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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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Amabrush September News

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Delivery has started and we are very pleased that the first Amabrush devices have been shipped. Of course, it will take some time until all of you receive their package since the coordination of production, suppliers, warehouses, and shipping is a big big process.  

Since you accompanied our journey for quite a bit, you know that our product is genuinely new and innovative to the market. We struggled a lot to find a great and capable manufacturer, who is not only able to produce our mouthpieces, which features a lot of sophisticated bristles and channels but is also able to handle the right material, that is antimicrobial and gentle to your gums.

Establishing this process required a lot of effort and knowledge. Therefore, we will ramp up both production and delivery gradually. This means that it will take a few weeks before everyone will receive their tracking code and products. However, we are striving for fast delivery. That's why we have opted for air freight delivery, which is way more expensive but also way faster than sea freight. 
We also want you to get your Amabrush as fast as possible :) We will shoot an intermediate update with pictures from the first delivery any time soon.

With the help of you, we engineered and manufactured some side products. As you may remember, our Travel Case and UV Sanitizing Station were born with the help of your feedback. Back in the days, we’ve mentioned, that we aim to produce all accessories along with the Amabrush core product, but that there might be a possibility as well, that some of those accessories will ship a little later, due to the reallocation of our engineering resources to the most important tasks.

During this year, we highly concentrated on the Amabrush itself, in order to avoid any more delays. What’s more, we were also able to allocate enough resources in order to engineer and manufacture some accessories, namely the Travel Case, the Mouthpiece Holder, and the Tongue Cleaner. However, our most complex accessory, the UV Sanitizing Station, will not be ready for shipping until January.

As we promised back then, we will deliver the Amabrush unit first, and send the UV Sanitizing Station with a dedicated shipment to everyone who pledged for this accessory at no additional costs. Let us further explain why we think that this should not bother you, but this should actually be of interest to you. Our UV Sanitizing Station will feature top-notch technology right from the beginning. We declined using old technology and components, that come with UV stations you may know from the market.
Expensive and new lighting technology is employed in our station, which is not only energy-saving but also long-lasting (no need to replace bulbs every now and then). This setup demanded engineering from scratch, rather than using pre-assembled components. We are convinced that you will like our UV Sanitizing Station and that the wait is worth it. We’ve received positive results regarding sanitizing effectiveness of our station from an external biology institution, and we are now heading to production.


We hope you enjoyed this update and got some of your questions answered.
Another update will follow very shortly. Thank you very much for your precious support!
We couldn’t have come so far without you.

Your Amabrush Team :)

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    1. Missing avatar on

      Where is my shipment ???????

    2. Missing avatar

      yeroslav on

      I still received nothing yet (In Israel), what is going on with this project? been waiting for tooooo long, who can I cantact with to get this done with either by getting final date to receive or by getting refunded.

    3. rob7ven on

      Still nothing received yet, anyone already has his Amabrush, or at least any more detailed Update from the Team?

    4. Missing avatar

      RJ Laffins on

      Haven't received order yet. Is there a way to get cancel and be refunded?

    5. Missing avatar

      Clemens G. on

      I have missed one Christmas without the brush, it would be so disappointing to miss the second one with that brush under the tree. There is way too little communication and honesty here. Only reason I am happy I haven't received mine yet is that all people that have received it, say it sucks.
      Where can I find my shipping date either way?

    6. Kian on

      So till today no one got a device?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jose Luis Torralbo Ocaña on

      Un mes despues de la actualización nº 26 que decia: La entrega ya ha comenzado.
      No hemos recibido ni si quiera el numero de seguimiento, me imagino que el medio de transporte sera un burro, con todos mis respetos a este animal.

    8. Cathrine Levan on

      What is happening? I see a picture with boxes in it by no one has received theirs yet? I am an early backer and was supposed to have received mine last week. What's going on? How many delays before we actually get our tracking code? It can't be that hard to ship out product.

    9. Yannis De Cuyper on

      Any information regarding this ?

    10. Missing avatar

      stephanie on

      Hallo Amabrush-Team
      Schweiz hier - habe auch noch keine Tracking Nummer oder ähnliches erhalten.
      Wann gehts los?

    11. Missing avatar

      Karsten Braui on

      Ich komme ebenfalls aus Deutschland und bis auf die ganzen Updates erhalte ich auch nichts von Amabrush keine Versandinfos nichts .... so langsam ist die Verzögerung aber auch mal gut . Wenn ich vor Dezember mein Produkt nicht erhalte lass ich mir echt mein Geld zurückzahlen. Kann ja nicht sein das man 2 Jahre auf ein Produkt wartet. Ich hab Verständnis das es durch die Menge verbessert wurde und weiterentwickelt alles schön und gut aber so langsam möchte ich dann doch mal was für mein Geld erhalten.

