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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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March Update

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Hi Folks!

We will keep this update short and sweet :-) We hope that you are all doing great. Spring has finally arrived and Easter Holidays are just around the corner! 

We are very happy to say that we were able to sign the contract with our supplier and we are working flat out on your Amabrush! We are also super excited and cannot wait to see our final product on the shelves! We just want to say sorry again that it has taken so long to finalize everything. 

As this product is going into the healthcare sector, it takes so much more time, not to mention the time we have already spent developing and improving the product, in order to meet the corresponding level of quality. We want to avoid rushing this and are investing the time now so that you can profit from a high-quality product which fits perfectly to the industry it was originally designed for. 

Nothing has changed regarding the estimated delivery date. Amabrush will be released in the third quarter of the year! 

Below you can see the video footage which we presented at the CDS Midwinter Meeting. :-) Please note that the video is for demonstration purposes only and details are subject to change. 

Thanks for your great support and patience.
Happy Easter Holidays! 

Your Amabrush-Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Asset Taxi Montagne on

      Good idea, good product, bad communication about delivery delays, found 9month ago and still no clear informations!!!! Actually I think my money has been lost!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle Pendergast on

      So once again I see you have tried to play word games to get more time, you said that delivery would be in July and now you are saying “nothing has changed it will be 3rd quarter delivery.” Common sense that you now have opened up a delivery time of July 1 - September 30. Most may have not noticed your word trickery but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. SOOO when is delivery??? Will it be July or will it be any time before October. Appreciate if you didn’t LIE to your customers who funded you having a job again.

    3. Momentum57 on

      Take your time get it right. Product looking fabulous!

    4. Rupert Barksfield on

      Is there any update on delivery?

    5. Missing avatar


      Please can you provide an estimate of delivery dates?


    6. Missing avatar

      Luca Rinaldi on

      i am really happy to hear that you finally finalized your project! This is exactly the purpose of Kickstarter! Checked the new design and it looks nice, the only problem is that it is really similar to my wife's "silk epil"... hope not to switch the two things in my mouth....

    7. Missing avatar

      Traci Paris on

      I may be moving before this "product" (read: barely an idea) is realized, let alone shipped. How can I change that info so if it is ever sent, I actually receive it?

    8. dogulus on

      I already have similar products sold?

    9. Missing avatar

      Cristina Figallo on

      any more recent update?

    10. 전종목 on

      refund. I can't wait no more.

    11. Adam McAuliffe on


    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Kim on

      I am warning Amabrush team.
      If there is no tracking number updated till the end of September 2018,
      I'll open a kickstarter project to send an assassin armed with toothbrush.

    13. James Spellman on

      Is there a delivery date when I can expect my Airbrush Pro Couple Early Bird Package. It was supposed to be delivered in December of 2017???

    14. Brian Bobek on

      There is a company on Amazon that goes by the name "Amabrush" and sells products under the Amabrush name. No I am not talking about the other sellers, I'm talking about the Amabrush store on Amazon:…

      I would think that a company that actually gave a rip would a) reach out to Amazon to shut them down and b) provide an explanation about how this could be and what steps you're taking to protect your brand and your investors.

      I've been on this KS ride before. Amazing products with amazing promises that drag on for couple years while still happily taking money with no actual plans to produce anything. The video is computer animated for the love of god. There's zero evidence of a concerned fiduciary responsibility and loads of shadiness. It's been real. Enjoy the updates.

    15. Missing avatar

      Judith Palenski on

      Is there a date I can expect to receive my Santiago?

    16. Missing avatar

      Steffen Horlacher on

      @ Tyler, doesn’t look too bad. At least pictures and prove the product even exists ;)

    17. Tyler Michael Penn on

      So another project has come along that looks similar.…

      They claim to be shipping in May, as in next month. What is your take on it

    18. Kjell King on

      I don't mind that I have to wait a little longer, but I'm starting to worry that, because of the many changes, the options that I have ordered won't be delivered, because they simply won't exist anymore. (Toothpaste bottles, Traveller case with charger and extra USB-C cable). I also paid extra for the UV-light lid, but it looks as though this will be a standard feature?

