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Do you like brushing
your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush
is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10
Do you like brushing your teeth? Especially at night when you get ready for bed? Amabrush is the first toothbrush, that cleans all your teeth at once in just 10 seconds!
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26,832 backers pledged €3,198,516 to help bring this project to life.

January Update (late)

Posted by Amabrush (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We hope you had an awesome start into the new year :-) Thank you again for your support and patience.  

Current status
First, we would like to recall und sum up what we achieved within the past 6 months of work until now. After our Kickstarter campaign ended, we started to look for new suppliers, who are able to manage production of the sheer amount of Amabrush pre-orders. Our initial suppliers were not able to handle this anymore. In the meantime we started to work on modifications and refinements in order to deliver the best quality for you. As a result we made changes such as the new handpiece design, new capsules, longer battery life, etc., which we’ve already communicated with the previous updates.

As you know we had meetings with possible new suppliers in January. We expected to receive an on-site offer (photos weren’t allowed), but we didn’t and were promised to get these offers a week later. Hence the delay of the update. We are still in negotiation with them in order to deliver larger quantities in a shorter time, but we already got an estimation for delivery. 

Tooling for manufacturing will take a few months in production. This is the most extreme time-consuming part in production. 

To keep it short: Amabrush is expected to be ready for delivery in July! We know how anxious you are waiting, and so do we! We never thought that tooling and manufacturing takes so much time. Please keep in mind that we completely produce in Europe and US in order to achieve and secure highest quality as possible for you. Unfortunately, mills in Europe and US are grinding slowly, but they do. 

We keep up with our promise that our backers should benefit the most from Amabrush

Our focus is still to deliver the first batch to you guys, our early supporters. That’s for sure! Since some backers raised the question, why they pledged for Amabrush and have to wait so long. Please keep in mind, that every Kickstarter backer who bought at least the Amabrush basic version, will get a 15% discount code, that he/she can use to buy additional toothpaste capsules, bottles, refillable capsules or mouthpieces on our regular online shop (after Kickstarter). 

At the moment we also wrack our brains, in order to come up with a goodie for you to compensate the wait, stay tuned :)

Further News

Amabrush Official Online Store  

Our official online store will go live on the 9th of February! You will then see our final product design :)   

Until now you get redirected to our Indiegogo Indemand page, when visiting We are almost done with finalizing the last bits of our online shop.

Regarding shipping address. As we received many requests on how to change the shipping address: You can easily do so via the Crowdox survey. Those who don’t have the link anymore can click on the following CrowdOx link in order to change the address ->   

CDS Midwinter Meeting

As we said in our last update, we will be in Chicago for the CDS Midwinter Meeting, from the 22nd - 24th of February. You can expect the next update release after the exhibition with news and insights of it!   

Thanks again folks! We are awaiting your friendly feedback, and please be patient in the meanwhile, stay tuned and hungry :)  

Your Amabrush-Team!   

P.S. As some of you already recognized, yes we’ll be on TV next week! Don’t miss the program, on Friday, the 9th of February - “Das Ding des Jahres” - at Pro7!



  • Insight of CDS Midwinter Meeting 
  • Summary of TV presence 
  • Manufacturing details 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Lucas Mendes on

      very sad! =[ today 26 of fev 2018!

      When will you ship the first devices?
      "We will ship our first batch of retail units in December 2017.
      We also offer a pilot-section on Kickstarter. Supporters in this section will get a beta-version of Amabrush in October. This ensures that we can implement the feedback of those into our further optimization."

    2. Missing avatar

      Lucas Mendes on

      When will you ship the first devices?
      We will ship our first batch of retail units in December 2017.
      We also offer a pilot-section on Kickstarter. Supporters in this section will get a beta-version of Amabrush in October. This ensures that we can implement the feedback of those into our further optimization.

    3. Missing avatar

      xu feng on

      I’m no longer backers, dont call me

    4. Missing avatar

      xu feng on

      I want my money back, you cheaters

    5. Matthew Mengerink on

      Why did you send out the pay for the upgrades and extend the order if you are not ready to take on the shipment you promised last year? Taking more orders when you can't deliver on your commitments is very bothersome. Given the amount of accusations of fraud, what assurances do we have that you are not defrauding us?

    6. Missing avatar

      gerald fisher on

      File a scam complaint with your credit card company because it really looks like there will be no toothbrush for anyone. i loved that part where they said no photos allowed. Seriously. So file a complaint with your credit card company, flood the police with complaints. Looking at those pictures of their management team i really am convinced they are stock photos of people.

    7. Missing avatar

      Amorn Sachdev on

      There are so many similar products on the market now! I thought we were buying something really unique and one of a kind. The products available on the market are much cheaper than what we paid for Amabrush but we are all still waiting. I just want to know the final deliver date please. Just one date.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dylan on

      anyway to update my shipping address i have since moved.

