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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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26,832 backers pledged €3,198,516 to help bring this project to life.

Amabrush November News

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Production and delivery are ongoing on a small scale since we’re still fixing quality defects that occur occasionally with the mouthpiece. We take every case seriously and analyze the source of all reported incidents in order to be able to correct the defects and improve the affected components. Therefore, we want to thank all backers who gave us constructive feedback and support on the product. With your feedback, we were already able to fix the clogged channels on the mouthpiece. Further defects in production can happen but will be solved according to the same pattern.

We can’t forecast the exact delivery dates for each of you right now, because our priority is to fix all upcoming flaws before increasing our production capacities. However, we plan to deliver all of you by January 2019.

We’re happy to announce that the Android app is nearly finished and the iOS app just needs a few adjustments before it can go online. In fact, we are now working on the finishing touches for both apps which will be available in December in the Play Store and App Store. Here you can find an initial outline of the app.

Alongside our three built-in modes (standard, power, and massage), you can create your own, personal mode and individually adjust light color, cycle duration and intensity based on your preferences. So if you would like to brush your teeth in 15 seconds with 80% power, then you can set it like this. You can create up to four modes to customize your own, and also select and change the mode order. Furthermore, it will display the exact battery status of your Amabrush, so you can make sure you have enough power to last throughout your holiday.

Furthermore, our apps contain following functionalities:  

  • Make firmware updates for the Amabrush device 
  •  Access to the latest blog articles about dental hygiene 
  •  Promotions directly on your phone 
  •  Reorder Amabrush products easily from your phone 

 All the best, 
 your Amabrush Team

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    1. alexis shapiro 6 days ago

      Can you tell me the status? I never received mine

    2. Colin Minihan on

      If you feel like you've been scammed (waited forever for a product or received a product that doesn't do what it promises) please join:

      Open to all. Use google translate as necessary.

    3. Missing avatar

      Castelli joel on

      I received my amabrush today ! With a really nice box. However, I received only 1 Mouthpiece
      and 3× Toothpaste Capsule instead of 2 mouthpiece and 6 toothpaste. Maybe it will send later ? Thanks !

    4. Lejla Somun-Krupalija on

      I still have not received my amabrush, but from the reviews I see, there is nothing to look forward to in receiving it at disappointing, and then I get an email with Tips and Tricks for Amabrush...I mean, really such bad PR, treatment of customers.

    5. Kenneth Elchert on

      I have the same question about arranging a refund. I don't think anyone could accuse us of not being patient, but the creators have gone beyond the limits of reasonable expectations of good faith at this point.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stefania Kurniawan on

      How do I organise a refund?

    7. Hardeep Singh on

      Over a year out and still nothing yet... what's going on here?

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt Preston on

      It seems I, like many other backers of this product, are a bit confused as to what has happened. I received my product and tested it. The mouthpiece is too big and I have a pretty big mouth. The vibration doesn’t do anything and even after 5 used my teeth felt no cleaner. Nothing close to what a simple £2 toothbrush could do.

      So we’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of time to get what exactly? I’m impressed they actually made a product and shipped it. There’s clearly been a lot of effort out in to creating it. But it simply doesn’t work. Unless everyone on Kickstarter is somehow using it wrong. It’s hard to tell if i am because I don’t speak German. The English instructions on the website at least help but make no difference.

      So where do I return this product to for a refund? The product I purchased is definitely not this product. Amabrush claimed a toothbrush that cleaned all teeth in 10 seconds. It doesn’t. So how is this corrected? Can somebody from Amabrush please make contact.

    9. Daniel Tupitza on

      Another Christmas, another card under the tree. The more I read, the more I'm thankful for Living in USA. FDA tightly regulates electronic toothbrushes as medical devices. Hopefully they will at least wait till they have a finished product before attempting to send supplies to USA. As I've already paid, plus paid for additions when they first sent out the surveys, they already have my money. I'm just wondering if we'll get some reimbursement for waiting.. Oh a year and half for this product.

