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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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26,832 backers pledged €3,198,516 to help bring this project to life.

Amabrush July News

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Amabrush shipping & more! 

Dear Backers,

first of all, we want to thank you for your continued support and patience.
Without you, we would not have been able to grow and develop our innovative toothbrush.
That said, we want to give you more insights into shipping and production.

Shipping Information

Shipping will start on September 25th. 
Backers in the EU will be the first to receive their unit. Depending on your location, the delivery time is between 2-5 days. Shipping to the US will take longer since we’re waiting for a confirmation from the FDA. We expect to get the confirmation in August and - if everything goes according to plan - we will start delivering to the US in calendar week 42. More information will follow in our next update.

You will find a timeline in our August Update with information about shipping depending on your location.

Crowdox Survey 

To make sure that you receive your order, we kindly ask you to complete the Crowdox Survey! Otherwise, we’re not able to send you the product.

Please find the Crowdox Survey here. 


You will receive your Amabrush with a Micro-USB connector.
The number of requests we received for Micro-USB was higher than USB-C, as it is more commonly used in households.
We can’t offer both solutions since changing it to USB-C would cause a fundamental change in the chargers’ electronic.

Production Pictures

Below you can find some photos from the production. 
The pictures show the tooling for the toothpaste pods.
We are working on the last finishing touches!

We wish you all a great summer!

Your Amabrush-Team 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Christoph Löhr on

      Switching from USB-C to Micro-USB is a Rollback from a Goal, so it's FRAUD.

      Rolling back to MicroUSB is a .... decision. This is not acceptable, it reduces the worth of the product by at least 20% . We need to buy new cables ect. for a toothbrush ......

    2. Missing avatar

      adrian sarialtin on

      Plaque test now! I am in europe, so as soon as I get it I will perform one myself and let you guys know, so that you can decide if you want a refund!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Rainey Yeow on

      Where is the august update?

    4. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      I'm guessing Martin Forstenpointner isn't such a talented engineer if he can't even add USB-C. Give a refund plz!

    5. Ashley Bonilla on

      Needing that August update for the US customers like whoa.

    6. Hqc Nguyen on


      What about the backers in Asia, Pacifics and Africa? You mentioned estimated delivery for Europe and US only.

    7. Jeph Christoff

      Micro USB, what a disappointment. I'm still looking forward to getting it tho and will hold out hope that one day there will be a USB-C option as it is superior.

    8. Missing avatar

      Vincenzo on

      For Dominik Pfannhauser:
      KickStarter is not Amazon, but when we received the survey we BUY the additional amabrush or items, not pledge it, and we confirm the pledge with usb-c, wireless charging only for pro set and the other things.

    9. Daniel van der Aar on

      Sorry Dominik, but what you say is BS!

      I and most backers understand it's not Amazone and also this project could fail, that is np.
      And oke we are not warren buffet (i wish oke and a little bit younger) but Ambrush choose for the kickstarter way to finance there company and not only with private investors or banks. So if we invest 100 dollar or 1000 dollar it's totally irrelevant and we can expect and demand better information than what we got so far.

      The biggest problem is not that they deliver the Amabrush with Micro-USB but the lack of communication about it, if you say it's your stretch goal and you can't fulfill this promise tell this directly to your investors or ask for our opinion. I know this is one of the risks that they can't deliver all there promises that is not the problem only if you keep it a secret for almost a year that is the problem.

      And is it so strange that we want to see more pictures of the product? They almost start shipping, after a year of waiting the could provide us more pictures.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sloane on

      So why does the survey still list the charger as a USB-C Charger? Why can I still buy another USB-C Charger with my survey if that's not even the charger being used? Also, why does your website say "We will start delivery on SEPTEMBER, 25TH 2018 where we ship the earliest orders first"? September 25th is OUR date. The people who backed you a year ago and have been waiting since then. If someone in the EU orders one from your website today will they receive it before me because of the FDA? Why can't you just focus on your Kickstarter backers first??

