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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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26,832 backers pledged €3,198,516 to help bring this project to life.

May Update

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Hey Folks!  

Another month is over and summer is coming soon! Once again, in this update, we would like to give you insights as to what we are up to :-) 


Guys, we are really busy working on your Amabrush so that you can receive your toothbrush asap. All the more we’re thrilled to receive another brilliant opportunity to attend a big event. We will be joining the 95th annual conference of the ADHA - American Dental Hygienists Association, from the 20th - 23rd June 2018. So if anyone’s in Columbus, Ohio, feel free to visit us! Our booth number is #101



If you if you didn't catch The Amabrush on the Henry Ford's Innovation Nation, you can watch it here. Note: Unfortunately the video is only available for US viewers.



We know you guys are eager for some insight into our day-to-day life. So here is a little sneak peek :-).



We will start deliveries in the third quarter of 2018. We’re almost there!


You can change your shipping address at any time via the Crowdox Survey. You can login here:

Have a good one! 
Your Amabrush-Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Miles on

      Not trying to be one of the negative comments but the lack of pictures and key information on production process and other very important things for us backers is making me a bit nervous. Also the shipping date is now set to december which in my opinion is far from third quarter of this year... it concerns me a lot that it is put back for another reason every time and we are not getting the key updates we should deserve as the ones who made all of this possible for you, at first.

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony Vetas on

      I used to have such belief in the product and team, now I only feel scammed. Why do I feel so? Well, those now pre ordering will get a better product for just a few bucks more, competition already delivers, and "my team" is more interested in "conferences" etc instead of using their energy on getting the product out to their backers. I regret the day I signed up for it, and I doubt Ill get my amabrush this year!

    3. Allie Porter on

      I would also prefer a refund of my money as you are now saying it will be a year late. Please send the information on how to receive a refund.

    4. Missing avatar

      William C Parker on

      Really hoping to still have teeth if I receive my amabrush.

    5. Missing avatar

      Rens Bronsveld on

      Almost there!!! Can't wait to stop brushing my teeth myself :)

      Ignore most of the comments...but i agree with the fact that we really don't care about those conventions.

    6. Yann on

      Hi there, I would like to get a refund for my backing. You guys have pushed back by almost a year, that is very hobbyist like and far from professional. Could you please let me know how to get my money back? Paypal refund will do!


    7. Missing avatar

      Amy Church on

      Lastly, please do not spend any more money on the Amabrush office, furniture, computers and desk lights. I'm referring to the "Behind the Scenes" pictures above. Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft ALL started in their garage. My Sub S Corporation, a business I've run for 34 years, started in my livingroom. So the spiffy office DOES not equal lasting success. You must build a strong business foundation of production and procurement!

    8. Missing avatar

      Amy Church on

      Dear Amabrush Team! So excited as Q3 is closing in. I'm intrigued by the UV cleaning station -- . Is this option available through Kickstarter or should I order it from your website.

    9. Missing avatar

      Amy Church on

      Fellow KS Backers and Amabrush Team. I visited your Amabrush website -- -- and noticed that the new design's body comes in three different colors. Will I be able to specify body color(s) for my order please?! Perhaps a line could be added to our Address and Order information page. Also, a July update that includes "PRODUCTION and shipping" photos would be splendid!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Cam Palmer

      So honestly how much longer. Otobrush is out. Looks like the old amabrush. Has a wireless charger. Why are so many related products out but we don’t have ours. Also I thought this was a patented product. If so why are there so many products out that look the same and are publicly marketed.

    11. Missing avatar

      adrian sarialtin on

      I wanted to update my shipping adress and now it says that i owe you 18 Euro. How is this possible? Anyone?

    12. Missing avatar

      Martha on

      You are busy Advertising and taking orders for Amabrush, and tooting your horn about the publicity you are getting. What you are not giving us is an expected delivery date, progress report, or reason for this lag. Yet, you are busy hustling sales, and neglecting your supporters. This is offensive. You request that we be respectful and considerate. We ask the same of you.
      After all, we did back you. So what date in the third quarter of 2018 is delivery expected to begin?

    13. Flavio on

      Where is the final product prototype testing and working? 3 quarter of 2018?!?! Hope it’s the final delay because I’m tired and thinking of refound! Your TV shows don’t give me the product in my hand.

    14. Missing avatar

      Justin Szczurowski on

      Just saw a Facebook ad for another knock-off dubbed the "Y-Brush":

    15. Missing avatar

      Melanie Florenz on

      I Ärger with @Joshua Essoe

    16. Joshua Essoe on

      @Ron, you nailed it.
      To sum up my agreement:
      1. Amabrush, you're failing your responsibilities to your backers.
      2. Communication is key no matter how late you are with your product, so give us an update on manufacturing and fulfillment.
      3. That's great that you're expanding your business and its buzz, but that should be a side dish when updating your KS backers, not the main course.
      4. You are accumulating a lot of very frustrated and angry backers very quickly. Think of this phenomenon like an avalanche: it starts little, but it gains momentum and size and proceeds to get completely out of control.
      Please address these issues.

