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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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26,832 backers pledged €3,198,516 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jack Chausteur on

      Like most other people i’m totally disappointed by delivery delay. It’s because projects like this one that I don’t back any project anymore on indiegogo.

    2. BreauxBridgeBrielle on

      It honestly seems like you guys got so excited about the funds that you invested it poorly. Instead of locking down manufacturing (which your competitors have done), you spent god knows how much on the Apple Store like display at a regional, not even national, but regional convention. Not to mention all of the travelling associated it with going to these no where towns and getting publicity that is really only seen by niche bloggers and supporters.

      All of the features are slowly disappearing one by one, while production is pushed back month after month after month. Let's not even forget how it was suggested we give "printable empty Amabrush boxes" as Christmas gifts. While you delay, your competition that is already in production has time to tweak, adjust and improve their quality.

      I am going to go ahead and call it what it is, it's a wash. I doubt a product remotely resembling anything that was backed will ever be delivered. Win some, lose some with start ups. This one seems to be a loss.

    3. Jean-Raphael Ouin on

      Does the toothpaste button activate a micro-pump? Or does it mechanically act like a pump?

    4. Missing avatar

      Karel Fučík on

      I have a bad feeling that I will not have anything to clean after delivery.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bruce Solomon on

      To answer a lot of peoples questions, upon looking at the sale site, they are promising delivery by third quarter of 2018! 😡

    6. Missing avatar

      Bruce Solomon on

      My questions have already been asked several times. How about a response?
      Where's the beef?

    7. Missing avatar

      Dominik Weghofer on

      10 seconds to brush my teeth but, months to late!

      I‘m very sad because every day with my normal f***ing teethbrush is wasted lifetime!

      You promise us that we get our amabrush in December 2017...Merry Christmas!

      You promise us to get the brush in Jannuary 2018...Happy New Year!

      And now? You give us updates every time but... without a shippingdate...

      Are you kidding me?
      Please have a beautiful, amazing product (if it really works).
      Please do not waste our lifetimes with normal f***ing teethbrushes...

      In your next updates we want to hear more about the shippingdates..

      Thanks for out


    8. Raphael Michael Gamon on

      This company is a mess, besides their conflicting and sporadic “updates” lacking specifics about product development and a delivery date to finally fulfill the postponed delivery promise...
      Their updates are confusing and yes; their competition has already delivered; who cares if you claim it’s not as good as the phantom product you claim you have...?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jasmin Weigl on

      Are you guys think we are all Idiots?
      This is your update?
      I do not give a shit that you had Great days at a convention
      I do not care about all the bullshit you write beside that.
      I want to know a delivery date!!! !
      I want to know How I get my money back?
      I want to know what acactly is the goodie you are Talking about!
      I want to know decent Fachs and number?
      No more blabla!!!!!!!!

    10. Carrie Mannes on

      This is the Worst experience I have had my money in! When am I to receive my purchase. As a result of your product, delays, this experience, I no longer back Kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brandon Rusch on

      I understand that sometimes things don't go according to plan and deadlines have to get pushed back. I've been very patient, accepting of reasons (excuses), etc. However, I'm getting to the point where I also kinda just want my money back, like many other backers. You keep updating us with "this is improved, this is changed, this will be better" but we were fine with the original product, obviously since we initially backed it! These are stall tactics and it's getting real old, real quick. What's the point of being a backer if 1) we aren't going to get the product we backed, 2) we aren't going to get the product when it was promised, and 3) by the time we actually get the product there's going to be something even better out there. The whole "backers get 15% off accessories" gimmick isn't good enough for me at this point. I'll take my money back and you'll MAYBE get it back if you ever actually put out a product! I'll go buy one of the "impostor" products, THEY were able to put products out there already, it clearly isn't that difficult. -_-

    12. Missing avatar

      Oliver Sehmsdorf on

      Hi folks, I still like the project - the idea and I hope to get “my” partner-brush, soon.
      Design? I do not care, as long as the main promises are still valid: ~ 10 seconds, no hassle - then I am fine.
      What I do not like is a losing communication quality. I have just re-read the initial advertising here on the site. Extremely professional presentation.
      I have been an entrepreneurial myself and I learned (the hard way) that it is less easy to stick to your promises regarding time schedule if you depend on third party supplier.
      I am not losing faith, but I would recommend to communicate on time (I do not like a February newsletter to be published in March) and it would help to tell us, whether you are able to deliver in July or if this is just an estimation into the dark hole.
      Schade finde ich auch, dass der Fokus eher auf Verteidigung liegt – gegen Fremdprodukte und/oder Nachmacher, denn auf Umsetzung der eigenen Terminvorgaben. Wieso trefft ihr euch staendig mit den Lieferanten? Die sollen produzieren, dann versenden und man trifft sich wenn es so weit ist, wieder…?!

    13. Carrie Mannes on

      I would like my monies returned please. You have used my money and others interest free to fund your own endeavors. Shame on you!

    14. Carrie Mannes on

      This is the Worst experience I have had my money in! When am I to receive my purchase. As a result of your product, delays, this experience, I no longer back Kickstarter.

