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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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26,832 backers pledged €3,198,516 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Emilio on

      Ok so what is going on? Have not heard any updates....please update

    2. Nick on

      Your next update should have a firm shipping date. If you spent our money on the redesign I get it. But delaying shipment and using our money for commercials and trade shows is ridiculous.

      Your product better deliver as you've jerked us around long enough.

    3. Missing avatar

      annyusc on

      Please refund.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bono on

      I'm confident in your job!
      Keep going.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephan Ohanian on

      hi there. please refund.

    6. David on

      "We are in constant talks with our suppliers; meeting with them several times a week. "

      I was afraid this would be a scam, it sure is starting to sound a lot like a scam.

    7. BAE SEOK HEE on

      Refund request.

    8. Missing avatar

      João Estrela on


      Can i please have a refund?

      João Estrela

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      I apologize, but I think I'm a little lost. Will there still be an app to adjust certain settings? Like most on here I'm curious to the new shipping date? Thank you for the update, I look forward to the next one.

    10. Missing avatar

      Henrik Wenzel on

      Wow, alle so aufgeregt hier. :-D Guys, stay calm and rtfm! ;-)…

    11. Missing avatar

      Dave Robertson

      What’s is the current eta? You make no mention of it in the update

    12. Missing avatar

      Jihun Kim on

      Requesting a refund -can you please email me

    13. Katja Kruppe on

      Just found my answer under the general product page comments, TV show as recorded last year, so that explains the changed delivery & sales date.
      2 observations from video/ demonstrations: the mouth piece seems rather large and didn't seem to fit fully in the mouth of the females. Since it's completely detached, I wonder what it would take to make a small, medium and large size for future enhancements.
      To all complaining about toothpaste, no one is stopping you from applying standard paste directly to mouth piece and gel tooth paste is available for most brands, there shouldn't be an issue using a store bought tooth paste with this product.

    14. Aglarele on

      Anyone else thought after seeing the video that they still had some residue of purple/blue on their teeth?
      I don't care much about the redesign of the product, it's a toothbrush so it's not some item I'm going to look at all day. It doesn't actually look that bad as some comment here. Anyone that ever backed the Embrace+ with me knows it can turn out much worse.

      However, I do care a lot about the functionality. if I do have to dilute my own toothpaste it might end up to be more work (and mess) than just brushing my teeth the normal way. Especially if it doesn't work at least as good as my toothbrush.

    15. Katja Kruppe on

      Wenn Verkauf (laut Pro7 Auftritt) ab Februar geplant wird, warum wird Auslieferung dann immer noch auf Juli geschaetzt?

    16. Kenna

      @Rhynri - It's so pleasant to see words from someone else who understands how a Kickstarter works. I don't know why I waste timing reading the whining, threatening comments on here (I assume I was hoping to run into something like yours.) Crazy people. I am a bit shocked that there ate people saying they would rather get what they backed than an improved product. And referring to such a big con as nothing just shows ignorance. They connections they made there will he invaluable. Amabrush, please just keep going and give me the solid product I hope to get. I am quite certain I know how to brush my teeth until then.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Epstein on

      Months of delays and ridiculous updates, plus countless people furious and wanting their money back, and the update first speaks about some stupid convention where you made more promises to people you’re inevitably going to screw over?? This joke continues! Just give us back our money. Oh wait, you can’t because you would have to “transmit this deletion to our manufacturers and suppliers, where we’ve already ordered all Kickstarter/Indiegogo pledges” lie ever considering every update tells us you don’t have any manufacturer or supplier, nor has anything been ordered. The only thing that’s happened is you’ve taken all of our money. It’s scam artists like you guys that I will never deal with Kickstarter again