    11. Missing avatar

      Vincenzo on

      Another question for Amabrush;
      What is the difference between basic and pro kit about power charger? During crowdfunding you "sell" the basic version with "Basic Charger" and the pro version with "Wireless Charging Station", but now, on your website, all the versions included a "wireless charging station with a Micro-USB Power charger", so why we that have pledged the pro version have the same of basic for a higher price?

    12. Missing avatar

      Matt Skawinski on

      Y'all so whinny a bunch of girls on their period. Micro USB is totally fine, and no they suddenly won't became unavailable in a year or two as still MAJORITY of devices use micro USB. Not my fault you got yourself an LG phone that uses USB c and now you're lashing out. So man up it's just a tooth brush and you only paid $100 for it. My only concern is the FDA approval.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stefan Fabian on

      I mostly agree with Dominik Pfannhauser.
      However, while it's not that big of a deal, I'm very disappointed with their decision to switch to Micro USB again and I'm not buying their crap reason of "higher demand".
      I'm relatively certain that I wasn't asked and switching from the new better technology to a crappier old one is a pretty dumb decision. I think it was done because it is probably cheaper and the "higher demand" is just a bullshit excuse.
      To make my point clear, I'm mostly annoyed by the bullshit excuse and not so much by the decision to go with Micro-USB. It's not like it's that big of a difference for a toothbrush.
      As long as it can perform as advertised, I'm satisfied.

    14. Dominik Pfannhauser on

      I really have to say this. For a long time I am watching this commentary section. And each and every time I get more angry. I am sorry to say this, but 90% of people here are idiots. Don't take it personal, but for real, you are the most ungrateful and stupid bunch of people I have ever seen. If I were at Amabrush I would have stopped posting months ago, because all they get for postings are idiotic comments by douchebags, that don't understand the concept.

      KICKSTARTER IS NOT AMAZON. You don't order anything. You are backing something that maybe will work. It is like betting in a poker game, you can analyze everything, but in the end, maybe your opponent has a better hand. Same here, we all backed this, because we thought it is a good idea. And we hoped that we would get it.
      So now finally there is a shipping date, and all you ungrateful morons complain about is the Micro-USB. "mimimi thats so 5 years ago" - that is really going to determine the quality of the product. You need to switch the port maybe once, because it is upside down, wow your life must be pretty awesome, if this is your main problem.

      And to all people demanding more production pictures. You backed this project with a few hundred bucks and not 2 Mio. Dollars. So please calm down and don't act like Warren Buffet.

      All of you are so ridiculous...

    15. Missing avatar

      Oliver Sehmsdorf on

      Faszinierende Diskussion. USB Charging?! Hat denn bisher jemals einer von uns Investoren ein Endprodukt erhalten / testen können? charging is an add-on Feature, but does the final product clean our teeth fast and good? Where are the studies or tests (any results published so far) after one extra year if waiting?

    16. Daniel Berg on

      I hope they send a Micro USB charger then since I don't own a one anymore. I got rid of all mine YEARS ago when everything change to USB-C.

    17. Missing avatar

      Alexander Hoffmann on

      """ USB-C instead of micro-USB! We got this request really often, and we too think that this is a great way to build Amabrush with top-notch technology right from the beginning. Many of you demanded such an upgrade, and your request is our command! """

      Guess a certain company here doesn´t actually give a crap at what their backers demand. LMAO. I´m glad I only paid 1$ to just watch this shit show unfold and have fun LOL.

    18. Bernhard Obermoser on

      Ich kann mir kaum vorstellen, dass der Haselsteiner, der ja satt investiert hat, mit der Art wie man mit seinen Investoren und Kunden der ersten Stunde kommuniziert zufrieden ist.
      Schön langsam hat man wirklich einen dubiosen Eindruck von der ganzen Geschichte. Schon wieder nur Gussformen als Fotos und keine wirklichen Teile eines Produktes. Aber ja, fest Werbung schalten, das ist ja viel wichtiger als tatsächlichen Fortschritt des Projektes zu beweisen.

    19. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      USB-C was a stretch goal, If it wasn't not a big deal... and I would say nothing,

      Personally, I'm really disappointed about USB-C removal, All my old tablets and phones have micro usb and I hated getting the plugin right about 50% of the time, with USB-C on my new devices is 100% of the time, and thats's a huge deal.