    15. Denece Vincent on

      This looked like such a great Idea way back many moons ago when I backed it. It still looked like a great idea months later when I purchased add-ons. Are you EVER going to have actual product or is this all vapor ware? Delays like this give Kickstarter a bad name.

    16. Missing avatar

      Helene Klein Longden on

      This is very disappointing. What I backed and what is being shown now are not the same. I don't want to have to dilute my own toothpaste. This was supposed to be a time-saver and now you are adding more steps and frankly I don't believe that a kickstarter only store will last much beyond your early release as more non-kickstarter folks purchase the brush as it won't be in your financial best-interest. At this point I would happily take a refund.

    17. DS on

      #Amabrush: "We collected 4.5 million over Kickstarter, what are we going to do next?"

      "Let's finish the product for the supporters!"

      "Forgot the supporters, change the design, postpone the delivery date by a year, and we go into TV shows to get even more coal, and if we can find time, we'll do marketing on a not-yet-ready product at fairs. . "

      Give my money back!

    18. BreauxBridgeBrielle on

      This is getting a bit silly at this point.. always an update with glossed over fluff and no actual useful information. Lame.

    19. Cathrine Levan on

      So when are the backers (like me) going to receive our Amabrushes?

    20. Brian K Ullrich on

      If you can’t deliver, just send me my fucking money back. I’m tired of this scam, although I have to hand it to you; as scams go, this is a good one. Who’d ever think a new type of toothbrush could be a scam? I mean, you got me. And my money.

    21. DS on

      Und eins noch dazu, Eure Priorität sollte darin liegen das Produkt für die Unterstützer fertigzustellen und nicht davor durch TV-Sendungen und 3 tägige Messen zu tingeln... Sorry aber da fehlt mir absolut das Verständnis für. Wenn das Produkt da ist, habt ihr massig Zeit Marketing dafür zu betreiben, aber so fühlt man sich als Unterstützer einfach nur veräppelt von Euch.

    22. Missing avatar

      chris on

      Post dates for shipping, now. This has been way too long already. MANY of your backers have already lost faith and more will lose faith in you if you keep stalling.....

    23. Missing avatar

      Foullon on

      Want feedback?
      Time's Up!
      Give me my money back!!!

    24. Brian K Ullrich on

      When will I get my Amabrush? It’s sort of getting ridiculous at this point.

    25. DS on

      Das VERSPRECHEN von Amabrush war "1 Button klicken und 10 Sekunden warten". In "Das Ding des Jahres" musste die Dame sogar den Zahnpasta Button 2 mal betätigen, da hier einmal drücken nicht auszureichen schien. Dieses Versprechen wurde gebrochen und die aktuelle Erklärung darüber ist mehr als nur ein schlechter Witz.

    26. Nick

      Hang in there. Keep up the good work. Communication is key. Most people assume sourcing a product is easy, like you go to China and the product wizards bestow good wishes unto you and your team and things magically appear. It’s more like gremlins trying to change your product to fit their machinery and their troll cousins try to rip off your design in the factory two miles down the road. And that’s the tip of the iceberg. Thank God I already brush my teeth and I can manage to survive that 2 minute trial while I await delivery of your product. Good luck hitting your Q3 delivery.

    27. Sean Giliberti on

      Your Last update was a great one. I trust you guys, and I am really pulling for you and your company. Take your time my teeth can wait.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Horvath on

      Perfect is the enemy of the good. If you keep making design changes you will never ship a product. Was your original design so flawed it didn't actually work? Anything less than that shouldn't have warranted a complete overhaul, both aesthetically and functionally, of your product.

    29. Fade_to_Black on

      Thx for the update. I can wait, I knew that backing this product will have a long waiting time because it is never easy to estimate the production.
      Please people be patient. I know it is hard to wait for that brush.

    30. Missing avatar


      I am concerned about the actual progress update, you did not mentioned anything about when will you start production, what is your current status of design, tooling, packaging, smart phone app etc.

    31. Danny Shepherd on

      Anyone advocating a “class action lawsuit” is an utter moron.

      Also they’re not supposed to exist to “make a boat load of money” what a horrible attitude.

      You funded a project it might be late, it might be 6 months late, it might be two years late, it might never arrive.

      You can’t “class action lawsuit” that (urgh, so American) you agreed to the risks in the terms and conditions from Kickstarter when you backed a campaign.

      It’s like you’ve put money on the stock market then got annoyed you lost it and trying to sue the stock market for it.

      Don’t bavk what you can’t afford to lose.

    32. Alexander Lietz on

      On their homepage it still says Q3 2018 which could be July.. let's see.
      I agree that this new design is ugly as fuck and I don't understand as well why 2 buttons are necessary.. it is a bit disappointing

    33. Missing avatar

      Casey Mallory on

      This is such a joke. I forget I even ordered the thing because the updates are so spread out and then I read them and laugh. This is the best. Think about it we are all waiting for a stupid toothbrush that is going to take years to get. In 2 years we will all get mailed a regular toothbrush and toothpaste in ketchup packets 😂😂😂.