    17. Missing avatar

      Arthur on

      Why aren't you providing any pictures from the production ? Or any pictures of amabrushes made or something like that ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Arthur on

      So Amabrush any answer to all this comments? Where are you if you get criticized? Why aren't you saying anything to all your backers?

    19. Missing avatar

      Claire Yung on

      Plus d un an de retard plus de 100 € dépensés je crois que vous pouvez envisager au plus vite un dédommagement... pour cx qui se sentent abusés comme moi peut être devriez nous nous regrouper pour solliciter un service de consommateurs? A moins qu' amants nous apporte une solution adaptée à son retard et un dédommagement a La hauteur de cet abus ....

    20. DeeZaster on

      For those users outside USA, you can watch the region locked youtube video here:…

      I was able to have a friend tell me about the worries from the German video with the 3 hosts testing Amabush and he said something that does worry me and I'm surprised I didn't notice this.

      He said the 3 hosts mentioned that the back teeth don't get as clean as the front and this is totally true because all the sonic momentum is lost when we are getting such a flexible product. They should really add a thick solid piece of metal, or even a rod, from the front to the rear to where you bite on for the back teeth to get the same vibration. I've quite worried about this now.

    21. Ahmed Alkooheji on

      and? Where are the product related updates?

    22. Missing avatar

      H on

      I think this is one of those projects where you burned your money. This is not working. Trail and error.

    23. Aaron Colwick on

      Ron nailed it. Better communication is key to keeping your "investors" happy. I mean, if your idea is to just leave us hanging, hoping we'll all like the product so much that we'll shut up after it's done, how is that an effective business model? If that isn't the case, prove us wrong, and post worthy updates.

    24. Lucas Murray on

      This is ridiculous. I was even turned down for a refund. They said to wait until I get the product and then I can get a refund. That's dumb as it seems the product is never going to show up as well we are never getting any real information about it.

    25. Marcella

      I’m 110% with @Ron, I’ve also been an avid supporter and fully aware this project had the potential to be extremely late, but these updates are clearly lacking substance. At the point you are at it may be wise to get someone to put together substantive updates, at the very least provide some type of reasoning about why things are or aren’t going well. If it’s because you don’t want these copycats putting out their low standard versions then tell us, this campaign had the potential to be really great but you’re going to miss that mark if you keep doing what you’re doing.

    26. DeeZaster on

      @Brad Simmons: You've invested in hundreds? Don't lie dude, you have invested in exactly four. People that back a high number of projects have a super backer tag too.

    27. Missing avatar

      George M Kennedy-Antillon on

      Worst update ever!! This was my first Kickstarter experience and not a good one. I understand we are not specifically buying the product when we back a project but this is ridiculous! If I didn't hate brushing my teeth so much I would be asking for a refund as well!

    28. Missing avatar

      Brad Simmons on

      Oh look everyone Amabrush was invited to another “brilliant conference”! That’s such exciting news for your investors!

      News flash, your investors and backers don’t care about what conferences you are attending. We only care about one thing...the timeline and what you are doing to deliver the product we invested in. The fact that you think any of us care about anything else shows nothing but arrogance and ignorance. Get it together please, this is by far the worst Kickstarter project I’ve invested in and I’ve invested in hundreds.

    29. Gilbert Paquin on

      I am with Ron 100%.

    30. TheSirSpence on

      .....They in turn get comments like this as opposed to the ones you get:

      Robert Perry Superbacker on May 20
      I don't care if you deliver late. You care about quality and are dedicated to getting backers a top notch product. Keep the detailed updates coming.

      Missing avatar
      Joongil chung on May 1
      Always a great update. Thank you for everything you guys/gals are doing on this. Looking forward to a great new set of glasses

      HEGARCIA on April 30
      Thanks for the update! great work!

    31. TheSirSpence on

      I am with Ron 100%.

      Here is an example of a KS campaign that so far is over a year past deadline, but is getting communication right!

    32. James O'Brien on

      what Ron said....

    33. Maurizio Zoccola on

      Think you are collecting money from everywhere but there is no update on product. You are presenting an solution and a finished product, collecting money in TV shows......
      but where is the product???? ....
      3 quarter 2018 should be the final destination.

    34. Missing avatar

      stigl on

      It is really annoying how you guys put us off every other month for some new reason. And it is bad for Kickstarter also because I will not spend any money here in the future.

    35. Missing avatar


      I echo Ron's comment.

    36. John Schofield on

      Guys this is 3.2 Million Euro of funding....
      With that kind of money you can bring in competence and capabilities.
      Delays - sure
      Design changes - ok within reason
      But not a single photo of the product or any form of production at this stage does not bode well in my opinion for a 3rd quarter delivery.

      We should be seeing trial runs and product testing at this stage.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      As my previous comments show, I'm a very optimistic and supportive backer. I have no unrealistic expectations about schedules or delivery times. I understand this is an extremely complex project, and I would not be surprised by a delay of even a year given the amount of work and attention this product requires. I'm also very glad to see you are promoting and building your company - this is good for all of us and very important given the breakthrough nature of the product you are developing. You are running a marathon not a sprint, and that's great.