      Keep up the crappy job of monthly worthless updates that continue to show no work being accomplished.

    10. Missing avatar

      John LaCarrubba on

      I am considered a patient person but you have overextended this patience and now I am convinced (as other investors) that you are taking advantage of us.

      Unfortunately through your continued issues, we still have not received product. I am glad I was not one of those who received the initial shipment and not have it work.

      This is my formal request to receive a refund as soon as possible. Since you had no problem debiting my credit card, I expect you to provide me with a date of receipt for my refund now.

      If you think there is any reason you do not plan on sending a refund receipt date, tell me that.

    11. Sarah Atlas Nisbett on

      Over a year later and still no product. And, it sounds like, by the company's own admission, the product they've succeeded in creating with the 3 MILLION dollars we gave them, is not functional. I'd like a refund, please.

    12. Missing avatar

      LennoxVII on

      @Rachael Anne Elizabeth Joseph

      Please Please Please keep us, the community, posted how long it took you to get a refund (in case you are getting one as it sounds as if yours is not working).

    13. Missing avatar

      Rainey Yeow on

      no update for this month?

    14. Chris Alcock on

      I also need to update my address as i have moved recently, I have put a redirect on my mail but it doesnt begin until 20th December and I have no way of knowing if the product has been shipped yet? Do you guys send an email notification once you have shipped the item? I have been waiting this long so I'm in no rush for a faulty product.

      Take your time and send me the great product you promised.

      But maybe provide a way to update my shipping address?


    15. Missing avatar

      Teri Christensen on

      I need to update my address since so moved

    16. Dave Nielsen on


      Send your experience to and push to have The Verge and other online and local news outlets cover this story of fraud. The more pressure we put on the company through negative media coverage, the more likely we all are to receive refunds. Otherwise, consider that money lost forever.

    17. Dave Nielsen on

      I contacted both Amabrush and Kickstarter and both refused to take any action for refunds.

      I told them I haven't received my product within a reasonable timeframe, and those that have received it, the product is functionally useless and not as promised by the Amabrush team.

      At this point it looks like the only thing that can happen to get our money back is a class action lawsuit.

      Here is a link for everyone to add their review to a spreadsheet:

      Here is a link to a survey for a class action lawsuit:

    18. Missing avatar

      Amy Church on

      Reposted from another backer:
      Kickstarter's terms, they "make it clear that project creators must "refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.""

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason Milford on

      Any update for US shipping?

    20. Missing avatar

      Celia Rodrigues on

      I live in Brussels and have not yet received anything - it was originally promised for Dec 2017 - what is now the estimated time of deliver?

    21. Missing avatar

      Catherine on

      Enough, I’m done. Give me a refund.

    22. Missing avatar

      Rmeister on

      How to get a refund ?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jackie Ellis on

      I’d like a refund please and my order cancelled. How do I go about this??

    24. Dave Nielsen on

      How do I get a refund on my pledge?

    25. Sam Fisk on

      I've just received mine (well the first wave of shipping). Not tried yet but looks good.

    26. Thomas Elliott on

      Stop making this product. Refund everyone their share of whatever money you have left and move on with your lives. My (incorrect) pledge arrived today and it is useless. Refund me, as per kickstarter terms, you have supplied a product that simply does not work.

    27. Missing avatar

      Brant Rider on

      I'm on the east coast. Where is my Amabrush? This is taking way too long. Originally these were supposed to be delivered a year ago. I would like an update from someone who actually knows something. Thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rachael Anne Elizabeth Joseph on

      I received my product, but it doesn't work. The vibration is way too low to clean anything, the toothpaste doesn't actually come out, and i'm honestly just so disappointed that this is what I've waited for.

    29. Sobek on

      Nach etlichen Projekten die ich schon gebackt habe, und auch manchen die am Ende nichts wurden, muss ich doch sagen, euer Projekt ist für mein Befinden das schlechtest umgesetzte Projekt das ich je erleben durfte.