    34. Missing avatar

      Autum and Gabriel Rucci on

      Ok, so when are we getting it?? Months late with no definite date is a terrible business practice.

      At least give a date, at least half of the comments are about this.

    35. Danny Shepherd on

      Apart from the obvious imbeciles in the comments I think some of us would really like to see plaque test results.

      I don’t mind the delay, it takes time, the people swearing or using awful grammar whilst complaining in the comments section have never achieved anything in their lives and don’t understand the process. I backed NEEO and it shipped three years late!

      I’d just like to see plaque tests before shipping in July. I hope I don’t have to supplement Amabrush with occasional regular toothbrush endeavours.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jerome K. on

      Liek everybody else already expressed here, I just want to point out that there are 3 apects of a Project that need to be kept in mind by a servcie provider (like you): Time, Quality and Budget - while improving the quality is interesting, the quality of the initial product was sufficient to satisfy the customers who trusted you initially, you do not have to overshoot - you can have the best product ever, if you are not able to deliver, you are not even as good as cows who never failed delivering the most wonderful fertilizer on earth... which is still sh.. ;

      Time is key and time flies, you have to comit or be responsible enough to say that you will not be able to deliver and reimburse actively your customers or you are exposing yourself to lawsuits... who would be interested in a class action? against Amabrush (and potentially Kickstarter)? I bet there is a pile of money to make....

      Best regards

    37. Missing avatar

      nobaar on

      No pics of production, no medical test evidence, no delivery window. I'm getting worried that my money is lost.

    38. Dan Sørensen on

      Sad to see this so many bad news. New sad design, now two buttons, no refillable capsules and still no release date. You must have some sort of time estimate just tell os a date. It's better to just say a year than saying nothing.

    39. Missing avatar

      Franck Leonardo on

      I'm not here to throw my toys out of the pram, but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in the way this Kickstarter campaign is managed.
      First, you offered a Delivery time of 2-3 months, then during the last update you changed that to 9 months with a July deadline. Now, this update makes it look like even that deadline is not guaranteed.
      Next, you advertised a design and a certain set of features. The design now looks different (and in my mind, worse, but that's just an opinion) and features are changing. Sure, the change to two buttons is not the end of the world, but it changes the brushing from "put in mouth-press-wait 10 seconds-done" to "put in mouth-press-wait (how long?)-press second button- wait 10 seconds-done" .
      Third, refillable capsules are now a Kickstarter-only product, which does not fill me with confidence about the long-term viability of that solution. As the user base will grow, Kickstarter backers will become a smaller and smaller percentage, and will end up not being worth catering to.
      I will reserve judgment on the product itself, which might very well end up being a 10. But the Kickstarter campaign gets a very low score. I'll reserve 0 for campaigns that end up never shipping, but as of right now, this looks like a very nice marketing campaign from your point of view, but but a very rough deal for your backers...

    40. Missing avatar

      Peter Foeckler on

      Alles scön und gut, wann bekomme ich die amabrush?

    41. Missing avatar

      Lars Langner on

      Totally agree to Colins comment. Just want to know a fix date. Thank you.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris Mayberry on

      As much as I hate delays, it does look like the product and company is maturing which inevitably mean when we do receive our product it will be a much higher quality and reliable/tested product and meet our expectations.

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop, but please if possible be more transparent with regards to delivery. Even if it's next month, July or December 2018... any decent estimate would be much appreciated by all of us. Even if it's not what we'd hoped for ;)

    43. Colin Stark on

      Yep, glad you are ensuring a great product but to ensure a great overall experience you need to take a stand, put a flag in the ground and say ‘our goal now is to deliver by xxxxxx’

    44. Missing avatar

      David on

      Answer the question: When can you deliver.

    45. kaiserkiwi on

      »Press another button and your device will be turned on to brush your teeth completely hands-free in just 10 seconds!«
      I think we all understand what the buttons do, I just don’t understand why it is necessary. What is the problem with the single button solution? Just push one button, fill the amabrush with toothpaste and then start cleaning. This is the way it was advertised and it was awesome.

      It’s a little bummer how much changed with amabrush. I’m still excited for this product, but it just looks much less futuristic and nice. I hope at least it works.

    46. Mark Stickley on

      I have to say while I’m glad to be an early backer and to have a refillable capsule on order, I’m disappointed that they will not be available to everyone. Being able to refill a capsule is vital in order to cut waste and impact to the environment. This feels like a decision based on profit and little else.

      Also what does that decision mean for the official large bottles of liquid toothpaste? Will you not be supplying those anymore relying on customers to dilute their own toothpaste?

    47. Missing avatar

      larry moonilal on

      What kind of crap is this. Months late and still no definite date. This scam needs to be stopped.

    48. Brandon Nance on

      Cut the bullshit. you're months late. Give me my fucking toothbrush

    49. Missing avatar

      Aaron Liverant

      Thanks for the update and happy Chicago was a success. I understand that you are still negotiating but that does not give me any sense of when we will get the product.

      Another questions, you stated in the update that there are going to be instructions to dilute the toothpaste, yours or the one I usually use?