    12. diego teran on

      How do I know if mine has been shipped?

    13. Julia Anna Macher on

      Ich bin auch aus Deutschland und habe nichts erhalten, keine Versandinfo, einfach gar nichts.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Struth on

      Lebe in Deutschland und habe auch noch nichts erhalten. Ist ja schon 3 Wochen her und keinerlei Info zum Versand...
      Hat irgendwer zumindest aus dem deutschen Raum schon was erhalten?

    15. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe Ascione on

      I live in Italy and I'm still waiting for any news...

    16. Missing avatar

      meiresonne on

      Quelqu'un a t'il reçu quelque chose ?
      Je suis en Belgique et rien, même pas de numéro de suivit.
      C'est la première fois que je finançais un projet, pas le bon apparemment....
      Arnaque totale !

    17. Flow on

      @Tahir Akkaya
      will you let us know if you recieved your amabrush? since you said you´ve been called and that it will get delivered on thursday?

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Spencer on

      I'm in Spain. No info yet. I remember these guys every bloody time I brush my teeth. So that's twice a day I get annoyed. I'm starting to get it in my head that none of us will actually ever see this thing...

    19. Nate on

      I would like a refund please

    20. Missing avatar

      Zdenko Kastler on

      I'm from Bratislava/Slovakia - 60 km from Vienna where to my information is the base of Amabrush company. I didn't received any info (tracking number or info on shipment date) yet!!!

    21. Sander Geurts van Kessel on

      still have not received any shipping information yet, when can it be expected?

    22. Omri Damti on

      How can I update the shipping address? I recently moved. Thank you!

    23. Missing avatar


      October update? No tracking info yet.

    24. Missing avatar

      Martin Hank on

      Any hot news out there?
      Also waiting for a tracking number.

      I really think, i will never ever again support something on kickstarter after the NSG S0 and the amabrush...

    25. Wolf Roodsant on

      I'm in Europe, also one of the first backers and I also haven't heard anything, three weeks later. Kickstarter is a joke, I supported six projects and so far two went broke, two just disappeared, one delivered and Amabrush.... Nobody knows

    26. Missing avatar

      Primokorn on

      3 weeks later and still no news... I don't even have a tracking number...

    27. Noah Garza

      @Barbara Sobel
      USA shipping doesnt "start" until next week.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joris on

      I’m French. I haven’t any news about the delivery. I don’t get a tracking number.
      Thank you

    29. Barbara Sobel on

      It is 12 October and I am in the USA. NOTHING. How do we get a refund? I think this was enough waiting.

    30. João Kunção

      Wir bemühen uns natürlich so transparent wie möglich zu zein und werden demnächst auch ein neues Update auf Kickstarter veröffentlichen.

      Die Auslieferung der ersten Pakete wurde mit dem gestrigen Tage begonnen. Vor uns steht nun ein logistischer Prozess, der in dem Moment abgeschlossen ist, wenn du dein Paket erhältst.
      Dazwischen befinden sich weitere Schritte, die auf den ersten Blick vielleicht nicht klar ersichtlich sind. Auf dem Weg von der Produktionsstätte zu dir nach Hause durchläuft dein Paket verschiedene Stationen, die notwendig sind, um eine möglichst effiziente Verteilung der Ware zu garantieren. Deinen Tracking-Code erhältst du im Zuge des letzten Schritts, nämlich wenn dein Paket unser lokales Warenlager verlässt und auf direktem Weg zu dir ist.

      Wenn du noch Fragen haben solltest kannst du dich gerne an uns wenden.

      Warenversand wird von Deutschland aus vorgenommen. (Nachricht ist 2 Wochen alt)

    31. João Kunção

      2 days ago they reported on Twitter about an upcomming Update about „more detailed shipping information regarding delivery to the US“

    32. Manfred on

      Gibts hier vielleicht mal ein Update?

      Can someone @amabrush can update the backers here, it seemed that my lawyer could receive a call if there is no update about the shipping!

    33. Missing avatar

      Zubair Butt on

      Awful ethics and communication by Amabrush. It takes a few minutes to communicate with the backers. Some courtesy and thought should be given as we have waited not far off of two years for this product and only now am I starting to believe it may all be a hoax. It’s disappointing to say in the least. First they were the delivery dates, then the shipping dates and now what? We’ve heard nada and it’s just awful and reflects poorly. Sort it out. We can be patient but this ultimately takes the biscuit. I’m sure I speak on behalf of many unhappy backers!

    34. João Kunção

      @Tahir today is the day 🤩

    35. Missing avatar

      José Carlos on

      Is it possible to request a refund?

