lot of myself and my band in that film.
she also made an amazing documentary i'm watching right now called "we live in public", about the "darker effects" of social media.
(it's incredible....and disturbing as fuck.)
both of her films won the grand jury prize at the sundance film festival. she is a TOTAL bad-ass with a profound heart and she's smart, smart, smart.
she and i hit it off like houses on fire in the australian outback…

i was talking to her about how i felt one of the TRUE revolutions this kickstarter campaign - an element which was pretty overlooked - was the house-party aspect: the fact that SO many people made facebook pages, bonded and banded together, and trusted each other with huge sums of money to make these parties go. and it's working. it's incredible when you think about it. and now i get to fly around the world and meet all of these people in south africa, israel, norway, and australia...all these people who trusted each other.

…and then, something wonderful and obvious (?) happened: she approached me about documenting as many of our house parties as possible, for a new series on if she can find the funding, of course (she'll probably try via kickstarter…poetic).

to her, the primary reason for doing this is in hopes that she can capture how i'm trying to leverage technology to connect directly with people - in this case, all of YOU. i do it for a lot of reasons, but the big'un's because i want to bring people together in places where we can feel safe to exchange ideas and emotion…and ondi wants to show how we built up from a mailing list to a message board to social networks and now to a goddamned GLOBAL community. a community where we've learned so much; mostly, how to trust and work together. it makes the world so much better as we're able to not only make it a little bit smaller, but also the way we hope and will it to be.

in short…
she got it.
and i trust her. nobody has ever been so close to me & a piano with a camera (the video is HERE if you're curious):

so....while filming this shit seems, on the one hand, like a fabulously fabulous idea...i also see the downside. the house parties that are huge and drunk and ruckus-y probably wouldn't suffer at all (in fact ondi's energy might even make them more fun) but for the parties that are planned to be teeny-weeny and intimate, i can see the idea of a camera changing the vibe. i know at the VERY least, *i* am different when a camera is anywhere near me, and i'm honest about that...i go into a slightly different mode. so while i'd never let ondi bust in on any of the parties without getting express permission from the host: i just kind of wanted to throw the idea out there and get a sense of how you guys feel about it in general.
ondi - and of course me - want you to feel comfortable and have fun…the documentation would be done in hopes to shine a light on this fucking revolution we are in together, but a part of that is and always has been about feeling good. and safe.

i was chatting to one of the seattle house party host-folks over the phone right after ondi fell into my life with these ideas....and i asked her how she felt - she had a "the more-the-merrier" attitude about it.
so…all y'all…please give me input. agreed? exciting? invasive? good? bad? indifferent? hit me. maybe it's history. maybe it's annoying. it's hard for me to say.

back to your regularly scheduled backer update. here are ALLLLL the upcoming dates.
additional info, openers, ticketing info, and all that fun stuff can be found on my SHOWS page and in the BLOG. sorry that we do not have direct links for all of the shows, yet. we will update my tour page as soon as we do. whee!

• Fri 5 Apr | Calvin Theater | Northampton, MA - ON SALE NOW

• Sat 6 Apr | Bard College | Hudson, NY - Sosnoff Theater w/ Neil Gaiman - SOLD OUT

• Sat 13 Apr | Wesleyan Humanity Festival - DETAILS HERE

• Thu 2 May | The Fillmore | San Francisco, CA - ON SALE NOW
- VIVA HITCHCOCK! A Tribute to Robyn Hitchcock

• Sun 9 Jun | Pridefest | Milwaukee, WI – ON SALE 4/15

• Mon 10 Jun | PS 122 Event - DETAILS HERE

• Fri 14 Jun | Red Rocks | Morrison, CO – ON SALE NOW
- Opening for Devotchka

• Sun 23 Jun | Firefly Festival | Dover, DE – ON SALE NOW

• Fri 26 Jul | Newport Folk Festival | Newport, RI – ON SALE NOW

• Fri 28 Jun | Glastonbury Festival | Glastonbury, UK – ON SALE NOW

• Tue 2 Jul | Rock For People Festival | Český Brod, Czech Republic – ON SALE NOW

• Thu 4 Jul | PPC | Graz, Austria – ON SALE 4/5

• Fri 5 Jul | Arena Open Air Harvest of Art | Weisen, Austria – ON SALE NOW

• Sun 7 Jul | Tivoli | Utrecht, Holland – ON SALE NOW

• Mon 8 Jul | Rockhal | Luxembourg, Luxembourg – ON SALE NOW

• Tue 9 Jul | La Cigale | Paris, France – ON SALE NOW

• Thu 11 Jul | The Ritz | Manchester, UK – ON SALE 4/5

• Fri 12 Jul | The Roundhouse | London, UK – ON SALE 4/5

• Sat 13 Jul | The Concorde 2 | Brighton, UK – ON SALE 4/5

• Mon 15 Jul | O2 Academy | Bristol, UK – ON SALE 4/5

• Tue 16 Jul | The Institute | Birmingham, UK – ON SALE 4/5

• Wed 17 Jul | The Picture House | Edinburgh, UK – ON SALE 4/5

• Thu 18 Jul | The Academy | Dublin, Ireland – ON SALE 4/5

• Wed 4 Sep | San Fran Bath House | Wellington, NZ – ON SALE NOW

• Fri 6 Sep | Kings Arms | Auckland, NZ – ON SALE NOW

• Sun 8 Sep | Astor Theatre | Perth, AU – ON SALE NOW

• Thu 12 Sep | The Tivoli | Brisbane, AU – ON SALE NOW

• Sat 14 Sep | Enmore Theatre | Sydney, AU – ON SALE NOW

• Fri 20 Sep | Forum Theatre | Melbourne, AU – ON SALE NOW

• Sun 22 Sep | Thebarton Theatre | Adelaide, AU – ON SALE NOW

• Tue 29 Oct | Gruenspan | Hamburg, Germany – ON SALE TBA

• Thu 31 Oct | Pumpehuset | Copenhagen, Denmark – ON SALE NOW

• Fri 1 Nov | Gloria | Cologne, Germany – ON SALE TBA

• Sat 2 Nov | Botanique/Orangerie | Brussels, Belgium – ON SALE NOW

• Mon 4 Nov | Kesselhaus | Berlin, Germany – ON SALE TBA

• Tue 5 Nov | Proxima | Warsaw, Poland – ON SALE TBA

• Wed 6 Nov | Klub Studio | Krakow, Poland – ON SALE NOW

• Sat 9 Nov | Factory | Milan, Italy – ON SALE TBA

• Sun 10 Nov | A38 Ship | Budapest, Hungary – ON SALE NOW

• Tue 12 Nov | Ampere | Munich, Germany – ON SALE TBA

hope to see you all out there, somewhere,

p.s. those local to my area of new england: enjoy the warming. this is the first day i have switched to an iced drink.