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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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26,832 backers pledged €3,198,516 to help bring this project to life.

Amabrush October News

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

We want to inform you with this update what the current status of fulfillment looks like and how we proceed. We have done everything in our power to deliver a product that meets your and our expectations in time. Fulfillment has not gone as smoothly as we all would have liked and we know that it is frustrating for those of you still waiting for the shipment, and not to have a clear idea of when your Amabrush might arrive. On the one hand, we are happy to announce that some backers have already received their Amabrush units. On the other hand, we are not satisfied with the production ramp-up phase, as things (mainly quality assurance) are not going as well as expected and promised by our suppliers. Unfortunately, not everything is within our control and we are currently facing some obstacles regarding quick production ramp-up. We can assure you that we are working relentlessly to overcome this difficulties in accordance with our suppliers, and that we are on a good track right now. If you are interested in what happens behind the scenes in more detail, read below:

Production ramp-up to its limits should have happen very fast in a few weeks. During this phase, quality defects occurred sporadically regarding the mouthpieces. Especially the inner micro-channels often do not meet our requirements, as some of them get clogged during the complicated, multiphase, injection molding process. This does not allow us to increase production capacities as fast as planned, as we would have to throw away a lot of unused and defective mouthpieces. Instead of making use of all of our mold cavities, we are currently using just two of them, and activate the remaining ones step-by-step after quality-approval. Manufacturing such a novel and sophisticated item, like Amabrush and the mouthpieces, is not trivial. Since some weeks, we already engaged an additional supplier, who is also capable to handle this complicated process of silicone injection molding, and can co-produce those key items in order to push production and fulfillment to the initially expected and planned level.

Below you can see a picture of the Amabrush in all it’s glory. It is time to applaud you, our backers and early supporters, for making all these things happen! For further photos just scroll through our Instagram profile ->

Yes, we listen to you. We want deliveries to be fair for all, especially for our crowdfunding supporters and pre-orderers. For this reason, it is very important to us to supply people who have ordered earlier in accordance with the "First-Come-First-Serve" principle. With such an extensive dispatch it is essential to cooperate with partners such as warehouse service providers. However, they also have their own procedures and processes to keep distances short and costs low. As a consequence, this can lead to small shifts in the delivery order. Nevertheless, we take all possible steps to coordinate the delivery of parcels chronologically according to the time of the order. 

The above mentioned production situation will also affect the start of deliveries to countries scheduled for October (USA, Japan, Canada, South Korea). To ensure a top-notch product without quality defects, we were forced to postpone the delivery date for these countries for some weeks to the beginning of December this year.

Backers who have already received their products, have currently received the basic set. All other add-ons (extra pods, refillable bottles, extra mouthpiece etc.) will be delivered later on with a dedicated delivery as promised. We will continue delivering the basic sets, until we are able to fulfill every item of your pledge within a single package

Both apps are in the final phase, all functionalities are already fully integrated. The user interface will be adapted and small bugs need to be fixed before we launch it in the iOS App Store and Google Play store. Last but not least we want to state again that the backers, who have already received their device, can definitely use the Amabrush without the app. For example, if you want to switch the brushing mode, just click multiple times on the power button.

Final words: we know that we have not done a superb job of keeping you informed in detail. We're going to do better in future, promised. Stay tuned for our updates - and don't forget how far we all have come! Thank you for reading.

Your Amabrush Team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      jen on

      I didn't get any thing since i backed during Aug. 2017. anyone like me ?

    2. Missing avatar

      jasvir on

      i only got 1 set and its in German !

    3. Frederick Cooke on

      I have yet to receive anything... will my amabrush ever ship... last I heard was they were starting shipping ion October...

    4. Steven Gault on

      I ordered 2 heads only received one and no toothpaste... all this time and you have still failed. I want what I ordered or my money back.. this is ridiculous....

    5. Steven Gault on

      Finally arrived but only got one not two like I ordered and I dont know how this thing is supposed to work without toothpaste pods.. all this time just to mess my order up well done...

    6. Nathan and Amber Lammers on

      Waiting for shipment? Any updates?

    7. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Keres on

      Hi, just wondering if there is an update on delivery. The last notice stated the beginning of December 2018 and now it's the middle of January.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sandra Childress on

      Hi...just wondering status on final R&D and delivery.

    9. Frederick Cooke on

      what is happening, there has not been an update in a month....

      What is going on?