    19. Cristina

      I actually like the new design much better than the old one. Looks a lot more polished and sturdy.

    20. Breck Dittman on

      Awwww...poor Rafael! It's OK! You can use a regular tooth brush until this one arrives. It'll be ok! I promise!!

    21. Rafael on

      Ridiculous we were suppose to receive by last Christmas and now by the looks of it we might not even get for this Christmas!!

    22. Breck Dittman on

      Dispute all you like! You people are ridiculous! You knew what you were in for in banking a KS project!

      You're CC company will tell you to get bent, without lube or reach around.

      But have fun with that. 😂😂😂

    23. Missing avatar

      Ziesak on

      Refund! This is simply ridiculous!

    24. Savagë Suavëçîtø on

      its funny to hear all the advocates yap about unreasonable expectations for a organization to fulfill its claims...if they didnt want to deal w/upset customers they should have made not finite estimated delivery date, this is customer service, dont like it, dont be in a damn business

      was hopeful for this product but I, as well as many others I'm sure, would just prefer to buy this off the shelf @ full price. I for one am disputing my credit charge on this and will receive a nice refund and not worry about having just shelled out money for people to write me annual updates from their holidays on my hard earned money! tootaloo

    25. Missing avatar

      Patrick Dasher on

      I have to admit that I am disappointed. I can overlook my dismay with the product design changes; what matters in the end is really function over form. But what really frustrates me is that I feel like I'm being given the run around as to expected delivery date. As many other commenters have noted, changing the wording from delivery in July to delivery in third quarter sounds an awful lot like prepping us for sliding the delivery date back yet again. I appreciate that securing a profitable manufacturing deal that still provides a quality product can be challenging, but I feel that with a KS campaign that has been given 3 million euros when the initial ask was merely 50 thousand euros, you should be able to overcome these challenges more robustly. I begin to wonder how our money has been spent, and if the funds have not been mismanaged a bit. I think it's exciting for you to have been able to go to that conference, but was it necessary? Why not delay further promotion of your product until it is fully through the development process and you have delivered on initial promises? If you are going to take the time and money to create a video to demo the new product design, why not make it a practical demonstration as with previous iterations of the design? Your updates begin to seem a bit disingenuous.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stefan Vollmer on

      Q3 = December at best

    27. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      citiboi is bang on the money. Yes we take a risk of no fulfillment, late delivery, redesign, incompetent creators, fraud, poor communication - all of these things. But that does not mean that creators should not be held to account.
      In fact they should be challenged, held to their promises, and hounded for answers when they start to fail.

      Kickstarter is full of bad stories and you need to ensure this isn't one of them.

      If people want to just give money away carefree, then go find a charity.

    28. Missing avatar

      Steffen Horlacher on

      Okay that new design looks like some 90-ish piece of electronic junk! Would have never backed something like that independent from the still cool idea of the amabrush.

      That been told here’s some constructive comment:
      Can you please show us your milestone plan from today till delivery date?
      So what are the open tasks and when do they have to be finished???
      Including the long awaited plaque test. Without no one else will ever buy that product. If you still not have it, now‘s the time to tell.

    29. citiboi

      @Ed Moreau - If you are prepared to accept whatever Kickstarter creators dish out at you, that is your prerogative. However, if other backers have higher standards or expectations, it is their prerogative as well. It is best to "be respectful and considerate" of other backer's opinions. After all, nobody appointed you as a moderator. Lastly, NO.. design is an integral part of the Amabrush and as backers (as opposed to customers buying a final product off the shelf), we are investors and are fully entitled inter alia, to comment on the design of the product we have invested in.

    30. Missing avatar

      Patrick Tresp | spockstar on

      I am a litte confused about previous emails regarding the delivery timeline. First it was just a supplier change, now the product will be "maybe" shipped Q3 of 2018 instead if first call before Xmas 2017, second call Jan 2018 etc. etc.