      Ihr habt euren Ruf international komplett ruiniert. Alles wäre lösbar gewesen, hättet ihr Infos geliefert, wärt ihr einfach zu den Fehlern des Produkts gestanden und gesagt dass es einfach nicht hinhaut. Aber das was ihr hier versendet ist eine Frechheit. Das ist Ressourcenverschwendung hoch zehn! Von eurer Kommunikation ganz zu schweigen. Statt ich weiß nicht wieviel in Verpackung zu investieren, hättet ihr eher einen Kommunikationsprofi bzw. PR Profi engagieren sollen.

      Ich bin echt sprachlos was ihr abgeliefert habt!

    30. DS on

      Das Teil ist Müll, ich will mein Geld wieder - wenigstens das vom Zubehör, denn das ist nicht Kickstarter Masse, dass müsst ihr erstatten!

    31. Missing avatar

      Jose Luis Torralbo Ocaña on

      Aqui en españa estamos a 25 de Noviembre y seguimos sin recibir ni una sola noticia de entrega.

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Mitreski on

      Ok i tryd it now a bit and actually. I dont know how this could ever worked. Actually it did absolutely nothing to the theeth. This is seriously just a realy bad product, i can't see nothing good about it and i would be more then curious about one good review of this... Sadly... 70€spend for nothing :/ no way for a refund right?

    33. Oliver Pößnecker on

      @sabrina yes, i did. Paste comes out after pressing the button a hundred times, but the amount is a joke. 95% air, 5% toothpaste. And it’s Not foaming the teeth after all, it just stays as a liquid in the mouthpiece

    34. Missing avatar

      Thomas Beck on

      Nothing delivered yet - want back all my money!
      Hope thats no fraud - otherwise I'll go to an advocate ad look for all the people having troubles and report Armabrush in case of fraud.

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas Beck on

      Habe bis heute noch nichts erhalten..... dauert schon zu lange ....

    36. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Struth on

      Update from me: The toothpaste gives you a fresh feeling. However, my teeth don't feel cleaned when I run my tongue over them. It would have been too nice if it really worked. Too bad!

    37. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Struth on

      @oliver did you remove the plastic piece of the pod? Like on ink there is a plastic strip.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Struth on

      Habe meine heute bekommen. Mal schauen ob es funktioniert.

    39. Oliver Pößnecker on

      My brush does absolutely nothing. No paste coming out, the handpiece is vibrating, but nothing else.
      Backed for couple set, received a single set. Will contact support, more after conversation with them.

    40. Missing avatar

      Yusuf Kaya on

      @Oliver update please

    41. Oliver Pößnecker on

      Got mine today, let’s check

    42. Dominik Pfannhauser on

      FYI: I received my package today.

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel Mitreski on

      Wuhuu finally they deliver it today. Im exited :))))))

    44. Chris Innes

      I love how they “claim” they’re sorting out small quality defects with the mouthpiece still, and all the while they are “shipping” small batches.

      Newsflash - prototyping and production doesn’t work that way... each time they have to “sort out small quality defects” they would have to retool at the cost a couple of grand each time, and a couple of grand for materials on a sample production run to test them.

      This is never going to actually ship and we will never see either the Amabrush or our money back.

      Kickstarter should seriously look at clamping down on these bogus projects and “start-ups.”

      I’m sticking to what my folks taught me from now on: If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is!

    45. Missing avatar

      holzwurm0815 on

      Der letzte Scheiß immer und immer wieder wird man vertröstet. Im januar heißt es dann bestimt oh kommt doch erst im april....

    46. Missing avatar

      Stefan Kreimeier

      @Haley Raspet, Clint Simonsen and no doubt a lot more:
      please stop broadcasting only half the truth and read Kickstarter's terms, they "make it clear that project creators must "refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.""