    10. Missing avatar

      PAUL PETERS on

      This has been going on for way too long. You are not very helpful with information as to when I can expect my order, I would like to get this in time for Christmas ! You should step up and offer a little extra for the extreme delay. You have had my money for almost a year now. I would like a firm shipping and tracking number for my order NOW ! I hope I haven't been ripped off...……………………………………..

    11. Brandon Nance on


    12. Missing avatar

      Tony Lurie on

      It's been wayyyyyy too long.
      I need to update my shipping address how do I go about getting this done?

    13. Troy Donovan on

      Checking in to make sure I'm not the only one waiting. Thanks all! If there is something other than a facebook site please post a link here.

    14. Gerard Massey on

      We'll get the iOS and Android app before we get the actual product.

    15. Missing avatar

      Amorn Sachdev on

      Please update re my order status. The product has already lost its novelty. I’ve seen the same product at a much Lower price. I know you are gonna respond using the “higher quality” line. But a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush

    16. Missing avatar

      Marcel Cleijsen on

      When can i expect my Amabrush, it is already 16 months ago when we ordered our product. I hoped to give this thing as a present last christmas, i have the feeling that we won't be seeing this thing christmas in our mailbox. I nearly payed a 150 bugs can i get a refund? I am done waiting. And looking at the comments i see that more people are still waiting.

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kapp on

      Can we please have a further update!?! Can you not see how agitated your backers are getting!

    18. Missing avatar

      Matt Skawinski on

      What scares me the most is the people who got it and say it's a piece of crap that doesn't work as advertised. I wasted my money just to keep brushing with a regular toothbrush.

    19. clay green on

      Hi Amabrush team,

      Backer 18,952 from Australia here. Are you able to an expected fulfilment date on my pledge? I may need to change shipping addresses depending on expected time frame but would rather keep the shipping address as is.

      Thanks for you help. Keep up the good work.

      Clay Green

    20. James O'Brien on

      If you have no plan for actually delivering the product that you promised, please refund my money?

    21. Missing avatar

      Gary Alexander on

      Hi amabrush team, I have just moved and need to update my shipping address. What can I do to get this done ASAP??? Thanks

    22. James Spellman on

      So when do the early bird backers get there’s???

    23. Missing avatar

      Nathan C on

      I just moved and need to update my shipping address, is there an e-mail to contact you with or something to do so?

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Hansen on

      I recently moved, how can I update the shipping address? Thank you!

    25. Missing avatar

      kurt semellechner on

      eine zahnbürste ist eine zahnbürste, und zum zähneputzen brauche ich weder eine app noch facebook - das ist doch alles kompletter unsinn, was amabrush hier betreibt.

    26. Adam McAuliffe on

      When does the class action lawsuit start?

    27. Missing avatar

      smokerking on

      Join the Facebook Group with reviews, plaque tests and pictures:

    28. Missing avatar

      kurt semellechner on

      ich glaube nicht mehr daran, dass dieses produkt jemals ausgeliefert wird, es wird immer großspurig geredet und geredet und geredet.

    29. Missing avatar

      mimi dao on

      still waiting. what i've done since i placed my pledge until now: moved cities, got half way through a doctorate degree, bought a house, got pregnant AND had a baby...yeah these are huge milestones and yet i still haven't received my product. NOT COOL. this is ridiculous.

    30. Christoph Empx on

      Didn‘t get anything.... Will it be the next christmas without the brush... And don‘t you think that the bakers should get a present for waiting this long time?
      I remember that you where jumping from one startup-show to the next but you even can‘t deliver to your first supporters?

    31. Missing avatar

      Roar Hoverud on

      I still Waithing on product .

    32. Missing avatar

      LACROIX on

      Vous êtes le contributeur numéro 3346.
      Expected delivery Dec 2017

      I amin FRANCE
      When will I have it?
      Thank you

    33. Missing avatar

      Torsten Waaga on

      Don´t you think another update would make real sense? You should really work on informing us about the current situation of the project. How you are handling everything now really sucks!

    34. Missing avatar

      Carl-Simon Pihl on

      Hi, I still haven't received mine yet, I live in Sweden. When can I expect it?

    35. Kris Verbeeck on

      So i read this update a couple of times and i didnt see Europe mentioned.
      I would like to think that Europe is first allthough the reason why eludes me.