    18. Thorsten Schmitt on

      Hallo Amabrush-Team,
      ich habe direkt am ersten Tag eine Pro Couple AmaBrush bestellt, da meine Frau als Zahnärztin das Konzept interesssant fand und ich eher in die Kategorie des Firmengründers falle (max 1min weil zu faul).
      Die Entwicklung des Projektes mit allen erreichten Zusatzzielen waren echt nett anzusehen.. Nun hatte ich gelesen, dass ihr im Feb. auf Pro7 das Produkt vorführt.. Ich hatte die Folge aufgenommen und heute erst angeschaut..
      Um es kurz zu sagen: wir sind schockiert.. Was hat dieses Produkt noch mit der ursprünglichen Idee und den Versprechungen zu tun?!?
      Auf der KampagneSeite stehen immer noch alle zum Start erwähnten Punkte.. ein kleines handliches Gerät in Ballform.. mit automatisch einströmender Zahnpasta, immer exakt die notwendige Menge.. Eine Patrone um die eigene Zahnpasta zu nutzen.. Lieferung 12/17
      Was ist jetzt rausgekommen:
      Das Teil ist 3x so groß (auf den Bildern), man muss die Zahnpasta selbst reinpressen, und die Patrone (die ich als Early Bird ja wohl bekomme) kann nur mit flüssiger, Gel-artiger Zahnpasta genutzt werden (also nicht zb Elmex Sensitive Repair, wie von Zahnärzten empfohlen).. Lieferung erst auf 02/18 jetzt sogar auf 07/18 verschoben..
      Das Schlimmste daran ist, dass ihr das in dem letzten Updates nicht nur alles noch versucht schön zu reden, sondern gleichzeitig die Konkurrenz (es gibt mittlerweile mehrere Firmen mit ähnlichen Produkten und keinen simplen Kopien), die euch mal locker in der Entwicklung überholt hat und bereits im Verkauf ist, schlecht redet..
      Was ist mit den vielen versprochen Zusatzzielen.. es wird nichts mehr erwähnt.. Mundstücke für Kinder (hat die Konkurrenz zb auch schon), eine App um Einstellungen usw. vorzunehmen, Verhalten auszuwerten usw.., einen Sound macht das Teil doch auch nicht mehr.. lediglich das Vibrieren war zu hören.. Große Flaschen eurer Zahnpasta.. auch weggefallen, weil es ja die Refill Kapseln nicht einzeln gibt eigentlich..
      Ihr hattet eine super Idee und von Menschen, die an euch glaubten über 3 Mio. € bekommen.. Meint ihr nicht, es wäre fair, ein wenig ehrlicher zu sein.. Den Kommentaren unter diesem und auch schon unter den letzten Updates nach, bin ich nicht der einzige der so denkt.. Ihr findet dort eher sehr wenig positive Feedbacks..
      Ich würde mich über Feedback vor allem zu den fehlenden Features und Versprechungen freuen.

    19. Mikko Zitting

      Amabrush team does wishful design: fancy colours, round shapes but no working product so far. After 6 months and 4 million euros no independent tests are conducted. People use toothbrushes usually to remove plaque, Amabrush does not seem to remove plaque efficiently.

      The 3 secs Unico brush gathered almost 1 million euros before that project was closed on the very last day. Unico then went to IndieGoGO and has gathered some hundred thousands.
      Why ordinary people believe and back nonsense?

    20. Austin Nooe on

      @Ubeogesh it was never 2 seconds lol

    21. Missing avatar


      Appreciate the update... but you need to keep us updated on ship date also. Are you still on course for July?

    22. Missing avatar

      Jlm1917 on

      My teeth have all fell out its been so long I want da money Lebowski. How do we get refunds seriously?

    23. Missing avatar

      EMANUELE on

      I want my money back.
      Liar and thief!

    24. Missing avatar

      seigneurie on

      Thanks Team ! I like very much this design and it delays me providing to make some toothpaste:) Set all the time you have need to offer the best has our teeth :)
      Thx for ur work.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ron on

      Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work guys. I am perfectly fine waiting longer if this means a better quality result. Feel free to ignore the guys complaining about the delay, it's absolutely normal and acceptable on Kickstarter. Take all the time you need to perfect your product! Thanks again :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Ubeogesh on

      wasn't it 2 seconds before? now it is 10 seconds, why is that?

    27. Ben Rosenthal

      Thanks @Michael! The video is great and it’d be nice if your comment could be pinned to the top so other crazy naysayers would see it, too, before posting their conspiracy theories.