    36. Missing avatar

      Oliver Sehmsdorf on

      Faszinierend: Seit drei Wochen wird nun also ausgeliefert und noch immer gibt es HIER niemanden, der das Teil erhalten hat? Nope - this was just to ease up communication for German natives. We now face week three of delivery and it seems that none of us backers received the packages so far? Or am I wrong. I do live in Switzerland - post address in Germany (border is just 5 minutes away), Austria (where the Company uses money) is 1/2 an hour in driving… ;-) Let's see wether this is all a big hoax and fraud or we will be surprised with SciFi Technology.

    37. Missing avatar

      Rainey Yeow on

      Anybody receive anything yet?

    38. Missing avatar

      Zach Taylor on

      @Tahir Please follow back up and comment this on the main page, people are very interested in shipping and if you have a tracking number please disclose that to everyone else in the comments section

    39. John Seitz on

      @Brandon Haught
      they mean that the Plaque went down significantly, and that there wasn't any significant difference to brushing for 10 seconds with the Amabrush vs a normal brush for 2 mins

    40. Missing avatar

      Mar Co on

      @Tahir Akkaya Please follow up on Thursday after you tested the brush. Probably, they wanted to do shoot some photos with a smiling customer to put on their website...

    41. Missing avatar

      Tahir Akkaya on

      Today on tuesday the 9th , october 16:25 İ got a PERSONAL call from amabrush themselve. They said as a big thank you they want to deliver the product personally to my door and say thanks. Unfortunatly the date ( tomorrow ) wasn't suitable for me , because İ had an appointment somewhere else. They said its okay they will send me an email with a tracking number and the product will come on thursday. İ am a bit happy about that call , didn't expect that they do that ( only in vienna maybe ? ). Of course it wasn't easy to wait so long but you know , not everybody is perfect , they are young. Be patient ! Btw the pictures they post about their holidays are not funded by us , the goverment has an eye on those things so no "run-away-with-our-money" ;) happy to get the product next thursday

    42. Missing avatar

      Volker Borges on

      No shipping, no reaction, no happy end ....?

    43. Missing avatar

      Shawn Stocker on

      @Keith Dunkin

      Delivery has not started.

      It's been 14 days since "Delivery has started and we are very pleased that the first Amabrush devices have been shipped."

      Now @Amabrush is saying that shipping is in order of backer number, yet on FB backer #3 says he has not received any shipping confirmation

      I myself am backer #41 and haven't heard anything at all

      My conclusion is that not a single unit has been shipped.

    44. Missing avatar

      Backer0622 on


      Please update everyone on what's going on. Based on comments by backers in Europe that have backer numbers under 50, you haven't shipped anything out yet. That's incredibly concerning and contradicts your last update. There has also been numerous comments by Amabrush on FB and Indiagogo that would indicate there's an issue and an update is coming soon. Please don't wait until the end of the month to give us another update, we deserve better than that.

      Outside of the shipping issues, I would like to know how Amabrush will support their product after fullfillment... Currently pre-orders on your website say January delivery. I suspect we'll need a new mouth piece every few months?

    45. Missing avatar

      Torsten Waaga on

      In the meantime almost 2 weeks have passed since this update and nothing about the above promised "We will shoot an intermediate update with pictures from the first delivery any time soon." I live in Germany and neither received a delivery nor information about shipment of the product.

    46. DS on

      Hat denn hier schon irgendjemand seine Amabrush erhalten? Wenn ich mir die Kartons so ansehe, mit 12 Stück auf einer Ebene und vielleicht 4 darunter, kommen wir mit den zwei Kartons auf immerhin 96 Stück die bereits bei Amabrush im Lager standen - oder noch stehen... Das entspricht nicht Mal der 100 bei Kickstarter verkauften Beta Tester Pakete 😂. Ich zweifel immer mehr daran dieses Jahr überhaupt noch ein fertiges Produkt in den Händen zu halten, und die anhaltende Stille von Amabrush, die auf kaum einen Kritikpunkt wirklich Mal eingeht, zeigt ihr übriges. Ich habe noch nie so eine schlechte Kommunikation gesehen wie bei Euch. 25 Updates und gefühlte 25 gebrochene Versprechen, denn mit jedem Update kam eine neue Hiobsbotschaft hinzu, und das bei 4 Millionen Euch zur Verfügung stehenden Euros...

    47. Jeffrey Soon Moridani on

      How do I update my shipping address?

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Any backers already received the products? Please provide some detail!

    49. Missing avatar

      Volker Borges on

      WOW! I see two boxes witch 24 units in each box.
      48 Units for shipping!!!
      But no! 12 are allreadi missing!!!

    50. Missing avatar

      Kathrin Bansleben on

      Has anybody gotten a tracking code? I’m backer no. 83 and I expected Amabrush to send their product in the order of incoming orders. Since they’ve been shipping for more than a week, they must have shipped more than 83 units or am I mistaken?