    36. Sobek on

      All the people saying that the problem is the delay dont get the whole situation. A lot of people already recieved their brushes. And every single review is negative! We even have on guy who destroyd his device to get a look inside of it. It is the cheapest possible technology ever. Nothing is innovative about it. Ist not understandable how it takes SO long to produce this. And ist not because of broken brushes that this thing is not working. It is because of how it is build and the poor, cheap technology in it. They should just be honest with us all and finally tell us, that we wont get a working Amabrush which really cleans your teeth like a toothbrush.

    37. Missing avatar

      Luca Loss on

      I'm still waiting for my delivery. I want what i paid for, or else i want my money back. If none of my options will be fullfilled, i'll proceed via legal ways. My patience is ended.

    38. Sam Nicholson on

      @Rainey yeow & Athren Glory, I think you are both right. However after seeing some of the discussions on the Amabrush - Community Facebook group I am starting to feel the product is defective. Hopefully it is some faulty units but even so it's scary to think that it may not even work!

    39. Missing avatar

      Rainey Yeow on

      I agree with @athren glory. Everyone is jus being anxious. All of you should just calm your ass and wait. Its not like this is end of the world. However all the comment i have read ever since the delay was "lost of faith, report to thr police, demanding for refunds"

      If you all have such mindset why come into the kickstarter community. That is just plain immature and do not understand the process of a start up.

      Although having said all this i still hope that amabrush can deliver this product to us. Because i wan to finish brushing my teeth in 20sec instead of 2 mins.

    40. Missing avatar

      Wayne Serra on

      I became backer #8827 in July 2017 when I paid over 300 euro. I love seeing later backers receive their devices before me.

    41. Athren Glory on

      I honestly cannot understand this comments section, asking for free items because of delay in shipping. People wanting guarantees on delivery, feeling scammed because the delays. Look I get it, very rarely does anyone deliver on time and you would think Kickstarter would of developed some sort of "Before you create a project the average project is delayed by (X)...etc" because it is the backers expectations of that original and timely delivery that leads to comments below me.

      I had a project that was delayed by 5 years and they now began issuing refunds (Sixsense STEM). I have another project over $100 where the person just went ghost and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for getting that item. But I understand what Kickstarter is, I would say I get 95% of the items I backed. I would dare say 90% of them are delayed. There seriously needs to be some sort of checklist a backer has to click on before confirming their payment because this sense of entitlement and fear mongering is just toxic for the community, Perhaps if we had more realistic lenses of this process and creators were also required to go through a checklist before submitting their creations we might mitigate this disconnect.

      In any case, thank you Amabrush for admitting your shortcomings with communication. I am sure the community makes it hard to want to say anything. Just keep to your word in terms of delivering a product that can do what you say it can do and honestly that is all that truly matters. And worst case scenario delivery estimates won't hurt either, in the future that is.

    42. Carrie Mannes on

      I have bought this two years ago and feel I need my product along with some big free items! I have purchased items on other Kickstarter projects that have given items due to shipping problems. You have had many peoples monies tied up in your production and have not given us anything in return. I feel you have taken advantage of us and have not exhibited any integrity at all. Please help us by offering our product and additions at no cost ASAP

    43. Missing avatar

      PAUL PETERS on

      For as long as people have been waiting almost 2 years. You could include a FREE Hand piece and charger. You have been collecting interest on our money for almost 2 years, how many hundreds of thousands have you collected by not sending out our products ?????? Will I have my Amabrush by Christmas 2018 ????

    44. Jason Alexander Robertson on

      I have not received an email about shipping preferences yet--where can I fill out a form to ensure delivery in December?

    45. Mattia Brescia on

      2 years I bought. soon I will be forced to report to the police

    46. Missing avatar

      Polly-Anna Piercey on

      Any update on this? I am desperate to receive this item, I've been really looking forward to it. Reading the comments, I'm getting increasingly concerned.

    47. Jane Smith on

      There are several versions of this product on the market right now I could purchase. Instead, because I’ve already paid for it, I’m stuck waiting for this one while promise after promise is broken. Kickstarter does not care and will not involve itself as I discovered with another project swindle (petite chaussettes).

    48. Missing avatar

      Marlon Brown on

      We are all suckers!! I’ve been fooled and I can’t get over it. I know that I will have to but from this point on all of the great projects going forward will have to be funded by someone else until it’s on the market.

    49. Missing avatar

      dunnojustin on

      Attempting to wait patiently for this product to be delivered (US) 2 years past backing it whilst also hoping it will be 1/2 of what if claims.

    50. Goran Delac on

      Just wondering, I'm in EU and still haven't recieved the item... Is there something wrong? Thanks