    47. DS on

      Wow, doppelt soviele Worte für den Stand der Amabrush App - das freut uns als Unterstützer natürlich sehr!

      Kein Wort zu den schlechten Kritiken, kein Wort zu den erneuten Missverständnissen / Wortbrüchen (Nutzer sind zu dumm die Amabrush richtig zu verwenden VS. die Amabrush kann man nicht falsch verwenden). Wo bleiben eure Studien? Wo bleiben unsere Amabrushs? Kein Wort zu der auseinandergenommenen Amabrush die die Qualität und die Reinigungsflüssigkeit mit dem simplen Motor in Frage stellt.

      Vor allem, da keiner das Gerät bisher in den Händen hält, da brauchen wir natürlich unbedingt News zur App. 😁

    48. Rees Maxwell on

      For those wondering if the @Creator will ever ship...just look at their updates. I have backed plenty of projects (caugh-BELUGA SHAVE-caugh) that never could tell because they stopped updating. Scammers are gonna take the money and run, if they don't intend to ship they will spend no time updating. Why would you? They'll just move to the Cayman Islands or wherever.

      So while this project is taking a REALLY REALLY LOOOOOONG time to ship, I can tell they'll ship. They are too involved not to.

      For comparison, here are the competition (at least, on KS/Indiegogo that I see):
      * Unobrush - campaign ends in 4 days. Claims delivery in May 2019. Who knows when they will actually ship, but this looks to be a bit easier to create since it's just a block of foam. [And they give what appears at this point to be more realistic of a timeline.]
      * Y-Brush - campaign ended August 19, 2018. Claims delivery April 2019. Who knows when they will, but they only just sent an update Oct 30th which stated they are still finalizing their design, which tells me they still have a LOT of work to do, and then get FDA approval or whatever. I'm not imaging they'll easily hit their goal ship date, but at least they gave themselves more time than most of these campaigns.
      * CHIIZ - campaign ended July 11, 2018. Claimed delivery September 2018, but on September 28th they put out an update (and haven't had any updates since) that said they were still changing their design. And yet, they claim they will ship this month, November. I'm gonna guess they are still months away from shipping. At the minimum. [Why give themselves 2 months to ship?]
      * V-WHITE - Indigogo campaign ended April 30th, 2018. Claimed delivery July 2018. [Seriously, what's with these unrealistic short timelines?] Product shipped to some people, haven't shipped to others, those who received it say it's trash and doesn't work as advertised, or at all. One recent comment: "Guys, I received a while ago and we all got scammed. The product was complete garbage, weak and didnt clean anything." Creators claimed backers could get a refund, but haven't given anyone who has requested one any refund as of yet. They also haven't given an update in several months, and the last two basically said, "Contact us and we'll help resolve any issues." From the comments section it appears like they have abandoned their backers.
      * uFunbrush - campaign ended November 24, 2017. Claimed delivery February 2018. [Ridiculous short timeline.] Have yet to deliver. Last update Oct 11th. (Most recent backer comment from 22 hours ago: "An update is over due. Your communication is pretty bad. I’m not counting on seeing this for Christmas 2018 as it’s looking like we will still be waiting at Christmas 2019.")
      * Amabrush - campaign ended August 5, 2017. Claimed delivery December 2017. [What a dumb claim.] Have yet to deliver. Note: They have given a monthly update every month.
      * JAPAN Kumamoto - campaign unsuccessful.

      So looking this list over, what I see is the only Indiegogo-only campaign is a scam, the rest of the ones already ended are working on it still, and one is still active and hasn't ended yet.

      Nothing much to see here. Making products is hard work (for those which aren't a scam).

    49. Missing avatar

      Gottfried Dernbecher on

      Wow i just wanted a toothbrush and now i have to stick a smartphone in my face???? But hey the app is online in December. So we dont have a toothbrush but we have an app for it. I guess we will have to stick the smartphone in our faces after all.