      It’s clear to me the design was still a prototype in November or the candy test shown wasn’t terribly scientific. Some of the hosts teeth still looked blue after they brushed and hopefully the product has iterated since then.

      Anyway, glad to see it in action finally! Keep up the good work, @Amabrush. Looking forward to the next update.

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Sullivan on

      So if you search YouTube for Amabrush and the TV show name you’ll find this 15 min video.

      Yes, it’s all in German and there are no sub-titles, but there are actual product demonstrations so it’s worth a watch. I was slightly surprised by the bulk of the mouthpiece and effort to get it into the mouth, but hopefully that improves with a little practice.

      Clearly the product exists and works, so all the haters who are scorning the makers can calm down.

      In terms of the criticisms about delays and changing design - we’ve backed a Kickstarter product which blew past it’s requested funding target by many orders of magnitude. The makers don’t just have to deliver a new product at a gradually increasing production rate over a period of months, but instead have to try to produce at volume. That is very difficult - if you doubt it ask Tesla how they are doing trying to meet their forecast production rates. Personally I’ll prefer a company that takes the necessary time to get things right before launching mass production and deliveries.

      I would prefer some better communication - where are the clinical trial results that have been trailed?

    29. Novice Knights on

      AMEX will give you a refund if you go through their fraud department and explain exactly what has been going on here. No need to misrepresent anything. Just tell them about the initial promises, the delays, the changes, the "empty box" option, delays, redesign, etc.

      I'm not sure about other companies, but AMEX processed it for me in just a few weeks.

    30. Missing avatar on

      Blame the networks "fake" news for hyping a product that will never be.

    31. Missing avatar on

      I could have bought shares of EMRON and got scammed by PROFESSIONALS. Want to buy a good competitive device NOW ? GO TO AMAZON, there are SEVERAL.

    32. Sam Nicholson on

      Do you guys ever think that they haven't given us a specific shipping date because they DON'T have one?

      It's not just down to them, it's down to their suppliers and manufacturers. If they don't know how long it will take to produce tooling AND manufacturer THOUSANDS of units, it's hard to say for both parties.
      So it's them covering their asses from people saying they broke their promise if something happens during production which means it won't be shipped by a specific date.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sherry M. Rose on

      This is all great, but I want to know WHEN we will get these. You're promoting a product for sale that we have already backed and have yet to receive. A firm shipping date would be appreciated.

    34. Ryan and Rachael on

      Nice exhibit backdrop. I'll bet that took a lot of time, money, and organization to get produced. :) We'd love for that energy to be put into the product instead of tradeshows.

    35. Missing avatar

      Curt on

      I still like the idea of quick and through teeth cleaning in a short time, the main failure in the redesign would be the delivery of the cleaning solution, normal toothpaste as we know contains a very fine grit to help polish teeth with every use, so any failure to properly dilute regular toothpaste seems to open the device to clogs and possible motor/pump failure.
      As by your statements we will have to make a solution to add to the device, that seems like a backwards step in the convenience of just squeezing a tube or press of a dispenser, your redesign team is setting you up for failure.
      I am hoping to be proven wrong.

    36. leslie newhall on

      Definitely my last kickstarter project.
      When do we get whatever product it is. ?

    37. Missing avatar

      Jackie Ellis on

      @Jason .. nothing was said in any of the initial campaign details that a completely different design may be made. I have backed many campaigns on different platforms and none have had such a substantial design change. People don’t just buy things for functionality, they also buy for appealing design. We are well within our rights therefore to expect to get what we paid for! Stop making excuses for a very very poorly managed campaign.

    38. Jason Cook

      I understand the frustrations of the group but requesting money back is nothing more than a waste of your time and energy. Even if this company took the money and never delivered a product (which there is no evidence to support that this is the case) the Kickstarter guidelines SPECIFICALLY STATE that there is no accountability and that backers assume all risk. As stated by Rhynri, we invested money in a product idea - this is not a marketplace and none of us were guaranteed any specific design of a product.