    9. Isabelle Lopez on

      I just looked at your website. i felt I paid for the website!! and that OTHERS will get their order

    10. Isabelle Lopez on

      «At the moment we also wrack our brains, in order to come up with a goodie for you to compensate the wait, stay tuned :) »

      okay, I hope it will be wort it, because I am basically just lending you money at a 0% interest rate by the way...

    11. Missing avatar

      Stefan Vollmer on

      Welcome to the world of Elon Musk :-). Another Start-Up learning the hard way. Setting up brick and mortar production is probably a little bit more complicated than doing nice slidedecks. Reading between the lines of the last update, I think we will see nothing until winter 2018. Thankfully, my Panasonic brush still works like a charm.

    12. Missing avatar

      Olivia Siena on

      Now lets see, we ship in november, we ship in december, cant make it in december, we ship in february, we ship in july, hmmmmmmmmmmm, lets guess, sorry we ship in november and so on, i am really disappointed, no transparency, and if even the difficulties described are true, they have no idea of the market apparently, they have not even any semblance near production, as for me i have written them off my project list, if it shows fine, but even if its good, i will definitely not buy from them to have the slightest chance of repeat of apologies and empty promises

    13. Fade_to_Black on

      @Kerwin Medwynter
      You really think those knock offs are the same? Buy one and try it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kerwin Medwynter on

      I have checked on both Amazon UK, alibaba and other chinese sellers and Amabrush has sadly been beaten to the punch,
      They are selling it as available now for a substantially cheaper price.
      I have already contacted PayPal and requested my refund through them since I received a message from Amabrush who have no intention of refunding my money directly, if you paid using PayPal I suggest you also do the same.

      I just find it so funny that Amabrush are still selling the concept as a world's first when this clearly not the case and further more they mentioned the delays where due to the manufacturers having to fulfil prior obligations well now we know what they were making.

    15. Andri Valgeirsson on

      Hi Amabrush. I hope this gets your attention and you will answere me. In your latest update you say that delivery will be in July. However in your Indiegogo campaign you say delivery will be in February. Who are you lying to and why? Why make up all those dates if you can't deliver? This makes your campaigns look like a total scam.

    16. Missing avatar

      Cazzie Walter on

      I just looked at the website and I’m so excited! I am a little concerned about the new size of the hand peice. It looks kind of big and I also didn’t see any UV cases for the Amabrush. Are those still being made?

    17. Axel Küppers on

      Der Auftritt bei Pro7 war sehr souverän! Ich warte gerne auf das Produkt wenn es dafür hält was es verspricht; die Evolution der Zahnputztechnik.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tim Markgraf on

      Wollt Ihr uns total verarschen? Ihr schreibt uns was von einer Auslieferung im Juli und erzählt bei "Das Ding des Jahres", dass ihr im Februar ausliefert. Was ist denn nun die Wahrheit?
      Are you kidding us totally? You're writing us about delivery in July and in the german TV Show that it will be delivered in February. What's the truth?

    19. Brandon Nance on

      I'm about to rededicate my youtube and twitch to bodying you fools if I don't get my GOD DAMNTOOTHBRUSH

    20. Missing avatar

      Rose Sharman on

      Yes I want to know why you can find what appears to be just product available for sale online already? I also I'm a dental hygienist and believe this product will help many of my patients, and would like to know how to get a professional samples so I can demonstrate how it's used

    21. Missing avatar

      Rose Sharman on

      Why do other stuff have what appears to be this product for sale already? I am a dental hygienist and think many will benefit from this product. I also want to know how to get a sample for the office to demonstrate with.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jon LaRue on

      So here is the conversation I had with Amabrush that started just before the update came out. This should be of interest to everyone that supported the project. I'm not hating, just sharing the conversation. January 20th I asked- What is the status on manufacturing? Have you started yet? I have seen the updates of where your going and who you are talking to but not on the manufacturing progress.

      Hi Jon!
      Thank you for reaching out to us. We've received your message and will get in touch with you very soon 🙂
      JAN 22ND, 5:57AM

      Hello Jon!
      Thanks for reaching out to us!
      Information regarding shipping details will be communicated in the next update very soon!
      Thanks for your patience and support 🙂
      I did not ask about shipping, I asked about manufacturing progress.
      You can not ship or have an accurate shipping date without manufacturing in progress.
      JAN 24TH, 3:59AM

      We are still in production process 🙂 More details will follow in our next update!
      FRI 6:45AM
      So according to the update you are not in production yet, but attempting to to secure facilities in the US and Europe. You are hoping for a July shipping date. Please take the time to ensure that the “goodie” you refer to is not simply another opportunity to buy more stuff (aka send more money). The trend that is emerging looks like you might look to be able to sell the idea before production takes place and walk away, I really hope that is not the case.