      Please say how you do it or do it how you say. No need to make promises on things you can not fulfil.
      I am still looking forward to someday receive it, but please start honest communication.

    31. Fade_to_Black on

      Sorry but people here can't read. The delivery date never was august 2017.

    32. Sam Nicholson on

      @John Schofield, delivery was never stated to be August 2017, that was the date the campaign ended. Original delivery date was December 2017.

    33. John Schofield on

      new design sucks, initial delivery promise was August 2017, July 2017 is now Q3... which leads me to assume slippage to sept 18 - otherwise why not reiterate July?

    34. Missing avatar

      Richard Kivimae on

      I really liked initial design. Current handle looks big and heavy and seems like any other (washing) machine i have in my bathroom.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ed Moreau on

      Why is everybody complaining here? When you are a "backer" you (have to) know that everything can change, also the design!

      I think you are doing well! You keep us informed and you are improving the original design so we wont be disappointed when you deliver this nice piece of innovation!

    36. citiboi

      +1 @Daniel - Why, oh why, did you change the original sleek design to this monstrosity???

    37. Missing avatar

      Dan B. on

      I really don’t mind the wait. I’ve backed other projects that delivered 18 months late.

      However, I chose to back this project for its design which according to your latest video (btw a waste of our money, poorly executed) has undergone a horrendous redesign. It looks nothing like your original concept.
      To top things off, it looks bigger and I’m sure you have legit reasons for a redesign but at least stick to your design ethos.

      I would’ve never backed a design like that, really disappointed.

    38. Marlin Erin on

      this will be my last kickstarter, did another with no way to deal with issues, this is so late, buyers remorse. never again.

    39. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Hmm that handle looks much much bigger than anticipated - not too happy with that. July isnt that far away but I am not confident Q3 means July and not September. We need more frequent updates and more real pictures and less renders.

    40. Steven G Saunders on

      People in the comments keep saying that July isn't in the third quarter, when it's literally the first month of the third quarter.

    41. Matt Smith on

      Uh... not "Q3" - your January update committed to delivery in JULY.
      If I don't receive your very late product by July, I'll expect a refund.

    42. Alfred on

      Ich bin leider auch enttäuscht. Es ist nicht die lange Verzögerung (Das ist man bereits gewöhnt wenn man Kickstarter Projekte Unterstützt) sonder die Änderung des Design und handling. Aus einem trendig und modern aussehenden Produkt wurde ein absolut hässlich und altertümlich wirkendes Dings gemacht.

    43. Peter Kohler on

      I've had crowd funding items that took nearly 2 years...that's the way these things can go. Its not like they are taking your money, walking to the back of a warehouse and shipping it out...

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. Missing avatar

      Allan Moore on

      You just keep making promises you don't keep! Enough excuses already! Send me a complete refund!

    46. jack hodges on

      Nice video, but you really did make the handle much larger. I just saw an Indiegogo campaign yesterday for some company that is copying your design and adding some cold light for teeth whitening (probably how they got around your IP), and they say they will be shipping as soon as the campaign is over. I assume you are on top of this.

    47. Puffball on

      Now that's a sexy video demonstration! Thanks for the update, really excited to get this bad boy sometime in the summer! :D

    48. Micha on

      People here do not seem to understand that they didn't bought a product that is stocked somewhere and ready to ship but financed a product development. Yes, missed deadlines are always somewhat frustrating, but i personally am more than happy to receive a more refined product later than getting it a few months earlier and then have an outdated product that is launched a couple months later for everyone else.

      Also, repeat after me: you do not buy finished products on kickstarter. You support a product development with every risk that's associated with giving money to someone based on promises. And that includes missing deadlines. You all should be happy that you get updates and that there are still things moving forward. Because getting nothing is also a possible risk.

      People here crying like their life depends on a luxury item they backed.