      My tablet, computer(and mac) have USB-C now, Only my phone has another(lighting and I hate bringing more cables with me), So now i will need to carry an extra cable for this...

      Some of us know(and work with) electronics, changing Micro USB to USB-C is not a big deal and you know it, You decide tu put one or the other and that's it, The engineering design and requirements are the same, the space required varies but only a little. It just makes the manufacturing process a little more expensive, Micro Usb is cheap because it's on its way out, nobody making high end tech is using Micro USB anymore, By choosing this you are making your product appear as a low end product, maybe medium and for sure not a high end one.

    20. Jesica Messom on

      So what about Canada???

    21. Missing avatar

      Backer0622 on

      @Chad, exactly. If it hasn't been approved by the FDA then they haven't even placed the order to have them manufactured yet (who would?).

      As I kind of thought... when they said Q3 shipping, they meant at least 1 would be shipped in Q3, not all of them (or most of them).

      @Amabrush, just set up some realistic dates and then work your butt off to meet them!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jon Griffith on

      One of the best things about this was USB-C. Way to walk the product back half a decade. As LennoxVII pointed out this is fucking bogus too. Good job.

    23. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      I don't want USB-C...

    24. Dean on

      @Creator - please list the differences in the models (KS/IGG vs Retail) if backers are to be shipped the original design.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kim Hyunguk on

      I should haven't back this.

    26. Missing avatar

      Robert Hill on

      Sorry if this has been asked already, but in my order I’ve got a refillable capsule for toothpaste but it’s not available on Amabrush’s official website, as they note that it will affect the performance of the device? Does this mean that they won’t be honouring this order item?? - cheers

    27. Missing avatar

      LennoxVII on

      "The number of requests we received for Micro-USB was higher than USB-C" - WHICH IS ANOTHER LIE.

      Now you could say I can not make these accusations, BUT, I am not sure if they are really that unintelligent, but after exchanging many many emails with amabrush THEIR OWN customer service told me on the 5th of July:

      "The truth is that, unfortunately, we had a shortage of USB-C. And now the effort to change it would be too much at the moment because we would have to redesign it completely (change circuit layout,...) and it would be completely different in terms of engineering. "


    28. Missing avatar

      Stefan Kreimeier

      @Jonas and many others:
      I'm only partly angry about the way of charging. I'm disgruntled by them lying and/ or witholding information.

      And I'm angry about people like you. Either you don't care about the way they behave, or you don't see it (as a bad thing), you are trolling or "in on it". Either way is harming.
      When are one entitled to "cry"? Am I "if" I hold the endproduct of this farce in my hands? Not "if" it cleans in any amount of time automatic? There is no "automatic" left btw.
      Maybe it's ok they ship a normal toothbrush with a sticky to move your hand very fast?

      I financed this for me and not out of my grand heart and pocket for countless others as you did. I want what they promised for myself and nothing else, at least not without proper justification.
      Ask your elders and or disabled people not what they think about usb this or that but about salesmen lying in their face, regularly.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jonas Buchholz on

      I am really quite confused that people get so angry about the way a toothbrush is charging. And all things considering as delays and other changes, I am still very exited about this product. Because if it is able to clean your teeth in 10 or even 30 seconds that is still a revolution in dental hygiene. And most importantly you don't have to actually do anything.
      I say this as a dentist so maybe I have a special interest, but consider how this can help people who are unable to brush their teeth properly like the elderly or people with disabilities. And they surely don't care about USB-C.
      So maybe just wait until you have the actual product until you cry about your first world problems.

    30. Missing avatar

      Phi-Long DO on

      Please implement USB-C as promised. Micro USB is the past.

    31. DaeGyung Gang on

      What about shipping to East Asia?
      Plz update it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Alan Paul on

      You should keep to at least one of your promises.

      Stop your production now and just implement USB-C as you promised.
      Small thing but you already changed so much without consulting your backers

    33. Missing avatar

      Alan Paul on

      Oh dear. Another kick in the stomach for us who believed in your project.

      Delays are inevitable but lies and secrets are a bad way to keep customers. We invested as it was innovative and cool.

      You changed the product almost entirely and without consulting any of your supporters at any point.