      Hi Jon!
      Thank you for reaching out to us. We've received your message and will get in touch with you very soon 🙂
      Chat Conversation End
      Type a message... I have not had a response since

    23. Oliver Hudson on

      Absolute Bulls**t. You said it was shipping in December and now in February you say it's still being made and won't be shipped until July, also whilst promising indiegogo backers they'll receive it in February.
      You don't do business by lying to clients and for that you need to be taught a lesson.
      I submitted a FOI request in December for the emails of investors to this project and I have received them. I'll be starting a Facebook group calling all investors to cancel their backings and inviting them to join.
      Watch your money go from $3.2 M to $0, and your company bankrupt. The power of social media is amazing. Enjoy the last lie you'll ever tell.

    24. lee man lok on

      I want to refund

    25. Adam McAuliffe on

      @Andrew Huard is right. Show us some final design pictures, proof of tooling process, or at the very least the patent application number....or start fulfilling refunds ASAP. It is beyond unacceptable at this point and the ethics of this company are more than questionable. You're updates are useless word garbage, and give us no explanation of what you are actually doing with our money. Hence, I request either a reply from amabrush with proof that they are using our money for anything they claim to be or a refund in full processed immidietly.

    26. Andre on

      If you really believe this just go on and buy it. It may look identical,
      but i doubt its going to function like the original. They are just cheap design knock-offs.

      Just calm down everybody and read "What everyone should know":…

    27. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      Ask yourself even if the Amabrush on eBay IS a knockoff how can another company “tool up” and produce the same product before the original? The only tooling going on is the tools we are for believing these jerks.…

    28. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      These guys are full of shit. They are selling this brush on eBay as we speak for cheaper and no it’s not a knockoff. I want my money back.

    29. AMC on

      Again, the bunch of dicks that want their money back. You'll never have your money back, you're not buying from Amazon. Wait just like everybody else does.

    30. Missing avatar

      Anna Pross on

      I want a full refund.

    31. Missing avatar

      WANG HUIJIE on

      Why I just felt that you guys always use some stupid reasons to avoid that the fault is yourself. From the updated, seems you guys think you didn't have any duty for the delay, what's wrong with you guys, even a apology I can not hear, can you imagine the company or program team will last for long time!

    32. Missing avatar

      Seagullee on

      The greatest virtues for a seller are quality and being punctual - me
      I just want my money back.

    33. Danny Shepherd on

      Weird that people think 6 months is a big delay on here. I backed NEEO and it arrived 3 years late! Now that’s a delay!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jackie Ellis on

      I’m so done with Kickstarter. Everything I’ve backed has been delayed hugely, or refunded. There are other comparable products already out in the public domain, who started up after you!!
      And now you are opening a web store? Please let whoever buys on that know that Kickstarter orders will be fulfilled first!

    35. Joshington Bear on

      Will the 15% discount code be a one time thing or will it be for life?

    36. Missing avatar

      Hien on

      @Clint Simonsen

      "Kickstarter is Not a Store, you have Backed a project not purchased a product."

      Hey man, I agree that I backed a PROJECT. But you know what happens in a Kickstarter "project"? We get proof that project's process is taking place and not just air. All the creators have done is "say" stuff is happening, but haven't released a single thing proving that anything is happening.

      Don't you remember?

      1. Tons of people asked for plaque tests that show effectiveness of the product. These requests were constantly shot down because they supposedly take a really long time, and nothing can be posted about it. Also, since they keep changing the product, they would have to keep redoing tests anyways, because it voids the previous tests as being valid when hardware is changed.

      2. People wanted to receive the Pilot version to test it early.
      This was shot down because apparently Amabrush's lawyers said no, they can't do that.

      3. People wanted to see pictures/video of the final prototype.
      Amabrush team said no, because they said their lawyers said so. And also, they want to protect their patents and designs from being copied by other people?

      4. People want to see some form of tooling or manufacturing taking place.
      Amabrush says no because the places they went to apparently don't allow any pictures to be taken at all. (Even when other campaigns have shown us tooling/manufacturing for a range of other products).

      So yes, I DID back a PROJECT. But, I didn't back useless "WORD" responses that something is happening. I want to know that a "project" is under proper process with the funds raised (regardless if it succeeds or fails). But, I want to know the money is being used for that and not anything else.

      So, save your "Kickstarter is Not a Store, you have Backed a project not purchased a product" comment. Because it's not like Amabrush is some angel right now in transparency. If I'm not getting any real proof of the projects process from #1-4, I want a refund, and out of this "project". Because to me, it's no longer a project without PROOF of stuff happening.

    37. Missing avatar

      Adrian Chu on

      the delay happens again and again. the original estimated delivery is dec 2017. If you told me it would be released in Jul 2018 I wouldn't have backed up your project.