      Having said that, you have been clearly failing in one critical aspect of this project: communication. This update is ridiculously under-detailed regarding what you are actually doing to get the project done. It has essentially zero concrete information about the actual brush, and is WAY below standard on Kickstarter. As a backer of dozens of project, some of which have been months and even years late, I can decidedly attest that this is NOT how updates on Kickstarter look. Especially given the significant delay of the project at this point - which again, is completely understandable on its own - these updates should be significantly more detailed and informative. This is your duty and responsibility as creators.

      Now assuming you're constantly working on the product, it should be extremely straightforward for you to share what you've been up to lately. Is the design complete? Are the supply deals secure? Is there a production line, and has production started? I assume you must have deals with all involved suppliers at this point, including timelines. This information should be shared with us. You also must have photos from your production line by now, post those to us, not photos of your coffee machine.

      Your reputation as KS creators is definitely on the line here, and honestly, it is not doing great at the moment. This product DESERVES better updates. You CAN do better. Writing a good update takes no more than an hour, but it would be the most important hour you can currently invest. Communicate with your backers. Have a dialog. Be transparent. Those are the foundations of a good KS project, and are the main differentiation element between the worst and the best Kickstarters.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jessica Maree on

      Delays are underatandable. But it's just been too long. But what can I do. You give your money in good faith you'll receive goods in a fair amount of time. I'm very patient; with this project, you have to be.

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Williamson on

      I think with all the new policies floating around, Kikstarter needs to instill a time limit on product finish dates. Members should be able to opt out because it’s been nearly a year and I’m just ready for this to be over. Promoting your product through these seminars are great but you have failed your customers and some of us are a little disappointed in your products stability market.

    40. Manuel on


      Yeah, so don’t you wander why it’s not stated July anymore rather than 3 quarter? It kinda sounds like it’s gonna be delayed - again.

    41. Manuel on

      I would agree completely, Margret. There always can be any unplanned interferences and this is ok, BUT the given updates are not updates you would give to investors.
      Investors are interested in the development of the company, on the steps towards completing the article primarily.

      I can see amabrush is going places to do their product placement and acquire more and more customers. This is a good thing and necessary, indeed. However, the primary interests of investors - and this is what Kickstarter spenders are - is when the investment starts to pay off eventually!

      I‘ve been reading all the updates and by now they haven’t been more like a promotion. I’m completely ok with waiting to receive a good product, however I’m not ok with not receiving information about the actual product, it’s changes and basic data.

    42. Persinickity on

      I meant @John. Sorry lol

    43. Persinickity on

      @Steve, July is the beginning of the 3rd quarter... just so you know.

    44. Missing avatar

      Shanon Marietta Badger on

      Margaret Jones,
      I have great respect for you that you can be that patient. However, this ridiculous a delay, combined with such an ostentatious display of advertising grabs and disregard of current backer wishes has proven too much for me to bear. I would appreciate it if the company would simply tell us the reasons for the delay, but they won't even give us that much.

      I am not clamoring to get my product. I'm clamoring to get any relevant information that should be available to any investor. Instead of the constant delays, I want to know the reason for the delays. I want to see pictures of the workshop where the product is being made. I want to see current production schedules.

      What I do not want to see are more commercials and conventions, paid for by the money we provided for producing the new invention. I do not want to see anymore self congratulatory posts that pat themselves on the back for spending our money on more advertising. I don't want to see anymore nice, clean pictures of people doing no work. And mostly, I don't want to see anymore delays.

      I already consider this a lost cause and expect to never see the product I backed end up on the market. Seeing the TV spots and hearing about how great it's not going to be is simply adding insult to injury.

    45. Missing avatar

      Margaret Jones on

      Wow! People have some unrealistic expectations about what a Kickstarter project is about. The projects are not typically from an established company, so they are learning as they go. It is easy to come up with an idea, but difficult to produce it. There are so many unexpected roadblocks. I've backed 15-20 projects. One was 2 years late - when the book was finally delivered to artist, the publisher had not done a good job of checking the quality. Then there was the flood, then the artist dying. It is a heirloom for my family (2 years late but well worth the wait.) Only one of my projects totally failed, but they learned many things along the way (plants that produce light). I see backing a Kickstarter project as supporting a person with a cool idea - not some huge corporation that pays the CEO crazy salaries but doesn't reimburse the worker bee with the cool idea. I know the world seems to be getting less courteous, but I'd like to see patience instead of anger in comments. Good Luck to Amabrush!

    46. Missing avatar

      Christian Wabnitz on

      possibly, a different balance between product promotion and product completion should be considered by your team.

    47. Missing avatar

      Steve D Waller on

      Quote: "We will start deliveries in the third quarter of 2018"

      Did everyone else notice the subtle disclaim verbiage of "start" deliveries. Feels like another non-commitment.