      Delays and changes are inevitable but consider us who've been patiently waiting all this time.

      USB-C is quickly becoming the new standard and you should have ditched any thoughts of alternatives over a year ago when you pushed past goal 4.

      I fail to see what benefits us backers are getting for supporting your product all that time vs those who pre order on your website.

      Nothing from this campaign actually resembles what we funded any more.

      Half a year late and still things are changing for the worse,

    34. Missing avatar

      Jishnu Viswanath on

      Really piss poor decision to move to micro usb. The world is moving to USB C and within couple of years you won't be able to find any micro usb devices. If you are not going to revert micro usb decision I would like to cancel my order.

    35. Chad on

      Approval through the FDA should have been the first thing done after the prototype and before mass production.

      If the FDA says “no”, what is the plan for US customers?

    36. Missing avatar

      Brad Simmons on

      Guys, I’m telling you right now, we will not be getting the Amabrush in 2018. If and when we do get it, it will be a shell of what we thought we had invested in.

      By the time this product has finally shipped, if ever, it will be useless junk compared to what’s already on the market...products made by companies who have a clear business sense - not these guys. Notice how they never respond to any of these messages? I believe there is a 75% chance this entire operation is a scam.

      2 from now, Amabrush won’t even exist.

    37. Missing avatar

      Stefan Kreimeier

      So the USB decision was just now? And you decide you use the inferior tech because it's more common? ??????? !!!!
      Please just stop these mocking "updates", it keeps getting worse. If anything just give us an true overview where you are, even it is nothing substantial yet. Answer the questions we ask. Nothing more, please.

    38. Missing avatar

      Stefan Vollmer on

      what exactly is the downside of micro-usb? i charge a ton of devices with micro-usb which i use way more and longer throughout a day than a toothbrush? are there any other functions based on usb? i am confused.

    39. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Release a poll to show the interest in USB-C vs micro USB and let it speak for itself.

    40. DeeZaster on

      I haven't been negative towards Amabrush until now. I do not see ONE PERSON here that says they wanted the micro-usb, EVERYONE here that has posted says that they DID want usb-c as the charging unit. I really wonder how many people complained and asked for the micro-usb, and above 55%? That's insane, a complete lie. I don't even remember a vote on it, I could have missed it though. I've been patient because I knew we would get our product but now I'm pissed when you start making it inferior. Oh and great timing on letting everyone know and the excuse about changing the electronics is a bunch of bulls**t. A tiny little adapter could have been given to the users who wanted to use a micro-usb charger. I can buy them for $0.75 Canadian Dollars and they are extremely small.

    41. Missing avatar

      Arthur on

      *next month

    42. Missing avatar

      Arthur on

      @Ron if we would get everything they said without the USB-C that would be ok, I agree but we already lost main functions... like a sleek, smooth look... Nope not anymore its this bulky big piece..., an one-touch toothbrush... nope you have to pump by yourself now so more like a 3 or 4 touch toothbrush and cleaning in only 10 sec? ... nope doesn't seem so, because you now can adjust the time how long is will brush in an app. If 10 sec would deliver perfekt clean teeth there is no need for this function (sure its nice to have but I don't thing they include it because it's nice to have...)
      So main functions are missing from the product the promised and the product they will deliver... and that is only the things we know about, we will see what they say next week ...

    43. Missing avatar

      Bruno Chevalier on

      If you say you have received more requests for micro-usb than for usb-c, you guys must have the numbers to back that statement!
      Where was the poll for this?
      How many people voted for micro-usb and how many for usb-c?
      What percentage of the total amount of backers has voted?

      I personally don't care. Either option is OK for me, but don't make statements if you can't prove them.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jasmin Weigl on

      Which year will you be shipping ? you only wrote September 25th, but you did not Indicate the year.

    45. Missing avatar

      Luis Alain Posada Londoño on

      How can I request a refund?? After more than a year I’m not interested...already bought the latest OralB.
      Will return it if you finally send it...

    46. Missing avatar

      Claud Cutler on

      how do we request a refund?

    47. Missing avatar

      Jim Bakolas on

      What about shipping to Australia, can you give me an update please.