    38. Missing avatar

      Visca Yvette on

      Je vous écris en français car je ne connais pas assez bien l'anglais. Si vous ne comprenez pas, regardez avec Google.
      Vous nous avez dit la première fois que nous allions recevoir Amabrush en septembre 2017. Puis que nous allions avoir une date de réception vers mi décembre. Et maintenant que la livraison ne se fera pas avant juillet 2018. Mais vous nous prenez pour qui ??? Qu'avez-vous fait de notre argent ??? Vous l'avez placé à quel taux d'intérêt? ?? Comme certains le disent, j'ai vu sur Aliexpress que l'on pouvait commander ce produit, et même à un tarif moins élevé !!! C'est une plaisanterie de votre part ce nouveau délai ??? Et vous nous dites, pour calmer les esprits, que vous nous enverrez un code de réduction de 15 % sur une commande de tubes de dentifrice pour nous remercier de notre patience. ... Mais ce n'est pas 15 % de réduction que nous devrions avoir. Mais plutôt 6 tubes de dentifrice !!! Et ce ne sera pas du vol pour nous !!!

      Alors maintenant..... arrêtez vos mensonges et délivrez nous notre commande au plus tard le 1et juillet 2018.... avec bien sûr les 6 tubes de dentifrice pour notre patience !!! Sinon..... je vous demanderai le REMBOURSEMENT TOTAL DE MA COMMANDE !!!
      C'était ma première mais ma dernière expérience avec Kickstarter !!!

      Bien sûr, j'attends une réponse de votre part très rapidement.

      Bien à vous.

      Yvette Visca

    39. Clint Simonsen

      Hi Team, Thanks for the update, it's great to know how you are getting on. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to get my mouth around it.

      To other unhappy BACKERS
      Kickstarter products arrive when they arrive. Kickstarter is about helping the community create an awesome product, you get to watch that happen, you get to see how that affects markets, people, etc.
      Kickstarter is Not a Store, you have Backed a project not purchased a product.
      Have a great day, and remember Brush your teeth twice a day while you wait.

    40. Missing avatar

      Anthony D Mugan on

      Starting to get a Tesla Model 3 vibe.....

    41. Mike Ruiz

      Delays happen, but hopefully all this extra time will result in a better product.

      For instance, since so much time has passed, you could release the dental studies that I'd assume have been constantly performed on the Amabrush to meet the standards of the ADA.

    42. Missing avatar

      Lukas on

      I want my money back. Please give me a refund

    43. mg on

      @Thoraxon: I don't think calling people who are worried or upset about this project's delays idiots is the way to go here, whether you do it in German or not...

    44. Joe Dugandzic on

      I really like the concept of Amabrush. But seriously, when launching such a product and saying that you've done quite a bit of work before launching your campaign, you should have been better prepared. I'm definitely willing to wait for you to properly manufacture it in a high-quality manner, but it's still frustrating to wait many more months for a cool product.

    45. Danny Murphy on

      Really getting annoyed with people in here who say... your backing the person, this isn’t a store... seriously???? The reality of Kickstarter is that it is a store - it’s a way of getting a product. On the campaign page it looked like it was so close to be ready but delay after delay after delay with continual excuses that it isn’t there fault... so many promises and never delivers. Kickstarter are losing so many backers because of his practice - how can a company outright lie about delivery dates with no idea how they will meet it but happy to set the expectations of a delivery and take everyone’s money especially large campaigns like this when you have happily taken millions from people.

      You have no patent... no confirmed tooling or test results from plaque studies... no new photos.

      Own up to your failing and stop telling people that we can’t tell you when it will deliver but it may be blah date.

      Most of your updates have focused on stoping copies and one about changing the logo???? Are you seriously spending money on a logo and not just getting on with everything else...

      It’s questionable whether you actually have any money left to deliver

      Guys don’t ask for your money back because they probably don’t have anything left to even pay for lunch

      Kickstarter..... you need to take a serious look at these practices - the fact people say that it’s Normal and you should expect a delay is a joke

    46. Ben Rosenthal

      Actually, @Jason, they couldn’t start manufacturing tomorrow in China because of Chinese New Year. Most everyone is off for 2–3 weeks. Also, many Kickstarter creators have also been challenged to find, negotiate, and ensure top quality with Chinese manufacturers. I have more confidence in the US/EU connections.

    47. Missing avatar

      Aaron Juarez on

      Take your amabrush and put it inside your asshole.

    48. Denece Vincent on

      Every Kickstarter I have backed has run at least six months past the projected date. Some much longer. And I even had one cancel my “order” and refund after having my “donation” for nine months.
      Backers must expect delays but developers must also expect blow back when they deliver discouraging news.
      Some sort of bonus for backers would be much appreciated