      If you are not willing/able to be flexible and patient then crowd-funding platforms are almost certainly not for you. Most projects are not fulfilled on time and/or have to be modified somewhere between project funding and product fulfillment. Developers are often unable to communicate about the minutia of everything that goes into the process of delivering a new product to market. Cursing at them, threatening them or demanding refunds do nothing positive for you or the developer so do not waste your time.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jackie Ellis on

      @Breck ... no! Never have I seen such a large design change! People also buy products on Kickstarter because they like the DESIGN ... so telling people to get over it is just silly!! You back something you LIKE and want to own and display... then to have it changed so much is hugely disappointing!! This isn’t just minor modifications, it’s a complete design overhaul and I for one backed this because I also loved the aesthetic of the original design, so we are well within our rights to complain about this. So how about you get over that!

    40. Missing avatar

      Gregory Pawlica on

      I'd don't mind the design change or waiting a little longer for a superior product. My only hope is that the quality is there when the product does arrive, because waiting all this additional time for a substandard product will be more than disappointing. I'm quite excited to get mine.

    41. Alfred on

      i don't like the new design

    42. Breck Dittman on

      To all the people complaining about design being different...

      GET OVER IT!!!

      It's kickstarter...not Walmart. You're backing a product that is still in development. Build a bridge & get over it! Product changes are part of it. If you don't like it...wait until it is in stores for you to buy FFS!! Whiny ass people!!!

    43. Marla Hayes on

      I originally backed this project because I have weakened hands thanks to Muscular Dystrophy. The first design looked like it would be easier to hold and operate than even an electric toothbrush... okay, I bit. Then I bit again ordering refillables and the disinfecting case... but now to have to press 2 buttons (that inevitably wear out before any device dies) and to have to RE-buy refillable toothpaste pods. C'MON! SERIOUSLY?!?!

      You have had the use of my money under fraudulent pretenses for waaaaay too long!
      Cough up a total refund.
      Admit you shouldn't have even posted the campaign until you were ready to send the product out.
      You aren't getting anything more from me!

    44. Missing avatar

      David Pinder on

      Am starting to feel that this is a con. No details of delivery, which is now well overdue, and no apologies for delay. The device is n nothing like what I ordered, and some functionality being downplayed, so I expect it own't be there. No more waffle. Deliver the product or offer cash back. Not happy. p.s. I live in Germany and the prog you mention is not mainstream or widely viewed. Nothing to brag about at this point.

    45. Christine Cha Young on

      Delivery date or options to cancel?

    46. Splinter Van Schagen

      Ok! Thanks for information!
      Any info abt delivery date? Thanks

    47. Missing avatar

      Jackie Ellis on

      I want my money back!!! I didn’t pay for that new ugly looking device!!!! :( I want the original one that was shown! The new design is a big step down in aesthetics and I don’t want that sitting on my bathroom cabinet AT ALL... no no no... What about the design of the unit it sits on? That must have changed also to now house this new design.. so we need to see that also!!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Jongbloet Johan on

      The UV-cleaning set is not mentioned anymore although I subscribed for it and payed a supplement.
      What has happende to it?

    49. Missing avatar

      Aaron Juarez on

      I don’t give a shit about your great days at a convention.

      DELIVERY DATE????? Fuckers

    50. Rhynri

      It’s pretty clear from the unpleasant comments that many of you A) have no idea what is involved in R&D and manufacturing, and B) no idea what is involved in running a company. The Chicago midwinter is a huge event. It’s the dental equivalent of PAX. They’d be entirely remiss NOT to be there to promote their product, get feedback from dentists, and make connections in the industry. It’s what will keep their company afloat long enough to finish delivering products to backers. 4 people going is not going to set them back weeks, and the feedback and thoughts might very well generate sales and interest to get more funding and speed the process for the rest of everyone.

      Regarding the redesign, it’s quite likely that their original design encountered problems preventing efficient mass production or longevity and had to be changed. This is more than an anomaly, virtually every product you use went through these revisions, they just weren’t variable to you.

      Lastly, to everyone shouting obscenities and threatening to sue: please take responsibility for your own actions like adults. You should have known what you were doing: you weren’t buying a product, you were contributing to the development of one. There was no guarantee. Suing the company does little but waste other backers’ money and nothing to improve your lot.